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I'm so excited to announce I have a new release with Blushing Books called HOT OFF THE RED CARPET! I've written a lot of books with spanking in them lately, but I haven't written a spanking romance, so I started playing around with ideas and came up with a story about a girl who jumps at the chance to become her favorite movie star's personal assistant. She's been crushing on him forever and can barely contain her inner fan girl. That akes it difficult to do her job and when she messes up one too many times, the hunky actor doesn't hesitate to put her over his knee!

Addison Mattingly has spent her life living in her twin sister’s shadow, so when her sister blows off a chance to be actor Trevor Braden’s personal assistant, Addison decides it’s time to step into the spotlight.
Pretending to be her twin, Addison goes to LA to take the job. Trevor is even hunkier and more gorgeous in person than he is on film, and it’s all Addison can do not to give into her inner fan girl.
That fascination makes a difficult job even harder, and soon she’s making one mistake after another. That’s when Addison learns Trevor has a unique way of getting her to focus on her job—he puts her over his knee and spanks her.


Once she and Trevor were seated in the back of the limo, Addison gave him a sheepish look. “I’m sorry about the mix-up with the limo.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Trevor said.

Though his handsome face gave nothing away, there was no mistaking the brusqueness in his deep voice, and Addison flushed. He wouldn’t fire her over this, would he? It was her first day, after all. Shoulders slumping, she turned to stare out the window.

Neither of them spoke the rest of the way back to Beverly Hills. When they got to his house, Addison was surprised to find the producer and director already waiting for them. She glanced at her watch and was shocked to see that her mistake back at the television studio had completely thrown them off schedule.

“They’ve been waiting for almost an hour,” Maribel whispered, throwing a nervous glance over her shoulder at the two men in the living room. “I was afraid they were going to leave, so I’ve been trying to appease them with hors d’oeuvres.”

Trevor scowled. “I’ll take care of it. Thank you, Maribel.”

Addison gave the cook a grateful smile before hurrying after Trevor. God, she hoped this didn’t cost him the part.

But Trevor was extremely good at smoothing any feathers that had been ruffled, and after a few minutes, both men were more interested in discussing their movie than they were in the fact that Trevor had been late.

As Addison listened to them talk, her gaze strayed to the array of hors d’oeuvres on the table. She hadn’t eaten since lunch and the sight of all that shrimp, lobster and caviar was making her mouth water. She was just wondering if it was acceptable for personal assistants to eat during a meeting with their boss’s potential employers when it suddenly occurred to her that all of the hors d’oeuvres had been made with seafood. Oh crap. She was supposed to tell Maribel that the director had an aversion to anything with seafood in it.

Hoping Maribel hadn’t already left for the night, Addison murmured something about checking her messages, then hurried into the kitchen. Fortunately, the cook was still there. She quickly explained the situation to the other woman.

“Do you have anything else we could serve?” Addison asked.

Maribel shook her head. “I make all my hors d’oeuvres by hand.”

Great. Addison chewed on her lower lip, trying to come up with an idea. “What about cheese and crackers. I know it’s not as fancy, but at least it’s not seafood.”

Maribel was silent as she considered the suggestion, but then she nodded. “I do have some cheese.” She opened the refrigerator. “There are crackers in the pantry. Top shelf on your right.”

The pantry was more like a small food store, so Addison had her pick of crackers. They were all fancier than anything she’d ever bought for herself, so she chose two boxes at random, then set the crackers out on a plate while Maribel sliced an equally fancy assortment of cheeses.

Ten minutes later, Addison was back in the living room with a huge plate of cheese and crackers in her hands. Trevor was going over some lines for the part he’d be playing, and it was all she could do not to stop in her tracks and listen to his sexy voice.

Careful not to interrupt, she set the plate of cheese and crackers down on the coffee table, then sat down in the overstuffed chair. She’d never really given much thought to how an actor went about getting a part in a movie, but the whole thing was extremely fascinating. Not nearly as fascinating as Trevor, though. Hearing him read for the part of a no-nonsense cop was almost enough to make her swoon.

Somehow, she managed to control herself, but only because Trevor had finished going over the script and was now discussing set locations. Noticing the director could use a refill on his coffee, Addison picked up the carafe and at his nod, began to pour some into the cup he was holding. As she did, she made the mistake of glancing over at Trevor. The moment her eyes met his, she completely forgot what she was supposed to be doing. The next thing she knew, the director was howled of pain.

Addison jerked out of her trance to find that she’d spilled hot coffee all over the director’s pants.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” the man demanded, jumping to his feet.

Heat suffused her face. “Oh God, I’m so sorry!” She set the carafe down on the table and grabbed a handful of cocktail napkins. “Here, let me—”

The director grabbed the napkins out of her hand. “I think you’ve done enough,” he snarled, giving her a hard look as he wiped his sodden pants.

Addison felt her color deepen. “I…” she began, but he had already turned his attention on Trevor.

“We’ll be in touch,” he said stiffly.

Throwing the napkins down on the coffee table, the director pushed past Addison and stormed out of the room. The producer murmured something to Trevor she didn’t catch before he left, too. A moment later, she heard the front door slam.

Addison gave Trevor a sheepish look. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention, I guess, and…” The words trailed off at the dark look on his face.“I-I’ll go and apologize.”

She turned and started for the door, but Trevor caught her arm.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Like Clive said, you’ve done enough damage already. I’ll go.”

