Monday, July 12, 2010

Slave to the Circus Part V

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with today's installment of Slave to the Circus, other than reflecting the slavish side of BDSM dress for a man. I just felt like putting it up, so live with it.

So today is part five of Slave to the Circus, my futuristic menage BDSM short story. After today there's just one part left. Sorry for the post so late in the day. Life got in the way. You know how it is.

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So here goes part five of Slave to the Circus by Michelle Polaris:

Duncan jumped over the last of the sliding boards of the bridge. Blood pumped hard through his body. He focused to drain away the charge that slung tight along his sinew and he found his center with a slow inhale, prepared for battle if need be.

He waded past the ropes and the tunnel of wind, and spun to the left as the lurid silicone and electronic monsters dove at him from hidden corners. He crouched low as cushioned impact bags swung down from heights, leaving him leaping up after each fell down to shove it aside. Until he hit the next, cleared that in turn. Body in machine mode with one goal. Find her.

He kept going.

He was past the bags at last. The noise of the power source died away to a quiet he liked far less.

Until...the mirrors.

Duncan pulled up short from his jog as he faced the fractured reflections surrounding him. Hundreds of them twisting forward along a snakelike path.

And in each Vivi and Raven. Together. The harlequin had her arms pinned to the mirror spread above her head, nuzzling her neck, licking the strong, proud column of throat.

"Duncan," her reflection called, lips moving and sound bouncing from farther down the corridor.

He froze. Noticed his too pale face in the mirror joining theirs.

Raven lifted his head, also noticed the addition, and smiled. "Ah, you join us finally cat man."

"Get off her."

"I'm nowhere she doesn't want me."

"Vivi, are you okay?" He began to edge forward cautiously to the first bend of the passageway. Slower now because she genuinely seemed to be lacking distress.

The angles must be situated to bounce reflections from other mirrors down the line. A few of the glasses hung shattered on their walls, splintering Vivi's body and face in a strange pattern and mixing her pieces with the clown's.

In the unbroken glass her eyes appeared trained straight at Duncan. The illusion from the legion of reflections spun his head along with the strange look of peace on her expression while held in Raven's arms.

"Duncan, stop!"

Her command froze his tracks again, his whole self quivering like some pathetic hunt dog from ancient Earth times. This was the voice she used when her power filled her and she was about to take him over. The call for surrender.

He shook his head to clear his immediate reaction. "Just tell me if you are okay. Give me that, Vivi."

"I am fine, pet. But you need to listen."

The edginess crept up again. He'd lost his center of purpose now that he'd found her here, yet had no sense what she planned.

"You're worried, Duncan. And thinking too much about this. Maybe you have reason, but now I'm telling you all you need to do is listen and do as I say. Can you do that, love?"

Raven had turned again to her, was even now back at her throat, trailing kisses down as he lowered to his knees, unpinning her arms. His mouth dragged between her breasts, down her abdomen.

Duncan wanted to tear him in two. But instead he kept looking at her. She was asking something of him and dammit if he'd refuse if she really wanted it. "I'll listen."

"Good love. I want you to watch us. Answer Raven when he asks you a question. Follow his orders as well as mine. Address him as Master for now and stand still until I or he tells you."

Duncan managed a jerked nod despite the skewers through his heart. Was she giving him to Raven? Finally tired of him? The tension settled in his spine, his hips and thighs, as he became hyper aware of his feet gripping the floor even through his shoes.

He watched Vivi spread her stance, and the harlequin's mouth go lower from her belly to her pelvis and the smooth hairless region of groin and cleft. Although she applied the paint coverage there for her show, he saw even now how Raven's touch had rubbed off some of the application, pink delicious and skin shining through.

