Friday, December 30, 2011

Hubby Got Me a Kindle for Christmas!

Hubby surprised me with a Kindle Touch for Christmas and I love it! The first thing I said - after squeeing! - was "How did you know I wanted a Kindle?" He laughed and told me I kept dropping hints! LOL! I guess I did, but had no idea he'd get me one. I should have known better. He's the best!

Did I mention this is my first eReader?  I'm so excited!


"Stories so hot, they'll make your cheeks blush!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Lesson in History

A friend of mine, and fellow author, is working on a book whose heroine is a real historical figure. I was blown away by the rich color of the story…not to mention how believable it read in spite of the book being a paranormal. The heroine had been so alive—perhaps because at one point in history she really had been.

Of course I realize my friend took creative license with the character but it started the ‘ol thought process flowing. What historical figure would I love to find myself changing the landscape of time and scandalizing academia with? What dashing man of mystery or royalty or infamy would I want to whisk me off my feet in a torrid tsunami of love? What dominant, confident man of strength and command would I love to get a little freaky-deaky with? Well, besides the obvious nominees like King Arthur, Merlin, Denzil Washington—he is an historical figure in some circles!—a few candidates came to mind…

Sooo, I bet you thought this was going to be a blog about which historical men would make wonderful, sexy, brooding heroes…and in all honesty, it was meant to be. But then I text my twin sister—the history teacher who had been downing Nyquil all day—about who she thought should top the list and…well…here’s the conversation…

Nina: What about Jaguar Paw?

Me: I hate u.

Nina: Emperor Chen?

Me: *fist bump ala Friends*

Nina: I didn’t watch Friends like that. What’s that mean?

Me: *$&#^@#$ !

Nina: That’s not nice. I’m trying to help u! Bruce Lee?

Me: Aha. You might actually have something there oh 8-eyed one.

Nina: What about the Dali Lama?

Me: Go take some more Nyquil. It’s safe, I promise…

Nina: Black Beard.

Me: Bad teeth.

Nina. Henry the VII?

Me: How did u know I found him sexy???

Nina: Something’s wrong with u…

Me: It’s the company I was born with.

Nina: Ivan the Terrible? I think he gotta bad rep because of that whole impalement thing…what about the Count of Monte Cristo?

Me: Yeah and the whole murder anyone who disagreed with him thing…and the Count of Monte Cristo wasn’t real!!

Nina: Yeah…and then there’s him killing his son…BUT all that didn’t start until his wife died. I mean ur a writer put a spin on it!

Me: I can’t put a spin on insanity.

Nina: John Lennon? Attila the Hun?

Me: John Lennon was a freak and Attila isn’t a sexy name.

Nina: He was not! How u gonna speak about the man like dat? And what about ‘ol Alex (Alexander the Great). He was a double dipper! And Solomon (King Solomon) ain’t no sexy name either! Reminds me of Geico!

Me: I think Solomon is very distinguished *sniff* Song of Solomon, yo? And John was freaky, admit it. Who knew what him and Yoko did while high and naked??

Nina: U hit a nerve, yo! You are a blasphemer! What about Mahatma Ghandi?

Me: I hate u. Now who’s the blasphemer! Besides he didn’t believe in personal wealth. Nora Roberts couldn’t sell him!

Nina: Why u trying to be like Nora Roberts?

Me: I’m just saying ain’t nobody going to believe in the romantic side of a man who don’t have two dinero to rub together. I mean where would we meet for dinner? His mat?

Nina: No dinner but “hubba hubba” *eyebrows going up and down*

Me: On a thin mat? I’d be too worried about my booty being bitten by something…

Nina: If he’s doing it rite u won’t even be worried about that. *eyebrows again*

Me: Good nite, Nina. More Nyquil and remember…a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Medicine go down…Medicine go down in the most delightful way…*hum*

Nina: Oh well…goodnite…

Never did determine who my heroes were…

Oh, well. Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

What if Words Disappeared?

As a writer, a natural-born lover of all things language, I cannot imagine a greater disaster than the disappearance of words. Words fascinate me, stories enthrall. But what would happen if words vanished? I have listened to both a video (on and audio podcast (on Radio Labs at NPR) of Jill Bolte Taylor who described just this situation. Jill, a neurologist, experienced a stroke that left her without her left hemisphere functions for quite some time. In effect, all of the chatter in her mind went silent and she lived in sensual immediacy, with only a sense of joy and peace, which she valued highly. No words whatsoever, much like a return to infancy.

Other neurologists have argued that it is language that makes a person all he or she is, the essential "I"ness or "you"ness of a person. Yet when people have sought out peace, seeking that mindful, quiet space in their head where they can appreciate being alive, they also seek to stop the internal chatter.

I think the human condition is about the struggle of language since it represents the push and pull of love and joy and despair and connection and isolation and satisfaction and frustration. I do believe words define who we are, which is why I am in their constant pursuit. Yet I see the benefit of stilling those words. Another contradiction. I suppose the best books I have read inspire me to seek higher states of being, that transcendence that comes with pure silence. Ironic huh?

So read a book, write a book, listen to a story, enjoy the chatter, and then push those words aside and seek the peace of quiet, mindfulness. We all deserve the best of both worlds.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Still looking for a great last-minute gift?

My publisher has about a gazillion books on sale for $1.99 for ereaders. Ever author's first in a series books. That, of course, includes my Strange Neighbors. Here's the skinny.