Addison’s bottom lip trembled as she watched Trevor walk out of the living room. If her carelessness had cost him this movie, she was done for, she was sure of it.

Blinking back tears, Addison picked up two of the plates of uneaten hors d’oeuvres and carried them into the kitchen. Maribel frowned at the cheese and crackers.

“They didn’t like that, either?” she asked.

Apparently, Maribel mustn’t have heard the shouting. Addison set the plates down on the granite countertop. “They…um…had to leave.”

The other woman’s frowned deepened at that, but Addison didn’t offer any more details. It was bad enough she’d embarrassed herself in front of Trevor and his guests. Going back out into the living room, she collected the rest of the plates and carried them into the kitchen. Maribel was covering the cheese and crackers with plastic wrap, and Addison grabbed one of the crab puffs before the women could do the same to the other hors d’oeuvres.

She was just working on her second one when Trevor walked in. From the look on his face, Addison couldn’t tell if his talk with the director had gone well or not, and she braced herself.

“When you’re finished here, I’d like to speak to you, Addison. I’ll wait for you in your office.”

Addison swallowed hard, the piece of crab puff almost getting caught in her throat. Well, at least he hadn’t fired her in front of Maribel. Avoiding the other woman’s curious gaze, she slid off the stool she’d been sitting on and left the kitchen.

She made her way down the hallway on leaden feet. She’d never gotten fired from any job she’d ever had, and the prospect of being given her walking papers after half a day as Trevor Braden’s personal assistant made tears sting her eyes. If her sister found out, she’d never live it down.

Addison stood outside the door to her office for a moment to collect herself. Finally taking a deep breath, she walked in.

Trevor was leaning back against the desk, his arms folded across his broad chest, and Addison’s pulse quickened. Even on the verge of being fired, all she could think about was how incredibly sexy he was.

“You wanted to see me?” she asked in a small voice.

He pushed away from the desk. “Close the door, if you would.”

Addison did as he asked, and then turned to face him. She waited for him to say something, but he only stood regarding her with those soulful dark eyes, his arms still crossed over his chest.

She looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes. “Y-you’re going to fire me, aren’t you?”


She blinked, not sure that she’d heard right. “You’re not?”

“No,” he said again. “But I am going to make sure that we don’t have a repeat performance of what happened tonight.”

Addison frowned, not sure where he was going with that. “I don’t understand.”

“Which is why I intend to make myself perfectly clear.”

Taking her arm, Trevor marched her over to the leather couch that was set along one wall. What was he going to do, sit her down and lecture her? She was just about to say that wouldn’t be necessary when he sat down and pulled her unceremoniously over his knee.

Addison was so startled that for a moment all she could do was lay there draped over his muscular legs and stare down at the plush, beige carpet. What the heck was he doing? She craned her neck to look over her shoulder at him and was shocked to feel a sharp smack on her upturned bottom.
“Mr. Braden, what—?” She gasped as his hand came down again, this time on her other cheek. Oh my God, he was spanking her!
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Once Upon a Time there was a New Release!

Yes! Friday, November 30th, Ellora’s Cave Publishing is releasing Stroke of Midnight, the first book in my Breathlessly Ever After series! It is a re-release and I’m so excited about the new cover, the publisher and the story! Check out the blurb, excerpt and trailer!

Stroke of Midnight coverNo-nonsense, less-than-warm Rowyn Jeong cannot compare to her bubbly stepsister Cindy. But hey, everyone has their niche, right? And hers is a keen eye for business and the bottom line. Being labeled the plainer, wicked stepsister never bothered her…until Darius Fiore reappeared. Six months ago, they indulged in a hot one-night stand and the sexy business tycoon did more than just get under her skin. He branded her body like no man before. But his return jeopardizes her position at her stepfather’s company, and he’s the man Cindy has within her sights—and hands.

Behind closed doors, Darius discovered more lay beneath Rowyn’s hard exterior than the ice queen persona she presents to her family. The sultry vixen left him in a tight spot—literally. Now he’s back and understands—her family’s disregard has her hungry for love and acceptance. But breaking down her defenses won’t be easy. Especially since his presence risks everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.


8:15 p.m.

Shit. She was late.  

The Harrisons’ long-time housekeeper Margaret opened the front door at Rowyn’s knock. When the older woman smiled and stepped back for her to pass, it occurred to Rowyn the housekeeper might be the only person pleased to see her tonight. Her mother Pamela Wright Harrison would be pissed because she’d arrived late. Daniel Harrison, her mother’s second husband and Rowyn’s stepfather, would be irritated because of the interruption her arrival would cause. And her stepsister Cynthia—or Cindy as they all called her—would wear her usual pretty smile and add a vapid comment or two.

Fun, fun, fun.

Yeah. Like a stake in the eye.

“They are in the small living room,” Margaret said, taking Rowyn’s purse.

“Thanks, Maggie.” Rowyn inhaled and released the breath in a low gust of air. She stretched her lips into the brightest, phoniest smile she could manage. “Here’s my social smile,” she murmured through clenched teeth and a stiff mouth. “How does it look?”

Margaret chuckled and shook her head. “Lovely, Ms. Rowyn.”

The older woman turned and headed toward the hall closet, still laughing softly. Rowyn stared after her. The hair contained more gray strands now than black. The drill sergeant stride that had struck awe and fear in Rowyn’s heart as a child had slowed a bit. It dawned on her like the coming of a new day that if this proud woman were gone, Rowyn would lose the only person who had loved her unconditionally.