Duncan's cock hardened painfully as the other man laved out his tongue and tasted her clit. Her eyes closed in reaction, she gave a sexy moan, and Raven repeated the licking contact. His hand circled in from her hip and his thumb rubbed her folds, spreading them out, lazily tracing from the front of her lips to the back of her nearer her ass. He removed his mouth, pressed a cheek against her pelvic bone so that his gaze faced Duncan in the mirrors. Vivi's eyes darkened with lust, her lips parting with a pant as Raven kept working her pussy and clit with his fingers as he spoke.

"She's beautiful, your Mistress. Yes?"

"Yes," Duncan hissed out. Then remembered, "Master."

"Is it so terrible, cat man, to watch me please her? She deserves pleasure, don't you think? She works terribly hard."

"She deserves everything."

Vivi's lids narrowed at him.

"Master," he added. Fuck this!

"Good. Because I intend to please her. While you get that cock out of your pants and start touching yourself."


"Duncan," Vivi warned. "Get going pet. Don't push my patience."

"Don't worry, dear," Raven answered her, fingers never stopping their motion. "I know how to handle posturing cock. Familiar territory." He leaned in to tongue her cleft and leave a tiny bite at the inside of her thigh, causing her a gasp. "Now take out that overreaching dick of yours, Duncan, and find the grace to please your Mistress."

Duncan swallowed his additional obscenities and unzipped himself, everything inside his soul frothing, not sure what the hell was going on. Not sure if everything was crashing down and his luck with her was finally up.

His mind hazy, and a tingling electric charge in his balls, he struggled to focus beyond the picture of his lover being fondled by the painted man.

Quit trying to figure it out. You know better. His service had never been based on his fears, but instead the opposite. Letting them go, or at least surrendering despite them. He only wished he was better at it. Well, he could be now.

Duncan got his pants just beyond his groin to his upper thighs when the harlequin interrupted.

"Stop. Far enough. Now kneel and start shafting yourself."

Dropping to his knees was awkward. Hesitating a moment longer, he grabbed himself and started to squeeze, to slide his fist up and down the tightening skin to hit his helmet and return again to his base. Again and again, twisting his cock in between the strokes with drops of liquid trailing down into his hand from the leaking slit of his cockhead. Shit, he'd already hardened fully.

Vivi's eyes were closed, her head back, her hips undulating forward into Raven's touch. Her own fingers pinched the elongated tips of her breasts. Nipples darkening as she squeezed and molded them. The images of the sex play from both of them bounced at Duncan in multiple.

"She's trained you well, cat man," Raven continued to him. "You know not to come unless allowed I presume?"

Duncan felt the teeth-clenched grimace stretch his lips as he nodded. Where were they down the hall of mirrors? How far down until he could touch... Touch what or who? But the denial and his Mistress's orders made the strain fucking arousing. Gods, he did not want to be doing this with Raven. It meant another set of eyes on him, too many eyes watching him too closely. But if she wanted it...

"Continue, cat man. And we'll settle down to a story as you keep that dick hard for us." Raven bent in to nuzzle Vivi's navel. To place a light kiss incongruous to her straining reaction as her body built closer to orgasm. Duncan knew the look. Relished it when he serviced her.

"She'll send you to me, cat man. The nights she's too busy to kiss or whip you to sleep herself. Do you want to know what I'll do to you those evenings?"

Duncan's balls pulled higher, his self-control fracturing big time. But he couldn't find an answer.

"You'd strip for me. Or maybe I'd cut off your clothing with one of your Mistress's knives. Then down you go on your knees like you are now, my hand fisting in your hair hard enough to make you grunt. Your wrists locked behind your back in my cuffs. I'd tow you close to me and unzip myself. Pull your mouth to my cock and shove it in. Fuck that scowling opening of yours. You'd service me, cat man, until I came nice and hard and you swallowed every drop."

Duncan hated that his lips had parted with the image, almost readying themselves for the intrusion. Fucked up. But he was honest enough to recognize his attraction to the harlequin. That whatever life force was so enticing in Vivi, Raven held something similar.