To celebrate the holidays, Sourcebooks has put announces its most extensive eBook promotion to date! From December 21, 2011-January 8, 2012, purchase the first book from a Sourcebooks author for only $1.99—books that are the first in a series, or the first book that Sourcebooks published by that author (and a few extra for good measure). More than 65 exceptional books ranging from young adult to adult fiction, romance, and non-fiction. For complete details, please visit our landing page devoted to this promotion:

Merry Christmas Eve, and for my non-Christian friends, Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Every Girl Needs a BFF

In honor of the wonderful ladies of Naughty Author Chicks, I'm talking today about best girlfriends. One of the things I like best in my debut release CAN'T FAKE THIS is the relationship between Anna and her best friend. Like me, Anna goes to her best gal pal for advice and more often than not, whenever she needs to vent. Best friends never judge, no matter what stupid thing you do. Thank goodness, too, because mine knows I've done a lot of stupid things. They accept you for you and tell you the true, even if you don't want to hear it.

To illustrate my point, here's a snippet from CAN'T FAKE THIS:

Marisol and I sat on her back porch, drinking hot chocolate on another relatively warm afternoon for December. God, I loved the South, where sixty degrees isn’t unusual for the height of winter. Even so, a flame blazed in the fire pit located in the center of her coffee table.

“Have you made a decision?” Marisol asked. She pushed around the remnants of the homemade smores our kids created earlier as she searched for more marshmallows to add to her cup. “It’s been over three weeks, and you were wrong. You said I’d pine for two weeks, but I’m still moping around barely able to function.”

“Has he contacted you?”

“At first, he would text every couple of days. Nothing big. He asked how I was. Stuff like that. I kept it light and distant, then today he sent me a message asking how was he ever going to get over me.”

“Did you reply?”

“No. I wanted to tell him, I’ll let you know when I figure out how I’m going to get over you, but then I got another message. Said he missed me all the time and it wasn’t just about sex. That he simply loved being with me.”

Marisol’s mouth dropped. “He’s seriously in love with you.”

I nodded.

“How do you feel?”

I took a big gulp of hot cocoa. “I’m attracted to him, but there’s more. I love him. He makes me laugh and feel good about myself. Chase cherishes and protects without dominating. He lets me be me and loves me for that.”

“Do you still think it’s a rebound thing?”

“No. I’ve done some serious soul searching, and all I could come up with is yeah, Frog number one should have been the jumping off board, but why dive again when I’m already over my head in love?”

Marisol sat her cup down and leaned forward to garner my full attention. “Take a chance. Don’t be afraid and risk happiness for the sake of obeying the post-divorce books.”

I rubbed my forehead, letting her words sink in.

“Call him.”

I glanced at her.

“Better yet, go see him.”

Do you have a story about you and your best friend? An embarrassing moment? Mine involves a fender bender in high school. I wasn't driving, but distracting my friend singing Elvira. I pretty much made her run into this guy's truck, and he had such crush on her. Well, maybe not so much after she scratched his pride and joy. Are there any touching stories you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about them!

Blurb: CAN’T FAKE THIS is a f/m erotic about a divorcee ready to reenter the dating world. Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

See the book trailer and a super hot excerpt! Visit Casey at On Facebook at Casey Crow and Twitter at caseyecrow.
Buy Kindle version at Amazon Buy all versions at Loose, Id.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Lights

When I lived in LAand during a writing funkone of my favorite things to do was drive through the city. I owned a Jeep at the time so I'd take off the top and go on a grand adventure. The long winding road would lead me through the quiet streets into Laurel Canyon and drop off in Hollywood. Sometimes I'd take Mulholland Drive to Santa Monica. Sometimes I'd go all the way to the PCH, Venice, or Manhattan Beach. The drive was therapeutic and when I came home, I'd always feel refreshed and inspired.

What was special about the drive was cutting through the narrow streets that kept ascending to what felt like the stars, maybe even to the heavens. You could barely squeeze two cars through the road at a given time but the magic was in the lights. Especially during the holiday months when these million dollar homes would be decorated from trees to the gate to the front door. It was truly something special. Like something out of the movies, so surreal and tranquil.

What I learned from these drives was that it was a mental break from all the stresses of the world. It allowed me to let go of all the pressures and expectations so my head could clear and my mind could refocus on what was the most As writers, we need to step away for a moment and enjoy the ride. To feel the wind whipping at our faces, to see the lights show us the way, to allow the creativity and energy to flow through so that our mind could breathe. It's good to empty the clutter so new ideas and excitement can form. We all put so much energy into everything and not enough into ourselves. Maybe it's time to change all that.

So this holiday season, I'm wishing all my friends and fellow writers a very relaxing and inspiring one...I hope that in 2012 you find that balance in which you can put equal energy into your art and your family!

photo credit: photoinsajd via weheartit

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Naughty Christmas Carol for Your Holiday Stocking

© Carlo Dapino |
I love Bill Maher. Never miss his HBO show on Friday nights.

Imagine the fun I had this holiday season when Bill used Scrooge and Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” as part of his New Rules!!

Funnier yet was when Bill talked about Scrooge’s clerk “going down” in his segment.

Just like in my A Naughty Christmas Carol novella when Jinger–the secretary to my Scrooge-like Wall Street trader, Nick Radnor–gives him what he wants in the opening scene —


Was that the door opening? The sound of jingle bells in his office?

And the smell of perfume. Spicy with an underlying hint of a female aroused.

“Mr. Radnor…”

The perfume was overpowering now.

Nick didn’t take his eyes off his computer screen. “Come back later, Jinger, I’m busy.”

Jinger Hunt, office girl extraordinaire. Summa cum laudeColumbia. Business and finance. Then a year of law school until her money ran out. She tried working as an escort, but the johns complained she was too smart. She intimidated them with her brains and they lost their erection. Came to work for him as his secretary.