She’d entered this home at her mother’s side a scared and nervous eleven-year-old, trying so hard to mimic Pamela’s aloof expression. But Maggie had taken one look at her and detected the fear lurking beneath the adult mask. And through the years the housekeeper had loved Rowyn—even when she’d been unlovable.

Amusement mingled with the pang of sadness. And there were certainly times when she’d been damn unlovable.

As she turned toward the living room entrance, her humor drained away like the alcohol which doubtless flowed too easily down her mother’s throat. With her hand on the knob, Rowyn slabbed layer after layer of mental cement around her emotions and heart. A quick scan ensured no cracks existed and she twisted the knob, pushed open the door and entered.

And walked into Charlotte Bronte’s version of hell.

Daniel faced the entrance, speaking animatedly to the tall man across from him. Her mother—surprise, surprise, with a highball raised to her lips—and stepsister filled in the small circle. At the snick of the door closing behind Rowyn, all four turned to stare in her direction.

Oh. Damn.

The gasp remained trapped in her throat and the world screeched to a halt as if God had slammed his foot on the brakes of time. She sucked in a breath—a difficult task since all the air seemed to have been vacuumed out of the room. Perspiration prickled her palms and if she could have moved, she would have rubbed them against her skirt.

It can’t be. She stared, her heart performing a dizzying tap dance against her rib cage. It’s not possible.

Yet meeting the bright blue eyes that had haunted her dreams for the past six months, Rowyn couldn’t deny what her gaze refused to accept.


She’d convinced herself he couldn’t possibly have been as beautiful in reality as he’d appeared in her dreams. After all, when a man gave a woman the most intense, just-this-side-of-death orgasms she’d ever experienced, she could be forgiven for imagining him larger than life. But no, as he stood mere feet away, staring at her with his impenetrable gaze, Rowyn realized her dreams hadn’t been exaggerations.

The same deep cobalt eyes that reminded her of the heart of the ocean. The same olive-tinted skin that reminded her of Italian villas perched on craggy cliffs and romantic beaches. The same beauty that, if he’d been born centuries earlier, would have had Michelangelo drooling to sculpt him for his “David.” His dark-brown, closely-cropped curls enhanced the image of a Greco-Roman work of art. And Jesus, the body…She shivered. Tall, elegant and hinting at the almost-primitive power that existed under the civilized black jacket, slacks and maroon shirt.

She’d been on the receiving end of that power, unleashed and wild.

The intense stare held her immobile and might as well have been a length of steel chains wrapped around her body. She couldn’t move, couldn’t avoid the hard questions in his penetrating gaze.

Happy Release Day!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

How do you shop for Christmas?

By: Casey Crow

We all know Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year? Are you one to get up at the butt crack of dawn, scrounge the aisles, and fight the crowds to get the best bargains? Do you shop online in the comfort of your jammies? Are you one of those annoying organized people who have all your shopping done before Thanksgiving? Do you spend the extra twenty at Toys r Us or the mall next week when the crowds aren't so crazy? Do you wait till the last minute like my dad?

I'll admit, I'm an online shopper, followed by a Toys r Us run after Black Friday since most of the stuff I need is out of stock online. Did you notice I said "need" as in my son's NEEDS more legos. LOL However, I'm think I'm going to brave the crowds on Black Friday - or try to. I might chicken out though when I see the number of cars in the parking. I can guarantee I won't be one of those early bird people. Casey is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I do like to stroll the mall at some point before Christmas, maybe picking up that last item or just browsing. I like to see the decorations and hear the carols blasting through the speakers. It just puts you in the spirit, you know?

Well, whatever kind of shopper you are, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Buying a Thanksgiving Turkey is like buying a pair of shoes…

I was out shopping yesterday for a’s like buying a pair of shoes. You have to find one that fits just right. Three stores later, I bought a fresh one at my local market. Now to check my spice cabinet to see if I have anything newer than the millennium.

I don't know about you, but I can already smell the turkey cooking in the oven and it's only Wednesday. I love turkey with homemade dressing, gravy, and all the yummy trimmings. And who the heck cares about the calories?

Not me. I love each and every one of them.

But the holiday is about more than enjoying a great meal.

It's also about remembering all those great meals (and the not so great) we had many Thanksgivings ago…

And being thankful for each and every one of them.

Like the time my mom made homemade mince pie and put too much spice with cloves in it. We gulped every lost drop of milk in the fridge trying to wash it down.

Or the time my Irish grandmother made her version of stuffing and added a pint of Guinness instead of chicken broth to the bread mix.

How about my Aunt Patsy who loved to make butter cookies and one of her red fake nails ended up in the cookie dough. My dad thought it was a decoration and tried to bite into it. Thank God he had good, strong teeth.

After so many disasters, we ate out for Thanksgiving. We loved to go to Knott’s Berry Farm here in So Cal (famous for their chicken dinners, but they do a great turkey day as well). One year my little brother ate too much, but that didn’t stop us from going on the roller coaster. He threw up all over my mom’s lap.

And I’ll never forget the Thanksgiving dinner I made for the troops. I was part of U.S. Army Special Services in Italy and we had Army and Air Force where I was stationed on a base near Florence. I swear the entire Southern European Task Force showed up when they found out I was cooking turkeys at the Service Club.

We started out with two turkeys and I ended up requisitioning more supplies for dressing and veggies. I can’t tell you the craziness of that day—and night—running back and forth between my little kitchen in the service club with my big, ole clunker stove and the mess hall (two of my Army guys jumped in and cooked a turkey for me in their big oven along with a giant pot of mashed potatoes); I even got the Officers’ Club in on the action and they cooked a turkey with their fancy dressing.