"Then the fun really begins," Raven continued. He stood without warning and pressed Vivi back into the mirror, kissing her, eating her mouth with teeth and tongue.

He pulled back enough from her for Duncan to see her grin, watch her snake her hand down to the harlequin's groin and grab, squeeze. He rumbled a response, and stepped back while she surprised him and spun them around. Now Raven's back was to the mirror. His widened eyes quickly morphed to slitted expectation.

Now it was Vivi who slid to the floor on her knees, biting and nipping down the harlequin's body through his tight clothes. Down to his groin where she used hands to peel off his pants and pull them down to a position paralleling Duncan's.

Raven's gaze still bore down on Duncan even as Vivi found the harlequin's cock and began her talented suction. He let out a feral groan and rested his hands atop her head.

"When I take you over Duncan," he said, "you'll have my full attention."

Raven's control must be amazing to be able to speak coherently during that.

Duncan shifted on his knees, sweat beading down his back underneath his shirt to drip down to his ass, slide between his cheeks. His buttocks had started clenching as he worked himself, cock aching and more moisture from his slit wetting his fist. Gods and galaxies, he needed to hold on. Couldn't come because she didn't give permission. He didn't give permission. Fuck!

Raven continued. "I see every inch of you, Duncan. And I like what I see. That cock for instance. Red, straining.

Raven's words intruded deep. Duncan wanted to squirm like a fucking kid.

With his eyes on the clown, Duncan couldn't help but catch his own reflection. He'd started hating the mirrors, the desperation he saw on his face in them. He'd gotten used to this reaction with Vivi. But with another...

Vivi was deep-throating the harlequin, his dark eyes turning almost black in the dim light from her wet, warm mouth.

He panted lightly. "I'm going to take your passion, cat man. The dedication to what you do and the attention you lavish on those animals. And require you pay the same to me. You work as hard for me as Master and you'll be rewarded well. I'll get that cock so worked up, when I allow it release it will be like shooting a fucking interstellar transport from you."

Vivi stopped her work and joined his examination of Duncan's progress. Universe, she was gorgeous, her wet lips glistening. "So good, pet. You're following well. I love you."

Everything kept mixing inside him. Words spewed up before he caught them. "You leaving me, Vivi? Giving me to him? Don't. I need you, Mistress."

"Gods no, love," she answered. "You please me beyond all else. This is about giving you a gift, adding to our lives, not taking anything away."


"I want to marry you, Duncan. Raven is one of my wedding gifts."

The harlequin jolted, sought her with his eyes as she knelt. After a moment of shock, a sly smile expanded over his face.

"A man's strength is different than a woman's," Vivi continued. "You're strong Duncan. I want you to feel what I do every time we're together, the powerful body of a male. You and Raven are different sides of the same coin, but the power is similar.

"As both a wife and Mistress, I take double responsibility to care for you. If I've been neglectful I apologize. But no more. Now tell us what you want right now. Not the answer to my proposal, that you need to think over, but what you want to happen to you. To your body while inside the walls of this Fun House. The truth. I always require the truth between us."

Her voice swam over him. Drowning him in the idea that he pleased her. Marriage? Did he believe her? Gods, he needed her happy. Even as he struggled with how exposed she left him, both to her and now to Raven. He wanted that forever home she offered. So bad he tasted it on his tongue. Salty sweet ambrosia.

" touch you."

A pause stretched.


"To be touched by you. Be with you." He swallowed hard past the blockage. "Both of you." He hated this admission, but it was truth.

"Oh, pet. So perfect," her voice thrummed. "Now tell me what you want Raven to do to you. Imagine me sitting in the corner of our rooms, watching. So hot because you serve to please me. I'm wet with it. Picture it. Let it flow out. I want to hear it all."

Duncan stroked faster. Couldn't stop himself as he watched the play of muscle at Raven's jaw. How he reached down to Vivi's rich dark hair and brushed her scalp absently. Even as she languidly ran fingertips over his rigid organ, almost without thought as she waited on her knees to hear out Duncan, the picture of a strong woman even taking this subservient pose.