Nick paid her a good salary, but Jinger kept bucking for a promotion to the board room. Women didn’t belong there, he insisted, no matter how smart they were.

So Jinger quit, then came back. Said she’d play the game his way. She needed a job. They compromised. She called herself his executive personal assistant, a fancy name she came up with, but in his mind she was still his secretary. She kept his calendar, scheduled his meetings and prepared his financial documents.

She also looked great doing it.

“Have you forgotten our appointment?” Jinger purred.

Nick looked up. “Holy shit.”

He had been so engrossed in his stock portfolio that he’d forgotten their holiday fuck. A tradition he initiated her first year working for him. How long ago was that? Five, six years? He’d lost track.

Jinger didn’t.

Standing in the doorway, the six-foot tall blonde wore red high heels, a black garter belt and black stockings with a red-and-white striped candy cane strapped to her thigh. She wore nothing else but a leather collar around her neck studded with rhinestones and jingle bells.

Seeing her standing there with her bare pussy dusted with gold holiday glitter turned him on. Big-time. His boxers felt tighter than they had a minute ago. Fuck the Asian markets. They could wait.

Nick couldn’t take his eyes off her, her Santa cap tilted to one side, the furry white ball on the end swaying back and forth as she hung a sprig of mistletoe on a light fixture.

To put him in the mood? He licked his lips. Man, just looking at her sweetened his day.

He took in the curve of her big breasts and tight brown nipples. For a women her size, she had amazing breasts. He liked to bury his face in her cleavage, then fuck her while standing her against the wall. In heels, she was still an inch shorter than he was.

No woman ever towered over him. In business or in bed.

Never taking her eyes off his, Jinger pulled the long candy cane from her black garter and began licking it, nice and slow.

Did it just get hotter in here?

Nick wasted no time shedding his pin-striped Armani suit, white shirt and silk tie. Then his shoes and socks. Jinger never stopped licking the candy cane, twirling her tongue around the curved head, making sucking noises that pleased him. He couldn’t wait for her minty lips to go around his dick.

Her eyes widened when his cock popped out of his boxers like a jack-in-the-box.

Ready for action.

“Have you been naughty or nice, Jinger?” Nick said, running his hand up and down his long shaft.

“Naughty, Mr. Radnor,” she cooed, “very naughty.”

She wiggled her shoulders to prove her point, then yanked off the Santa cap and tossed it to him.

Nick caught it and plopped it on his head. “Come to Santa, baby.”

Jinger smiled wide, then threw the candy cane into the trashcan. She sat down on his lap and played with the curly black hairs on his chest, her long shiny nails sending prickles of heat down to his groin.

Without missing a beat, Nick opened his mouth to claim hers in a kiss, his tongue diving between her red lips. Instinctively, he pulled her closer to him, crushing her nude breasts against his chest, his tongue working overtime exploring her mouth.

The taste of sugary peppermint cooled his tongue, but not his desire. His hard cock moved against her belly, trying to find its way into her.

“Not yet, Santa,” Jinger said, breaking the kiss. Her voice was husky, her half-opened eyes dreamy.

“Don’t tease me, Jinger,” Nick said in a brusque tone. She stiffened. He hadn’t meant for his words to sound harsh, but he was tense. Way tense. Christmas always did this to him. He just wanted the damned holiday over with.

“I know how to relax you,” she whispered, grabbing his dick, her long fingers curling around his shaft, then sliding her hand up and down. Higher each time until her fingertips brushed the swollen, sensitive head. She squeezed it just enough to make him suck in his breath. He grabbed her hair and pulled on it, clenching his teeth.

Damn, he couldn’t hold back much longer.

Jinger sensed his hunger for her hot pussy. She slipped a red holiday condom on his dick then did what any good secretary would do.

She sat on his cock.

—————— from A Naughty Christmas Carol”

Great show, Bill, as always!! Can’t wait till you return on January 13th.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Cover photo: © Carlo Dapino |

Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting in the Mood

One of the very first pieces of fiction I published (under another name) was a short story about a woman who needs a date for her family's New Year gathering. All these years later, Cinderella Tannenbaum is still one of my favorites.

As many Christmas romances as there are out there, finding romances involving Hanukkah are pretty hard to find. Do you have a favorite holiday romance book? If so, please do tell! If you're looking for a short, sweet story, check out Cinderella Tannenbaum.

Here's a snipet:

Mindy Tannenbaum stared at the caller ID display and swallowed hard. The moment of truth had arrived. The phone’s shrill ring might well have been her mother’s nagging voice, imploring her to answer.
Stop being a baby and get it over with. She picked up and tried to smile brightly. “Hello, Mother. How are you?”

“How am I? How should I be when I have only one daughter and she never calls home?” Florence Tannenbaum whined.

Mindy shut her eyes. “Sorry, Mother. Work’s been keeping me so busy.”

“Well, if you don’t have time for me, I’ll let you go. I hope you’ll make time to visit my grave, at least. Maybe by then, hmm?”

“Of course I have time. How are you? How’s Dad?”

“We’re old, how do you think we are? Your father’s back is giving him trouble again. My arthritis is a constant companion in my life. But you know me, I don’t like to complain.”

Mindy rolled her eyes.

“I’m making up my New Year’s Day dinner menu. Will you bring someone this year? Should I set another place?” Her mother sighed, as if to say, “You still have no prospects, do you?”

The worst part was, she was right. No handsome hunks had recently beaten down Mindy’s door. Not even any that weren’t handsome!“As a matter of fact, Mother, I would like to bring someone–a date.” What the hell was she doing? She hadn’t had a date in months. Now what? Maybe he could cancel at the last minute. No, she’d used that excuse two years ago.

Florence’s voice brightened. “Oh, a date? How come you didn’t mention this at Thanksgiving?”

Think fast. “Um, we just started seeing each other last weekend.”

“How wonderful. Tell me all about him.”

“It’s a surprise. You’ll have to wait until New Year’s.”

“But Mindy, that’s weeks away. I could get hit by a bus between now and then.”

“Then the last thing you have to fret about is who I’m dating. Worry about not stepping out in front of moving vehicles.”

Friday, December 16, 2011

Naughty Christmas Gifts!

If you're looking for some naughty Christmas gifts - and who isn't?! - I've got some fun suggestions for you!

First is SPANK ME, BABY.

It's a sweet, edible powder you can smooth over your guy's skin - or have him smooth over yours! - before a spanking. You can also use it to soothe that freshly spanked bottom afterward.

Check it out at Babeland.

If edible powder isn't you're thing, but you still want something to cover your guy in just so you can lick it off - or he can lick it off you! - there's always CHOCOLATE BODY PAINT.

Check it out at Chocolate Fantasies.

Looking for something to make oral sex even more stimulating? Then pick up NAUGHTY KISS LIP GLOSS in Tingling Mint. Not only will it make your lips tingle, but it'll make your guy tingle, too. In a good way!

Check it out at Victoria's Secret.

Want your guy to simply unwrap you instead? Then dress up as SANTA BABY when you give him his present!

Check out all the sexy Christmas lingerie at 3 Wishes.

And if you're looking for something for yourself - though you can certainly give it as a gift, too! - take a peek at my two Christmas erotic romances, SANTA'S WAYWARD ELF and SEXY SECRET SANTA.

I've got yummy excerpts on my website!

Merry Christmas!


"Stories so hot, they'll make your cheeks blush!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dillon's Claim

The follow up to Deacon's Touch comes out on Friday. Dillon's Claim features the eldest brother of the Dumen clan, and he's quite the alpha. I'm giving away a digital copy to a commenter here on Friday, so let me know who your favorite alpha hero of all time is to enter.

Blurb: Charissa Myers attends a bachelorette weekend at a Texas guest ranch, knowing she’ll have to confront Dillon Dumen. The sexy cowboy is everything she’s ever wanted in a man but, gun-shy after a previous BDSM encounter gone bad, she denied her need to submit to the irresistible Dom. She expects his anger, but what she doesn’t expect is Dillon’s determination to finish what they started all those months ago.

Dillon doesn’t understand what spooked Charissa in the first place, but now that she’s on his turf, he wants a hell of a lot more from her than answers. He’s got two days to weaken her resistance and stake his claim once and for all. And this time, he’s not letting her go without a fight.

Shock rippled through her at the sensual feel of his mouth on hers. Her hands immediately went to his shoulders, palms pressing against the contours of solid muscle. He didn’t let go, the gentle pressure of his hand at her nape reinforcing his control and heightening all her senses. The kiss was hard, possessive, but his lips were soft and warm on hers. A startled moan escaped, her body tingling with a rush of pleasure.
She wanted this. Had craved it for so long. God help her, her fingers curled around his shoulders instead of pushing him away. Her lips softened and parted beneath his, the tender stroke of his tongue making her sex clench in anguish. He kissed her like he’d been dying to taste her, licking and caressing all the sensitive places inside her mouth, that strong hand cradling the back of her neck.
All too soon, he pulled back, leaving her hot, confused. Wanting more.
Dillon raised a hand and trailed a questioning fingertip over her cheekbone, holding her spellbound. “Something spooked you the last time I did that,” he said in a low voice, his eyes far too knowing. “What was it? This?”
Before she could pull away, he threaded his other hand into her hair and held her head still. Letting her feel a taste of his authority, making her even wetter at the thought of exactly how it would translate into the bedroom. The dominant side of him frightened her as much as it aroused her. She swallowed, hating the betraying stillness in her body as she softened, wordlessly affirming her desire to give up control. His steely eyes pinned her mercilessly, gauging her reaction, watching for any sign of vulnerability. This was the predator she’d sensed lurking inside him, and this time there was no escape. She closed her eyes to block out his scrutiny.
“Look at me,” he commanded softly.
Fighting with herself, she drew a deep breath and forced herself to meet his gaze. She swallowed again as his long fingers rubbed against her scalp, his grip commanding, yet so tender it tied her in knots. For the life of her, she couldn’t make herself pull away.
“What were you so scared of, Charissa? Maybe this?” He bent and brushed his mouth over hers. Gently this time, a beguiling caress of lips and tongue that made her catch her breath, press closer to him. Tempting her in ways a more forceful touch never could have. The man was lethal with his mouth. She could just imagine how well he’d use the rest of his body.
 *end excerpt*
Yep, Charissa is one lucky lady! That man is HOT. 
Happy reading,
Callie :) 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Misfits: Fairy Tales' Misunderstood

So lately I’ve been kind of preoccupied with fairy tales. It’s almost as if I’m writing a series on them with some really cool, sexy name like Fairy Tales Unleashed. Or something like that. As I was saying, I’ve been reading a lot of fairy tales lately. You have your old favorites. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. Beauty and the Beast. And then there are your lesser known tales. Brother and Sister. The Six Swans. The Bushy Bride. Seriously, I did not make that up. Reading these stories have brought back so many memories of my mother, sister and I sitting on the couch while she read The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Billy Goat Gruff to us. *sigh* Those were great times. Great stories. And some serious WTF moments. Listen, I know the great thing about fairy tales is the happily-ever-after but, man, some characters were stuck with really raw deals! I mean they were shafted! I know what you’re thinking. That’s crazy talk! Or get a grip! But follow me here for a moment…

The Six Swans. In this story the most obvious people wronged are the six brothers that were turned into swans by their evil stepmother. But the sister, who not only has to sew—sew?? For real??—six shirts for them is also struck mute and is unable to laugh for six years—the number of years she has to complete these shirts before the enchantment is permanent. Raw deal #1. Then a king sees her, is mesmerized by her beauty and marries her. All good, right? But no, another wicked stepmother steals all three babies she births and blames their disappearance on the sister/queen. Does king-y stand by his woman? Nooo. Instead she’s sentenced to burn at the stake. Shaft #2. Just as the match is ready to be set to kindle, the six swan brothers flock to her, she throws the shirts that she’s finally finished in the air and her brothers return to human. Yay! Except, here’s Shaft #3. She didn’t have time to finish the sleeve of the youngest brother’s shirt so he has to live life with one wing. *&^%$#!!!

Rumpelstiltskin. The princess was treated so wrong, right? Wrong! There was one character in this story crying out here. And that was Rumpelstiltskin! Rumpy—as we’re calling him because, hey, Rumpel-etc.-etc. is simply too much to type!—is used for his talents, lied to, cheated on and he’s the bad guy. Now the miller’s daughter is conscripted into doing the impossible—turning straw into gold—because of liar-dreams-of-grandeur father. She faced execution from the greedy king but Rumpy shows up and does the task for a small price. I mean really, what’s a ring and necklace compared to her life? Well when Rumpy requests her firstborn in exchange for the last ginormous pile of straw, the miller’s daughter agrees. I mean she never imagined the greedy-selfish-fill-my-coffers-with-gold-or-I’ll-decapitate-you king would offer his hand in marriage and she would actually have a baby. So of course that’s enough reason to renege! What did Rumpy do but hold up his end of the bargain? He didn’t throw his daughter to the wolves. The miller did that. He didn’t threaten an innocent woman with beheading over the idea of gold. No, the kind did that. And he didn’t go back on his word, not delivering on his end of the bargain. The queen did that. So what does Rumpy get for being a man of his word? One foot in hell. Literally. Now I know what you’re thinking. But he wanted her baby. Look, I have kids and let’s face it. After one week with the kid, he would’ve given it back!

Sleeping Beauty. Just purge the Disney version of this tale out of your mind. Sleeping Beauty had her happily-ever-after but she went through straight Not-Heaven before she got it! First because Queen Mom neglected to invite one pissed-off fairy, Sleeping Beauty ended up with a curse over her head that they didn’t tell her about! Forget the fact that due to mom’s mistake—drink more ginkgo, lady!—a lot of people lost their livelihood with the banishment of the spindle! If they had only told Sleeping Beauty about the curse she wouldn’t have went anywhere near that spinning wheel, not to mention the creepy old lady locked up in a room she knew nothing about! That’s sooo not a red flag. So she pricks her finger and falls into a coma-like sleep for one hundred years. One hundred years! Do you know how many balls, parties and fashions she missed in a century? So she awakens to a kiss from a prince with no gum in sight. Que music. They all lived happily-ever…*screech* Nope, that’s so not the end of this story. The prince secretly weds Sleeping Beauty and keeps her his little secret from his stepmother. In the meantime he continues to make booty calls and she has two children. Where do these princesses in these tales find these men? Well when his father kicks the bucket, he ascends to the throne—and surprise!—springs his ready-made family on the stepmother, who happens to be wicked (No! Didn’t see that coming!) and of ogress lineage. Talk about the mother-in-law from hell! Her husband leaves on some kingly duty and abandons his wife and children to the tender care of his stepmother. Tender as in tender meat, because that’s what she tries to turn them into. Succulent tender meat on her dinner table. Long story short, Sleeping Beauty has to face the voracious appetite of her Shrek-like mother-in-law, save her kids from becoming rack of lamb and elude a pit of vipers. King shows up just in time and stepmother ends up in her own viper pit. All this because Sleeping Beauty’s mother forgot a name…this whole thing could have been avoided if her mother had just made an invite list to that doggone christening!

Did I make a believer out of you yet? Do you see what I mean about raw deals? C'mon! Jump on my bandwagon!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Up to Date on Definitions?

Increasingly I've been integrating a new term into my daily lingo. Sex-positive. As a writer of erotic romance involving alternative sexualities, I've found this to be a key concept. It struck me that more folks need to have this as part of their daily verbiage, so I thought I'd include a short primer.

The term is often used in context of the sex-positive movement which embraces an attitude toward human sexuality that  regards all consensual sexual activities as basically healthy and pleasurable. It supports sexual pleasure and experimentation. It advocates sex education and safer sex and makes no moral distinctions between types of sexual activities, leaving them to personal preferences.

I like the definition of sex-positivity given by sexologist Carol Queen:

"Sex-positive, a term that's coming into cultural awareness, isn't a dippy love-child celebration of orgone - it's a simple yet radical affirmation that we each grow our own passions on a different medium, that instead of having two or three or even half a dozen sexual orientations, we should be thinking in terms of millions. "Sex-positive" respects each of our unique sexual profiles, even as we acknowledge that some of us have been damaged by a culture that tries to eradicate sexual difference and possibility."

So feel free to throw "sex-positive" into your next conversation. Spread the knowledge. Spread tolerance and appreciation for diversity. And think of the word lovingly next time you read a hot erotic romance with less traditional sexual partnerships.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

No releases yet...

Hi everyone,

With all the news of new releases here I feel like I'm falling behind. I'm working diligently every day, and yet my books are looooong so they take a loooong time to write.

I have a little novella that was supposed to be all edited and ready to go by now, but it's not. I hope to get the long book finished and then take another look at the novella. Meanwhile, we have holidays and vacation to fit this around. We're going to Panama in Jan. for a week. That reminds me...I need to pick up my Rosetta Stone software and get back to my Spanish lessons.

Well, I hope the wait is worth it. I never publish anything I'm not proud of--and I won't make this a first. So, stay tuned. Eventually I'll have good news too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Can't Fake This Released!

By: Casey Crow

This week saw the release of my debut, CAN’T FAKE THIS. The blog party was a huge success so to celebrate I'm offering a sneak peek inside this fun story with a fresh twist on the Twelve Days of Christmas.

CAN'T FAKE THIS is about a divorcee ready to reenter the dating world. Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Here's the excerpt:

My zipper slid down with a hiss, exposing my bare flesh to the cool air of the room. “Do you know what today is?” I was breathless as the material spilled below my hips.

Chase pushed my hair aside, his tongue sweeping every vertebra until he knelt on his knees kissing the small indention of my lower back. “Sunday.”

“December fourteenth.” I needed to be the one on my knees. My legs had turned all Jell-Oy. Yeah, I wasn’t an expert in the chemistry department, but even I could sense the spark between us, the hot, electric pull. As his teeth pulled at the peach bow of my G-string, I could already imagine his cock sliding into me. He yanked the dress down and turned me around. My crotch was now at his eye level. I rubbed his shaved head, debating whether I should pull his face to my panties or hike a leg over his shoulder. Or both. I settled for the latter before my weak knees collapsed.

“It’s twelve days till Christmas,” I said. The figure eights he licked along my inner thigh made it rather difficult to carry on a coherent conversation.

“Consider tonight an early present.” He swooped in for a taste, or so I thought, as hot air breezed my pussy.

Before I knew it, Chase slipped my leg off his shoulder and stood to scoop me into his arms. He lowered me onto the cold leather of the sofa, but the chill disintegrated the moment his warm body stretched over me. His large, dark pupils filled with lust — and dare I say, need? — as his dick throbbed between my legs. I squeezed my thighs, putting pressure on his cock. He let out a low groan while my body strained for more than a tease. I lifted my hips to rub up and down on his shaft.

We ground our bodies together, my gaze trapped by his own for a deliciously suspended moment. It never occurred to me this kind of intimacy was odd. I mean, most folks would be kissing and getting it on by now, but after all the exciting tension that had built all night, we suddenly slowed down…to savor. Damn, it was sexy.

Zero doubt played in my mind. I wanted this guy to help execute my plan. “I’m thinking I deserve one every day for the next twelve days,” I said as he moved in for a kiss.

The grinding of his hips against mine stopped. Chase pushed up on his elbows and stared at me, lifting a curious brow.

“Hear me out.” My fingers examined his rib cage, stopping to pay homage to his thick, oblique muscles. “I need someone like you to…” My throat closed. When had my palms become this sweaty? I took my hands off his body so he wouldn’t notice, and prayed the cool air would dry them.

“Like me?”

“Experienced…not looking for attachments.” I threw in the last bit to remind us both Chase fulfilled the role of Frog number one.

He grinned. “What do you need?”

“I want you to spend the next twelve days teaching…showing me how to make love.”

He winced, and sucked a hiss through his teeth. “You write sex for a living.”

“Writing about it and really living it are two different things.” I squirmed out of his hold. He pulled away as I sat Indian style across from him. “Look, here’s the deal. It’s been eight long years since I’ve been single, and now that I’m back on the market, I intend to be the best product out there.”

His lips twitched as his gaze roamed my body. “You’re pretty damn good as you are.”
I blushed and grabbed a red throw pillow to cover my nakedness. “Thanks, but I need, shall we say, tutoring in the fine art of love making.”

“Let me get this straight.” He barely contained the laughter in his voice. “You’re asking me to instruct you on how to have sex?”

“No dummy. I know how to have sex. Anybody can pump and hump.” The image of my ex flashed in my mind. “I want passion, chemistry and hot, sweaty multiple orgasms.” I tossed the pillow on the floor and rose, knee walking across the sofa toward him. My fingers teased the hem of his T-shirt. They finagled their way underneath the soft material and behind the waistband of his jeans. I pulled him close. “I want to make love.”

“For twelve days? Then I’m off the hook?” He looked so relieved I almost giggled.
I pushed my pelvis against his cock and smiled when it twitched back to life. “Yes.” I grabbed his ass and gave it a tight squeeze. Then, I ran my mouth up the side of his neck to his ear, nibbling the lobe. “You interested?”

Visit Casey at On Facebook at Casey Crow and Twitter at caseyecrow.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goals, Motivation, Writing

One of the things that I've learned as a writer is that patience and determination will eventually pay off...but having solid goals, finding motivation, and making time to write will move you closer to the end result.

I allowed myself to slack a bit this year with having to weather the storm of the last three rocky ones. My writing suffered but I still managed to have small releases. I really believe my positive thinking and affirmations have helped me overcome the rollercoaster emotions. The bottom line is that: WRITING IS HARD. If you keep telling yourself you're stuck, having writer's block, or simply can't find have to ask yourself "Do I really want to be a writer?"

Okay, I know we all have it tough but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and trudge forward. Even at a snail's pace, it's progress! I've learned a long time ago that your mind is a powerful tool and if you keep your eye on the target, you can just about overcome any obstacle. Most people may not know that I'm a good example of resilience and determination. Sixteen years ago I was in a car accident that affected me severely. I had neurological complications and health related issues stemming from the impact. Doctors told me that I would most likely never be "normal" again. I was basically considered disabled. Sure, I cried a bit and felt sorry for myself but when I snapped out of the funkyou bet I searched for ways to prove to my doctors that I wasn't going to settle for being helpless. Fast forward to 2011, anyone who ever met me now would never believe that I'd battled 16 years to be the person I am now. The sacrifices I've made, the rehabilitation, treatments...everything I endured was possible because of staying positive. It's overcoming my fears that I'd never be able to be physically and mentally healthy that gave me my drive.

Although it's been a tough journey as a writer, I'm a step closer to where I want to be and I'm not going to make excuses. I'll allow myself a sabbatical here and there but writing is like breathing for me. As 2012 approaches, I know what my goals are, I'm focused about my tasks, and I'm a few baby steps away from securing the full-time career that I was born to do!

How about you?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Naughty Christmas Carol VIDEO and BDSM Excerpt

Sooo close to Christmas Eve when my modern day Scrooge, Nick Radnor, meets up with three sexy female ghosts who try to save his soul.
And for a special Holiday treat, here's an excerpt from A Naughty Christmas Carol with Nick at Mamie's, a BDSM club. After you check out this scene, you'll know why his soul needs saving. Naughty boy...

The kiss of fire.
Nick’s nostrils flared as he wielded his silver-handled whip over the buttocks of the lovely brunette. Tanya arched her back under the blows and let out an icy moan. Nearby Kim, a perky blonde, played with her own breasts, pinching her nipples between her fingertips.
Nick counted the strokes. “Seven...eight…”
“Please…more,” begged Tanya. “More!”
Nick pulled back, enjoying her begging for it. She let out a slow breath, anticipation quelling up in her belly. Wearing a pink garter belt and white lace stockings, she leaned over a silk damask chair, her hips and bottom tipped upward.
She wobbled back and forth on her five-inch platform shoes, a sticky wetness sliding down the insides of her thighs.
She was wet.
The scent of her female essence filled his lungs, inspiring him to keep going, tempting him to raise the count to nine, then ten.
“Oh, yes…” she gasped.
Nick burped. Loudly. Must be the steak he ate. Thick, rare.
The two girls looked at each other and giggled. That set him off. He hated anyone taking advantage of him.
“Stop playing with your tits, Kim,” he ordered the blonde. “And check my markings on Tanya’s butt to see if they’re straight.”
Sobering up quickly, Kim said, “Yes, sir.”
She gave him a cute smile, then leaned over and stroked the red welts on the girl’s buttocks with her palm, counting the marks.
Nick swayed back and forth, rubbing his eyes. The intensity of his concentration had given him a fierce headache. Most likely brought on by that second bottle of Dom PĂ©rignon.
Dizziness flooded his vision. Cold sweat covered his face, his palms. The bubbly promise of the champagne had gone flat. He was frustrated and out of control.
He couldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. 
“Now it’s your turn, Kim!” he yelled out, then struck a hard blow across the blonde’s buttocks, startling her.
“Jeez, Mr. Radnor, give a girl a break. My feet are killing me.” Kim slipped off her stilettos, then tossed them aside. “I had a rough night with the last guy.”
“You’re being paid, aren’t you?” Nick sputtered, paying no attention to her plea.
“Yeah, but--” Kim began, then stopped. Tears glistened in the corners of her eyes. She looked so forlorn, her gooey false eyelashes coming undone.
“It’s Christmas Eve, Mr. Radnor,” said Tanya, putting her arm around her co-worker. “Good will toward everybody. Even us.”
“Yeah, even us,” Kim chimed in.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Nick asked, swinging the whip dangerously close to the girls’ nude butts.
“When you first started coming to Mamie’s, you were real nice,” said Tanya. “Giving me hugs and cuddles after the spankings.”
Had she been here that long?
“We always thought you were the nicest of Mamie’s customers,” Kim added.
“And now?” Nick bellowed, throwing down his whip in disgust. His eyes crawled over their flesh, possessive, yet wanting to know her answer. 
The girls looked at each other. “You’ve changed,” Tanya said. “I guess it’s the economy going bad. It’s hit everybody.”
“Especially our customers with 401(k)s invested in the stock market,” said Kim. “They only book half the time they used to.”
“But we still like you.”
Did they?
Nick brushed his hand across the skinny contours of Kim’s butt, her model-thin rear smarting from his whip. “Who do you girls think I am? Santy Claus? Well, I’m not. I work hard for every dime I make and I expect you to do the same.” He picked up his whip. “Now lean over. Both of you.”
Sighing, the two girls turned around and pushed their bare buttocks up into the air, waiting.
Letting the whip hang in the air for a long moment, Nick watched with glee their pretty faces scrunching up with anticipation. He wasn’t fooled. It was part of the act. They put on that little holiday show for his benefit.
Wanted bigger tips, no doubt.
He brought the whip down on the creamy buttocks of the blonde, then the brunette, their whole bodies convulsing, each one crying out louder than the other. The growing smell of their aroused pussies turned him on, the two girls moving their asses up then down in a sensuous rhythm so he could strike one then the other without taking a breath.
“Four…five…six,” he counted, finally stopping at twelve. His shoulders ached, his muscles squealing with pain as if they’d been ripped apart.
He ignored the agony radiating up and down his back. The deed was done. Pleasure mixed with pain. Joy with darkness. A heady combination that suffocated his pain and brought him relief.
His restless mind stilled.
Then the scene before him blurred, swirls of red and black twisting before his eyes like curling silk ribbons. Laughter, then he heard the girls scurrying away. He was alone.
Suddenly he was tired, very tired.
Nick dragged himself across the room. His head pounded like it was split open. He couldn’t make it to the elevator. He spied the big, round bed. He smiled. Mamie wouldn’t mind if he took a nap. Pops would let him out.
Exhausted, Nick collapsed on the silk sheets and passed out.
The whip still in his hand.

 Next: the ghost of Nick's partner, Charlie Harris, shows up and warns him what will happen to him because of his corporate greed...

Monday, December 5, 2011

December Madness

Ready, set, go! The holiday season is upon us along with all the ensuing craziness.

Things are particularly hectic at Casa Daniels this year since my parents will coming to stay with us for a week before moving into their snowbird condo a couple days before Christmas. We also have other relatives coming for a week around New Years. Add to that all the Christmas and Hanukkah activities and you have reigning chaos.

But between the shopping trips, cooking marathons and seasonal decorating, I always try to assess the previous year. What did I do right, what did I do wrong?

One thing that I think I did right was to self-publish a few manuscripts I had laying around collecting dust. The proceeds from said dusty books more than paid for all the gifts this year, and then some. I also wrote and sold my first series, Long and Hard. Amazingly, I had fifteen books release in 2011 - my most fruitful year ever, by far.

Some things I'd do differently if I could - I'd devote more time to sitting with my butt in the chair, writing. I'd attend more chapter meetings of my local RWA chapter and I'd read more books. The beautiful thing about every one of these coulda-shoulda-woulda's is that I can change them all in the coming year.

What about you? What habits would you change if you could? Will you?

Friday, December 2, 2011


I have a new release out with Ellora's Cave called SUBMISSION BECOMES HER and it's hot, hot, hot! It's also my first romance that focuses primarily on the BDSM aspects of a relationship. .

You're thinking, what the heck is she talking about, right? Because you know I always put a little sexy spanking and bongage in my books. At least whenever the h/h will go for it!

But this is the first book that's all about the hero dominating his very willing and submissive lover in the bedroom. Of course, there is still the overarching true-love romance, but in this case, I really tried to delve into exactly what the heroine is experiencing in her head during the BDSM scenes.

I wasn't sure how this approach would work for me - I usually write in a style that most would call "BDSM-Light." But I ended up having a really good time with this story, as I hope you will. Trust me - it's hot, it's sexy and it's romantic!

Happy Reading!

She wants to be dominated by a man and he's going to help her live out her every

Josie Roberts has a secret fantasy. She wants to be dominated, to feel owned by a man in the bedroom while being his complete equal outside of it. Finding that man has been difficult, however. But then she meets “Sir Dom” in an online BDSM chat room. After weeks of cyberspanking, Josie and her online Dom are both ready for the real thing, so they decide to finally meet in person.

When Josie arrives at the restaurant, she’s stunned to discover “Sir Dom” is none other than her ex-boyfriend Gavin Elliot. She can’t believe it. He might be gorgeous, but when it came to sex, he was about as vanilla as a man could get. Or so she’d always thought.

It turns out Gavin had kept his dream of dominating a woman in the bedroom a secret, too. And now, he’s going to live out every fantasy he’s ever had by tying her up and spanking her until she begs for more.


Without a word, he snaked his hand in her hair and with a firm, but gentle tug, tilted her head back. The show of dominance made her go gooey inside and she gripped the front of his shirt for support as he claimed her mouth in a scorching kiss.

“Tonight, and for every night after, you’re going to be my submissive when we’re in this room, and I will be your master,” he rasped. “Is that understood?”

“Yes,” she panted.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“Tonight, and for every night after, I will be your submissive when we’re in this room,” she promised. “And you will be my master.”

The words were a vow, and as she said them, Josie knew they tied her to Gavin as completely as if they were married.

Taking her hand, he picked up one of the leather cuffs from the bed and slipped it over her wrist, tightening it so that it fit snuggly. Then he did the same with her other wrist. Her heart was beating so loudly she was sure he must be able to hear it, but he made no comment as he led her over to the foot of the bed. Turning her to face it, he put his hand on her back and bent her over the bed. She wondered if he was going to cuff her hands behind her back with the sturdy- looking hooks that were attached to the leather. The image sent a quiver through her.

But he instructed her to put her hands above her head. She started to ask why, but remembered the vow she’d made and caught herself. She rested her cheek on the coverlet and obediently placed her arms out in front of her on the bed. Gavin took her right wrist and slid her arm closer to the edge of the bed. A moment later, she heard a click as he attached something to the leather cuff. Or rather, attached the cuff to something on the bed. She automatically gave her wrist a tug, but it wouldn’t give. That was when she saw the strap hanging over the side of the bed. It was some kind of restraint system, she realized as Gavin secured her other wrist to the opposite side of the bed. She gave that one a tug, too, but it was just as tightly bound as the other.

“Spread your legs,” he said softly.

Josie was so busy thinking about the restraints on her wrist, she didn’t realize Gavin had come around the bed to stand in back of her. Afraid he would think she’d forgotten her place already, she quickly spread her legs. It was only after she did that she realized just how vulnerable she was in that position, and as Gavin fit the leather cuffs around her ankles, she had to fight the urge to close her legs.

She expected him to secure them to the bed the same way he’d done with her wrists, but instead, she felt him attach something to the inside of the cuff around her right ankle. When he did the same to the cuff on the left one, she realized it was some kind of bar designed to keep her legs spread. If she’d thought she felt vulnerable before, that was nothing compared to how helpless and exposed she felt now. It had her so wet, she was practically gushing.

She sensed Gavin straighten up behind her. She automatically tensed, waiting for him to reach for either the paddle or the leather strap—both of which were still on the bed and in view. But he only ran his hand over the curve of her ass. Then gave it a firm squeeze.

Watch the Trailer!

Buy it at Ellora's Cave!


"Stories so hot, they'll make your cheeks blush!"