We served turkey and dressing, mess hall-style mashed potatoes with bucket loads of gravy and peas to the troops who wandered in from the afternoon till midnight. Every one of the guys came in hungry and left a happy man.

And that was the best Thanksgiving of all.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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What if Scrooge was a sexy hunk with a smart phone?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Unsexy? I Beg to Differ

I just read an article that proclaimed Thanksgiving the least sexy holiday. The author points out lots of reasons, some travel-related, some relative-related and others having to do with food. Frankly, I totally disagree with her. Sure, traveling this time of year is a giant pain in the ass, and dealing with certain relations—well, I get that.

But food is as sexy as you make it. One of my first books, Can't Stand the Heat features a very long love scene in which food is the third character! How about we rethink that leftover turkey for two in sensual terms?

Mary tore off a small chunk of white meat and shut her eyes as she pushed it into her mouth. "Mm." She licked her fingers so sensuously that he nearly came apart at the seams as imagined that pink tongue darting over his erection.

I'm sure you get the picture. With the exception of having a cavity drilled, just about anything involving your mouth can be turned into a sexy scene.

In honor of our American Thanksgiving holiday this week, I would like to share the recipe for one of my favorite holiday treats. Monkey Bread is a family favorite and although it is quite sticky, it can be fun for a private party of two.

Monkey Bread

1 - 25 oz package Bridgeford or Rich's frozen rolls
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 heaping tsp cinnamon
1 cup chopped pecans
1 small package (non-instant) butterscotch pudding
1 stick butter - melted

Lightly grease bundt pan. Fill with frozen rolls. Mix all dry ingredients, sprinkle over rolls. Drizzled with melted butter. Cover with foil and place in 'cold' oven overnight. In the morning, bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Immediately turn onto buttered serving dish with rimmed edge. 

Yeah - you can't worry about calories with this one. Enjoy! And happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Some writers are plotters. Some are what we call "Pantsers." They write "by the seat of their pants."
I'm a pantsy-plotter.

I have to allow my brain the freedom to go where it wants to for about 3 chapters. Soon after that, I'll get stuck--like a piece of paper in a whirlpool. My brain whirls round and round looking for a place to go. Hopefully, a somewhat logical and interesting place.

It's at this spot where I usually stop and plot.

Nothing scares me like having a deadline and no plot. Oh, sure. I have a kernel of an idea. I have characters and I can just follow them around taking dictation. But that only goes so far. When I see another two thirds of a book looming empty in front of me, I panic.

Yes, there have been books in which I never, ever came up with a written plot. I wrote Strange Neighbors that way. It was terrifying. But people seemed to love the book. Why? Because it was "character driven."

Romances are known for being character-driven stories. It's important we know what motivates our protagonists and antagonists. After that, we sit down with them--keyboard between us--and ask, "So...what are you up to today?"

Do they always tell us? No. That's when a plot (even a thin one) comes in very handy. If you know your pro/antagonists, you'll instinctively know how they'll feel and react to any situation. Now, all you need is a situation for them to react to! Enter the plot.

A few weeks ago, I was in panic-mode. I took a long car ride to NJ with a fellow writer and we plotted Act II. (I had pantsed Act I. About 6 chapters.) When I got home and made a story board with those plot points on them, I felt oh so much better. Ah... My characters had situations to react to! For a while.

Getting together with my critique partner one day (who is even more of a pantser than I am) we brainstormed Act III of my book, plus Acts I, II, and III of the latest in her series. It can be done! What I think I learned is how vital the brainstorming aspect is. If you're 'missing something' perhaps that idea is in someone else's brain. 

Find writers you trust and ask if they'd mind listening to what you have so far and tossing out ideas to give you some forward momentum. Hopefully, you'll get out of that whirlpool before your brain becomes mushy and disintegrates--or your heart gives out.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Release! THE REAL THING!

I have a new release out with Blushing Books! It's called THE REAL THING, and it's about a movie star who's fallen off the A-list and will do anything to get back on it, including marrying a man she doesn't love. But all that changes when she meets a ruggedly handsome artist who not only warms her bottom when she needs it, but also makes her realize that some things are more important than fame.

Happy Reading!

Actress Raine Montgomery will do anything to get back on the A-list, including marrying a man she doesn’t love. As the wedding gets closer—and the reality of her decision hits her—she wants nothing more than to escape her crazy life, so she heads to a spa in the mountains of northern California. But thanks to a snowstorm, she ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Artist Logan McBride comes to her rescue. He might be sinfully handsome, but he’s also rude, arrogant and annoying as hell. Unfortunately, his cabin is the only shelter in the storm, so Raine has no choice but to go with him.

The cabin turns out to be just as rough around the edges as its owner, something Raine takes great pleasure in pointing out to Logan on several occasions. Tired of her endless complaining, Logan puts her over his knee and spanks her.

Raine can’t get back to Hollywood fast enough. In LA, however, she’s shocked to discover she can’t get the handsome, domineering artist or the spankings he gave her out of her head. Now, with the wedding only weeks away, how can Raine go through with her farce of a marriage when it’s obvious she has feelings for the man who so expertly reddened her bottom at his mountain cabin?


Getting snowed in with Logan had given her a bye, a time-out from her life there. When the snow stopped, she was going to have to go home and marry Cameron, like it or not.

The reminder put her in a pissy mood for the rest of the day, so it was probably a good thing Logan spent most of it in his studio or she probably would have gone off on him if he looked at her wrong.

If he noticed how quiet she was during dinner he didn’t comment on it. When he gave her a curious look as they were cleaning up afterward, she thought for sure he was going to ask what was up, but he only stared out the window above the sink as he washed and she dried.

“It stopped snowing,” he said.

Raine looked out the window. In the early evening dimness, the final flakes of snow fluttered down. Her hands suddenly shook, a ridiculous sense of panic taking hold of her. With the blizzard over, there was nothing to keep her here.

She finished drying the plate and put it back in the cabinet with the others. “Good. I can finally get my car out of that stupid ditch. I’ll go change.”

His brows drew together. “You want to go now?”

Five minutes ago, she’d dreaded the idea of leaving, so why was she in such a hurry to go? Because the longer she stayed, the harder it was going to be to go back to her life. And as much as she hated the direction it was headed at the moment, she did have to go back. Her poor assistant Chloe was probably completely freaked out because she hadn’t checked in.

“Yeah.” She folded the dish towel and placed it on the counter. “I mean, there’s no real reason to wait until morning when I can leave now.”

“There isn’t? How about waiting for them to plow the roads?”

“You have four-wheel drive.”

“But you don’t.”

He had a point. Dammit.

She sighed. “Okay. I still need to go into town, though. And not that pitiful place we drove though the other night—the other one.”

He frowned again. “What for?”

“I have to call my assistant and let her know where I am.”

He dried his hands on the towel she’d just folded. “You’ve already waited two days to call her. One more day won’t hurt.”

Probably not, but it was the longest she’d gone without talking to the other woman. And if there was one person in Hollywood she could talk to, it was Chloe. She wasn’t just her assistant, she was her best friend. And talking to her was what she should have done instead of running off to the spa. If she had, she wouldn’t be stranded in this cabin where she had way too much time to think about how much more simple life would be if she could stay here forever.

“I have to call her tonight.”

She walked over to where her bag sat on the floor beside the couch and rummaged through it for her jeans. Then she remembered they were still hanging up in the bathroom. She hoped they were dry.

“Forget it,” he said from behind her. “I’m not talking you anywhere tonight.”

She didn’t know why his answer bothered her, but it did. She whirled around to glare at him. “Why do you always have to be so damn difficult?”

“Me?” He folded his arms across his chest. “I’m not the one demanding we go out there in two feet of freaking snow and risk our lives just so I can talk to my assistant.”

Raine knew from the way the muscle in his jaw worked that she was on the verge of royally pissing him off. Considering that had gotten her spanked the other night, she probably should have let the issue drop—especially since he was right. It was insane to go out before the roads were plowed. But she couldn’t back down. So, she mimicked his pose and glowered back at him.

“I may be the actress, but you’re the one being dramatic. If you won’t drive me, I’ll borrow your truck and go myself.”

“The hell you will. I’ve seen the way you drive.”

She lifted her chin. “That was the car’s fault, not mine.”

He shook his head. “I thought you learned something from that spanking I gave you the other night, but I guess not.”

“I learned that you’re a Neanderthal who likes to put a woman over your knee whenever she does something you don’t like.”

“Not all women. Just the ones who act like spoiled brats.”

“I am not a spoiled brat!”

His brow rose. “So, you’re saying you weren’t about to throw yourself on the floor and start kicking and screaming? Could have fooled me.”

She almost stamped her foot, but caught herself just in time when she realized what a field day he’d have with that. She settled on a growl of frustration instead. “Just go into your studio and paint something, dammit.”

“I’ll do that. Right after I spank you.”

Raine backpedaled, almost tripping over her weekender bag. “You are not spanking me again.”

Logan advanced on her, sidestepping the bag without even looking down. “Oh yes, I am.”

She backed up some more, but he grabbed her arm before she could take more than two steps. She dug in her heels, but her bare feet hand couldn’t get enough of a grip.

“Let me go, you Cro-Magnon!”

He spun around so abruptly she had to take a step back. “I thought you said I was a Neanderthal.”

“Same thing,” she ground out.

“Not really.” Did he just smirk? “Cro-Magnons are much more advanced.”

She clenched her teeth. “Then that’s definitely not you.”

This time he most certainly smirked. She probably would have slapped it off his face if he hadn’t sat down on the couch and yanked her tumbling over his knee.

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This book was originally published in 2005 under the title The Cabin, but has been significantly revised.


Sexy Romantic Fiction!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Southern Magic Luncheon 2012
Souther Magic Readers Luncheon 2012!
November is one of my favorite months! And not just for the obvious Thanksgiving holiday. Or the two federal holidays aka vacation days. Nope. Although those are very good reasons, the first Saturday in November is my local RWA chapter’s annual Readers Luncheon! I love this event! Every year I meet fabulous readers, visit with awesome authors I love and admire, get lotsa free goodies, win cool gifts and have a wonderful lunch. Not to mention I have the opportunity to listen to inspiring authors such as Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love, this year's keynote and introduction speakers. 

Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 Sherrilyn Kenyon and me
Sherrilyn Kenyon and me!

For four hours we laugh, joke—sometimes cry, all depends on who’s speaking!—hug, cheer and celebrate. We celebrate each other’s careers, our milestones—I had my fifth sale this year!— and our successes. It’s a readers’ luncheon but aren’t we all readers? Like I had a total “fan girl” moment when I met Sherrilyn Kenyon. Yeah, I gushed. And so what? I’ve loved her books for years! I can’t count the number of blissful, excitement-and-escape filled hours she’s given me. Also, it’s a time when I came face-to-face with people I’ve joked and talked with over loops and Facebook.

Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 me and Debra hug
Debra Glass and me!
And always seeing fellow Ellora’s Cave author, my good friend and critique partner Debra Glass is awesome! She is so gorgeous and, if I didn’t love her so much, I’d probably give her the stink-eye every time she passed by me! LOL! No, really. A more gracious and kinder lady a person would be hard pressed to find. And she’s just an example of the authors in attendance every year! So if you’re in the Birmingham, AL area next November, come join us! Southern Magic can promise you a good time!

Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 Booksigning 2
My first booksigning!
Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 Lynn Raye Harris Kira Sinclair
Lynn Raye Harris and Kira Sinclair!

Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 Mina Khan and Lexi George
Rashda Khan and Lexi George!
Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 Carla and Jennifer
Jennifer Echols and Carla Swafford!

Christy Reece!

Southern Magic Luncheon 2012 Mary and Katherine
M.V. Freeman and Katherine Bone!


Friday, November 9, 2012

The Romance Saga Part II ~ 9's Guide to Guys

*Casey Crow's note: This is the second installment of love advice via my young daughter that oddly enough correlates remarkably well to the adult world.

Well, the good news is that 9 (my daughter's age) was delighted to learn that she will be teaching the world about romance when I mentioned I'd blogged about her. Okay, first of all, isn't it just weird that kids even know and understand what a blog is when us adults are still trying to figure it out? Anyway, she would like to impart on us her findings of the past week:

 1. Nice boys are gentlemen.
The crush gave up his seat to her at lunch so she could sit by a girlfriend. sweet.

 2. Get a friend to get the scoop.
More on this later, as the testing period is still underway, but haven't we all at one time or another had a third party intercede to find out it "he likes me"?

3. Liking a boy makes you feel kinda weird. You get butterflies in your tummy like you're about to throw up and when you see him, you freeze.
 9 poses like a statue here for full effect while explaining this phenomenon. The freezing is the equivalent of your breathing hitching which I'm sure has all happened when the crush walks in - especially when his appearances was unexpected, and you are hopefully looking your best.

4. You have weird dreams about him.
I figured it wise for my mental health not to delve too deeply here as 9 is quiet imaginative. But the kid makes a good point because who among us hasn't awaken a little hot and a little bit sweaty?

To be continued...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Secrets to Seduction Anthology

10 secretos de seducción

Don't you love that suggestive 50 Shades of Grey cover? All the trend in erotic covers these days.

No secret here.

What is a secret (at least to me) is what story of mine is included in this brand new anthology for the Spanish market.

I've not been able to find a list of titles (release date: November 1st), so I'm guessing it's Tokyo Rendezvous,  a Spice Brief I wrote for Harlequin a while back. (Ironically it was also published on November 1st in 2007).

And one of my all-time favorites.

Tokyo Rendezvous. 

She found Tokyo intoxicating...but lonely. So when Steve, the object of her super-hot sexual fantasies, offers to introduce her to the Japan tourists never see--the erotic hideaways known as love hotels--she's willing and eager

Designed to discretely accommodate the wildest fantasies of their patrons, these ports of pleasure offer very specialized accommodations, where she soon discovers levels of sensuality and pleasure like none she's ever known...

It was fun to write and was based on some of my experiences working for Japanese companies.

Here is an excerpt for you:

         I lay on my back, my head resting on a black satin pillow shaped like an over-sized boxing glove. Comfy, cozy. And naked. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, spreading my legs and exposing the tender lips of my pussy, hot and moist.

“Let’s get ready to rrrrrumble…” I said, twirling my Rs like a professional ring announcer.

The nude man watching me grinned, then joined me on the bed, which was square-shaped like a boxing ring with ropes and stanchions. I reached back and grabbed onto the golden ropes surrounding the bed, parting my lips in anticipation and surrendering myself to the expertise of his bare hands.

They were everywhere at once, caressing and stroking me, sliding over my thighs, then gently untying the thin silk belt holding together my short red kimono. I tightened my stomach, muscles straining while I pulled on the golden cords. Tingling, gripped with a hunger for his touch, I pulled harder. He sensed my need and rubbed his palms against my hard nipples, sending me into a dizzying spiral, somewhere, everywhere. I loved the feeling. I wanted more.

“Ready for the next round?” he whispered, never letting up with his hands.


The heroine in Tokyo Rendezvous. works for an ad company handling talent in Japan for Japanese commercials--a world I know well. I did Japanese commercials years ago. It's a fascinating, crazy business where one day I'd be flying in a pretend spaceship touting the benefits of tofu over space food and the next, I was cooking tofu over a campfire.

I have fond memories of my time working for the Japanese. This story gives you an idea of what it was like for me as a young American woman to work for a Japanese company.

And oh, yes, there's a lot of sex, too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Whatever your opinions or politics, if you're a US citizen, please take the time to vote today. I'm heading off with my son to the polls later this morning, while my husband and older son will have already stopped on their way to work.

I think it's easy to forget what a hard-earned right voting is. When the US was founded, only male (white) property owners could vote. Then eventually tenants were enfranchised, then males of color and finally, in 1920--less than a century ago--women were finally given the full right of citizenship. That's after we had Fords and ankle-baring skirts. At long last, our opinions were able to be heard. (Photo, 1913, owned by the Library of Congress, unrestricted use permitted.)