In a stark rush of need he saw it. Saw the picture of them in her rooms, playing, although it had always been much more than play between them. A healing, he thought of it. His imagination deep-spaced him with the scenario.

It hurt to force out the words she demanded. But he let them wrench from him. Why not? What was left of him anyway?

So he began.

"Raven has me blindfolded," his voice croaked.

"Speak to him, pet," she admonished.

His mind stuttered again, but his eyes shifted back to the painted man whose heated regard cut deeper into Duncan.

He tried again. "You've put a blindfold on me. Plugged my ears. Sensory deprivation. Before you had tied me down and pierced my nipples with tiny barbells, still stinging and heavy." His brown nubs ached with the idea. As if they wanted that attention. His voice shook. "My ass is stuffed with your plug and I've been on the verge of coming for hours now. But you won't let me. I'm fucking out of my mind and you've wrapped my cock tight with a length of chain. The heavy collar at my neck has points along the inside, digging into my neck each time I move. And I desperately want to see you, to see Vivi where she's somewhere farther back in the room.

"Each time you fucking touch me I struggle, even though I don't want to. But I do." He gasped and fought back his explosion as his fist kept sliding up and down his dick. "I'm sweating, dripping. You lock me down and use your whip. The pain hazes me. So big. I lose it more, but I'm flying in sub space." He had to stop, suck in another breath. "I want more. Gods, I want more. And your arm is strong enough."

He couldn't hold longer. "Please. Fuck it! I"m coming. Let me stop." Lost, so deep in it. Crazy deep. He only wanted to give it up to them. Both of them.

"No, Duncan. But I promise I'll give you all you want from that image,"Raven said.


"My turn to talk again, cat man. Because you need to hear my promise to you as much as your Mistress's commitment." The laughing man had grown serious and fierce. "You're making me rigid, like damn Endorvian metal. And I'd want to fuck you hard. But I'd start with gentle. So gentle you'll hate it. You want my whip, my punishment. And you'll get that too. But that's not the measure of you, Duncan. You really please me if you understand how valuable you are. How damn gorgeous. I can't turn my eyes away from you. And I want you out of your mind wanting to be fucked in turn by me and Vivi. Your Mistress is a lucky woman."

Duncan groaned, the low noises leaking from him continually now. He couldn't help it.

"So find us, cat man. Get off your knees now, find us in the hall, and I'll make you happy. We both will."

The meaning buzzed through him, leaving him shaky. But he stopped the shafting, sucked in the relief from escaping the disaster of coming without permission, and leveraged himself up so quickly he almost toppled.

He blinked and his mind reeled registering new motion in the mirrors. Raven pulling up his pants, grabbing Vivi and rushing farther into the hall, jagged movements. Duncan unbalanced with the suddenly shifting images. He fumbled up his own trousers, panting in his eagerness.

And did the only thing he could. Ran after them.



Naima Simone said...

Are we really almost to the end?? Noo! It's too soon! LOL! Don't I sound ungrateful? I mean the story is not only awesome, hot, with wonderful characters but it's free!! LOL!

The new installment this week was sooo worth the wait, Michelle! And the picture...umm...okay, I'll suck it pun intended...hee-hee!

Cara McKenna said...

Holy lust-balls, that photo…

Michelle Polaris said...

Yes it's almost done, Naima. I like the picture, but then realized I might have gotten it from somewhere else on the Naughty blog from one of our other dear chicks. So if it's appeared before, excuse me. It was worth repeating.

Endings are what I hate about short stories. They come too soon(excuse the pun).

And I agree with you Cara. Holy lust-balls might be my new favorite expression.

Dalton Diaz said...

I'll never be able to go to the circus again. At least, not without embarassing myself.

Holy lust-balls? OMG, I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying.