Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes with the FBI hottie from "Naked Sushi"

I love heroes.

Tall, sexy, dangerous men with that irresistible look in their eye that makes you want to follow them anywhere.

That's what happens to Pepper O'Malley, the heroine in NAKED SUSHI, my Cosmo Red-Hot Read from Harlequin. She follows this FBI hottie straight into trouble in the copy room at the video game company where she works when she has an encounter of the erotic kind. She doesn't then he's Special Agent Steve Raines.

What was he thinking? Find out in this excerpt when we first meet Steve as he tries to explain to his sexy female boss, Jordan, what happened:


He’d frisked her to make sure she wasn’t private security packing heat. “I made love to her.”

“I imagine she couldn’t resist your charm,” she snarled.

“It works on you every time.”

“Can it, Steven. You’re the best- looking field agent I have, but the FBI didn’t hire you for your looks.”

He let that pass.

“Believe me, Jordan, you haven’t seen this girl.” He whistled under his breath. “She’s sensational.”

He’d never forget how she ground her butt into his groin, teasing him, making him crazy. Dry humping him until he couldn’t take it any longer. To knock him off balance? He had to find out. He’d slid her jeans down over her smooth skin and grabbed her ass. A more perfect ass he’d never seen. And one that gave a guy all kinds of sinful thoughts. Damn, he was going ballistic over this chick.

Why? Because she’d touched a nerve in him.

For all her brave talk, he swore she wasn’t as easy a lay as she made out.

Maybe it was the glasses, which he found sexy, that gave her the innocent air. In the end it was his job to make sure she wasn’t a threat to him.

“Listen up, Steven,” Jordan was saying, “we’ve been trying to bring in this corporate sleazeball for months and get him to talk.” She paused, no doubt to gulp down her coffee. Black. Always. “And now you’re telling me when you get the chance to get the goods on him, you let your dick do the talking.”

“You’ll have my full report in the morning, Jordan,” Steve promised, knowing he faced another sleepless night. He hadn’t copied the whole file, but what he had seen didn’t advance the investigation. Frustrated, he downed the last of his coffee. This case was keeping them both up late. Briggs had drawn the attention of the FBI when his bank reported that he split up large financial transactions into smaller ones, then tried unsuccessfully to take his name off them. They needed evidence to prove he was structuring the transfers to evade reporting them. It didn’t stop there. It was the why that had them baffled. According to their sources, Briggs had made several unexplained overseas trips. Not to mention extravagant dinners at posh hotels, yet Pepper said her boss was cheap.

Steve’s gut told him something bigger was at stake than tax evasion. He’d put out feelers on the street and had a few nibbles. What he’d learned so far wasn’t pretty. He suspected Briggs was involved in money laundering. All he needed was proof.

 “I want to see you in my office first thing in the morning,” Jordan finished with a yawn. “Is that clear?”

“Anything you say, ma’am,” Steve said, signing off, knowing she hated him calling her ma’am.

“Seven a.m. sharp,” she insisted. “Before breakfast.”

“I’ll bring the beer,” he said, grinning. “You bring the doughnuts.”

Then he hung up.

He pulled the baseball cap down low over his eyes to take a quick snooze, planning his next move. His balls tightened. Damn, he couldn’t concentrate. How could he even think? He couldn’t forget his encounter in the copy room with the redhead. There was something about that girl that got under his skin.

He intended to find out more about this Pepper. Who she was, where she came from. And why she was working late. That made her suspect in his eyes. She knew something, but what?

He intended to get a full report on her.

Pepper. Smooth, round ass. Sweet, sexy bod.

A perfect fit for his dick.

Are you as hot as your name? he’d asked her.

You bet she was.

This case just got a whole lot more interesting.

Coming in October 2013 from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin:
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Ashlyn Chase said...

Sounds like another great book, Jina!
Wish I had time to read them all!!

Jina Bacarr said...

Thanks, Ashlyn! Appreciate the kind words. What we all need is a twin who does nothing but go through our TBR piles. No laundry, no shopping, just reading!