So exercise the right our grandmothers fought for and cast your ballot. And as you do, remember the other values they preached. Be kind to one another as you wait. Common courtesy still makes the world a better place.

My favorite thing about today? By tonight, all those recordings will stop calling my house! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Irreconcilable Differences?

This political season has seen some of the nastiest name-calling and mud-slinging in recent history. Seems to me the two parties here in the US are moving further and further apart in their ideology. And with that shift there seems to be fallout on a personal level for many of us. I'm not sure if this is thanks to social media like Facebook or if it's always been this way and I never noticed.

I've seen several Facebook friends write that they are blocking or just not showing in their feed people who have opposing ideology. Okay - that's a pretty innocuous way to deal with it. But others are posting mean-spirited comments and cartoons.

And the problems don't end on the internet. We've had neighbors steal signs from our yard, which I read is not an uncommon problem lately. When did we slip from civility to hostility over politics?

But in truth, when people have vastly different basic moral fiber, can they remain friends? I think it's possible, just not probable. I look at the friendship between former US presidents Bush (HW) and Clinton.

What do you think? Have politics gotten deeper into the muck lately or is it merely the same games played on a new field? Can people with opposing viewpoints be friends or even (gasp) lovers? Hmm. Yup - that's the premise of my next book:-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Release! Hot Cowboy Menage! TEAM ROPING, Book One in The Buckle Bunnies Series!

What's better than a hot cowboy? Two hot cowboys, of course! Which is exactly what you'll get in TEAM ROPING, the second book in my BUCKLE BUNNIES SERIES!

Remember I mentioned that this series focuses on hot, hunky rodeo riders and the women who can't get enough of them? Well, in this book, sexy bar owner Dallas O'Shea has a pair of steer ropers competing for her attention. She can't choose between the two men, though, so she tells them that she won't sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them - at the same time!

Happy Reading!

She's not going to sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them!

When two hot rodeo riders walk into Dallas O'Shea's bar, she can't help but notice them. Steer ropers Mack Carter and Ked Everett have set their sights on her, too, regardless of the fact that she's going to be mixing drinks until closing. Any other time, she would have jumped at the chance to rope herself a hot stud like Mack or Ked - what woman didn't like a pair of cowboy boots under her bed now and then?

When closing time comes around, both men are still there. She can't choose between the two cowboys, so she tells them she won't sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them. She doesn't think they'll take her up on the offer - they look like they'd rather shoot each other before bedding her together. But they surprise her by agreeing - on one condition. Afterward, Dallas has to honestly tell them who was better in bed. Two hunky cowboys, each motivated to please her like she's never been pleased before? How can a woman lose in a situation like this?

For Dallas, it's going to be a night like she's never had, and for Mack and Ked, the night ends with the cowboys getting a chance to demonstrate two of their greatest talents - roping and riding. Yeehaw!


Her gaze went to Mack and Ked. They were both lounging back on their bar stools, looking more handsome than two men had a right to be. Since they’d hung around this long, they obviously weren’t going anywhere. For the first time, she started thinking she might really end up with company for the evening. But which one would she take home with her? Whoever it was, they were definitely going to her place. She wasn't a hotel kind of girl.

She gave them a careful perusal as she rinsed out the blender she’d used to make the cosmic screwdriver. They were both damn hot, each in his own unique way.

Ked was broader and more muscular. Mack had that lean, wiry look that so many rodeo riders possessed. Ked’s hair was a bit shorter than Mack’s, but she'd have no problem getting her fingers lost in either man’s.

Both men were at least a foot taller than she was — that was important. She liked a guy who could pull her into his arms and make her melt. That didn't work out so well when a woman was taller than her man.

Both had that slight stubble on their jaws she found so attractive. Her hand just itched to caress all that scruff.

Both had very interesting bulges in their jeans, too — bulges that made her mouth water with delight at the thought of how well-endowed they must be.

Hell, both men even had damn near perfect boots on — she’d caught a glimpse when she’d leaned over the bar to talk to them earlier.

So, how was she supposed to decide between them?

She didn't know, but figured she couldn't go wrong either way. Something told her both men would be championship buckle material in the sack. The image made her pussy suddenly throb. She would have slid her hand down for a caress or two, but the customers probably would have noticed her playing with herself.

Dallas bit her lip to stifle a moan and glanced at the clock again. One-thirty. It was a little early to give last call, but she did it anyway. The regulars grumbled at that, but she pacified them quickly enough by announcing the final round was on the house.

Mack and Ked both looked relieved to hear it was closing time. To her surprise, they grabbed some towels from behind the bar and wiped down the tables as customers slowly trickled out. They sure were eager to get her into bed, weren’t they? She almost told them they didn’t have to help, but then she got a look at their jean-clad butts as
they turned to put the chairs up on the tables and forgot what she’d been going to say.

Damn, those were some great asses.

Since she had two men more than willing to help clean up the place, Dallas let Caleb and the waitresses go early. Her cook, Marsala, left as soon as she cleaned up the kitchen and put away the leftovers. As Dallas watched the two men sweep the floor — while eyeing each other like a pair of ornery bulls—she called cabs for the patrons too blasted to walk home, much less drive. She was grateful to Mack and Ked for helping her get those who’d overimbibed into their rides when they got there. That was usually the worst job of the night, but for the rodeo cowboys rustling drunks was probably nothing compared to
manhandling a couple hundred pounds of pissed-off steer.

“I need to do some paperwork before I leave,” she said as they closed the door behind the last of the customers. “You’ll both be here when I come out of the office, right?”

“I can’t speak for Ked, but I’m not going anywhere,” Mack said.

“Me, either,” Ked agreed.

Her lips curved. She hoped that’d be their answer.

Dallas quickly counted up the credit card receipts and cash, then locked everything in the safe in her office. It took a few more minutes to handle the accounting books.

Mostly because she was preoccupied with the two horny cowboys out there cleaning up for her as she marked down Sara as being out while throwing some overtime cash to her other workers for handling the big rodeo rush so well. What the heck was she going to do with Mack and Ked?

They were both gorgeous as sin, both obviously interested in her, and both looking for a night of no-strings-attached fun. In other words, both were perfect for her. Unfortunately, there was no practical way to choose between them.

She supposed she could ask each man for a kiss and see which was better. Kind of like test driving a car. Then again, maybe that wasn’t the best idea. As competitive as these two were, it’d likely start a fist fight between them, and she'd be left with a busted-up bar and no sex.

Sighing, she turned off the light and walked out of her office to find her potential bedmates leaning casually back against the bar and looking good enough to eat. It was useless. There was no way she could choose between them.

Why should she have to?

Dallas almost gasped at the thought. What was she saying, that she wanted to have a threesome with them? It was something she’d always fantasized about — didn’t every woman? But that had only been a fantasy. She’d never imagine doing it for real. Here was her chance. Only a fool would pass that up.

Of course, she had no idea if these two cowboys would go for it.

They’d turned down the lights in the bar until the place felt more like an old-fashioned saloon than a modern cowboy bar. She liked it—the darkened room set the perfect ambience for what she intended.
They had also flipped the switch on the welcome light in the front window. Now it read Closed — Come Back Real Soon!

These two thought of everything.

Everything except the possibility that she wanted to sleep with both of them, she’d wager.

Dallas put a little extra wiggle in her walk as she approached the two men. Their gazes slid down her body like warm honey to settle on her swaying hips. She had their undivided attention — good.

She came to a halt in front of them, then made a point of looking at the bar which they’d not only cleaned, but polished too, as well as the stacks of crated glassed they’d washed and dried.

“Thanks for all the help,” she said. “If you hadn't, I'd be stuck here for another hour.”

“No problem.” Mack grinned. “I think I can speak for Ked when I say we definitely had an ulterior motive.”

She let a slow, sexy smile pull up the corners of her lips. “Really? And what motive is that?”

Mack pushed away from the bar to close the distance between them. This near, she could smell his cologne and that unmistakable scent of pure masculine yumminess. Dang, it was amazing how arousing a man’s scent could be.

“Oh, I think you know,” he said in that soft rumbling voice of his. “The sooner we close up this bar, the sooner one of us gets your clothes off.”

The blatant confidence in his words made little goose bumps chase each other across her skin. She licked her lips.

“That’s a pretty good motive.”

“Yeah, it is.” Ked nudged Mack aside and moved in front of her. “And I think you're as interested in getting your clothes off as we are. The only thing you have to decide is who's going to get to see you naked—me or Mack?”

Dallas laughed and pushed past both of them to walk over to the bar. Stepping up on the foot rail, she turned and levered herself up until she was seated on the highly polished wood. She wiggled back and forth on top of the bar, wondering briefly what it would be like to get fucked up here.

But right now she had to focus on this next part — or she might not be getting fucked tonight at all.

She lounged back on the palms of her hands, kicking her booted feet and giving them her naughtiest smile.

“That part is easy. I’m not going to sleep with either of you.” She gave them a sultry look. “Unless I sleep with both of you.”

Both men stood there staring at her in stunned silence. From the looks on their faces, they clearly didn’t like the idea. Damn. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good suggestion.

Ked's eyes narrowed. “Are you serious?”

Then again, maybe this might still work. She nodded. “I’m very serious. You two have spent the whole night trying to charm my pants off, and I'm more than willing to let that happen.”

She moved her hands to her belt buckle and slowly began to undo it. Their eyes locked on her movements as if she’d reached for a gun.

“But I've decided it’d be wrong to choose between you — and that I shouldn't have to. If you both want me, you can have me, but you have to be willing to work together. Is that something you can do?”

The way the two men eyed each other made her seriously doubt her sexual magnetism. They looked as if they’d rather shoot each other than bed her together.

She stopped working her buckle and looked at her watch instead. “If you two can't handle that, you might want to hurry on down the street to The Last Chance Saloon. They stay open a little later than the rest, and there might be a few lonely girls left looking for a cowboy to ride.”

Mack and Ked looked at each other again. After a moment, Ked nodded. Mack nodded back.

“We agree — on one condition,” Ked said. “At the end of the night, you have to honestly tell us which one of us is better in the sack.”

“And no wimping out with one of those you-were-both-so-wonderful lines,” Mack added. “We want an honest answer.”

Dallas felt her whole body start to vibrate. Two hunky cowboys competing to prove themselves the best lover? How could a girl lose in a situation like this?

“Deal,” she said.

She was lying through her teeth, of course. There was no way she was going to give them the answer they were looking for, but she'd deal with that later. If things went the way she hoped, both men would be so exhausted after she was done with them they wouldn't have enough energy to worry about their silly sexual competition.

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