Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"The Princess and the Carnival Masque" Video Romance Poem

Mardi Gras is Tuesday, March 4th, but the parades have already begun...

Preview my new video on Vine:

And in Venice the streets are filled with carnevale revelers in beautiful costumes and holiday masques. I love carnevale and it's always fun to pretend you're a princess...

In this second video in my "Princess" romance poem series, I take you to Venice with all the fun and excitement of carnevale. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet a prince and fall in love...

The Princess and the Carnival Masque from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

I found some beautiful carnival photos from and the music is "The Snow Queen" by Kevin MacLeod (

This wasn't an easy vid to put together. Lots of pix and FX to give it "motion." It tells the story of an ordinary girl who goes to carnival pretending to be something she's not...and what happens when she meets the man of her dreams.



Friday, February 21, 2014

Update on X-OPS!

Just a little update on my X-OPS Series!

Sent edits for HER LONE WOLF, Book Two in the Series, to my editor at Sourcebooks, and working hard on Book Three!


Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines, Unforgettable Romance!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You've Got to be Taught

This is a post I wrote a while back, but I decided today that it bears repeating. ~Cindy

You’ve got to be taught
Before it’s too late,
Before you are six,
Or seven or eight,
To hate all the people
Your relatives hate.
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

From South Pacific. Possibly the single finest piece of wisdom to ever come from a Broadway musical.  Don’t know why I’m in such a snit today about prejudice, but there you go.  Oh wait. Might have something to do with the political brouhaha currently happing here in the US and definitely in Russia. Bleh. Politics. Full of things I get cranky about. Lying, self-agrandizing demagogs, and money. All of my favorites. Frankly I don’t think any of ‘em are people I’d want to live next door to.  But if one moved in, I’d make the time to find out before I built the ten-foot fence. That’s the whole point of  being a rational adult.  Learning the facts before you make up your mind.   

Of course, the political arena isn’t the only one where prejudice comes into play. Sad to say it’s alive and well, and in all varieties: racism, sexism, religious intolerance, homophobia, and other such bullshit.  I come from a very blue-collar suburban Detroit background. I’ve seen first hand prejudice going both ways. I remember, though just barely, the 1967 race riots. I remember my brother being shot at in the 70’s for being a non-union trucker.  I’ve been the first female in a particular job. I’ve faced enormous amounts of prejudice as a short, plus-sized woman. And just to make it fun, I live in a town where the KKK is alive and well, and the Michigan Militia (another group of supremacist nutjobs) keep all the bigots very well armed. Anyway you look at it, it’s all just stupid.

As a parent, I try to get these messages through to my kids.  Mostly, I think they get it.  My youngest did ask permission to miss a class last year to attend the GLBT tolerance rally at his school.  And I let him. Just because I happen to live a very traditional lifestyle doesn’t mean I think everyone should. Everyone should live the life that fucking works for them. As long as it’s not directly harmful to others. Shooting people is harmful. Having a relationship with another consenting adult, or even multiple consenting adults is not. Neither is choosing to live alone.  And neither is practicing a religion—for the most part. Pray, chant, meditate, or contemplate your navel and it’s all fine with me. I draw the line when religion crosses over into abuse, as some of them sometimes do. Then I believe in freedom FROM religion as well.

As a writer this comes into play because I try to make my work reflect a variety of people and situations. Though most (yep—most, not all) of my stories are about monogamous heterosexual couples, their worlds are filled with folks of all shapes, colors, and persuasions. This is true even in my steampunk. Despite the fact that homosexuality was illegal in England in the 1850s, that doesn’t mean gay people didn’t exist. Therefore, there are some in the Gaslight Chronicles, loved and protected by their families or not. There are people of different races and religions, and yes, I’ve gotten flak because the women don’t always act like proper Victorian ladies should. Oh well, that’s the PUNK in steampunk.

People are people. In any group, you have the good, the bad, the clever and the ignorant.  I find it very odd that in a paranormal romance, where nobody thinks twice about whether a vampire and a werewolf can find love, they can still argue about the melanin content of someone’s skin, or what entity their parents prayed to.  Fortunately, my publishers don’t, and I think most of my readers are savvy enough to get past it as well. So I’ll continue on my merry way, coming up with new and different characters as I go.  And in real life, I’ll continue to encourage my kids to look at people as people, instead of seeing just the labels.

After all, you’ve got to be carefully taught.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Poem for the Not So Romantic at Heart

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a romance writer and this should be my favorite holiday, but since I can't get a date to save my life, this  one's for all of us who um, shall I say, like to pretend it doesn't exist...
                                     ~ Casey Crow
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Video Poem: "The Princess and the Stilettos"

Did you want to be a Princess when you were a little girl? I did. I dressed up in a blue taffeta dress with ruffles and used a rhinestone necklace my mother had for a crown. Then I smeared her bright red lipstick on my lips and wandered off into the woods to look for my prince.

A thick forest lay behind our house and it was the place for countess hours of fun and exploration for me when I was a little girl.

Those memories inspired "The Princess and the Stilettos." It’s the story of how she found her prince and is told as a Valentine's Day video poem in rhyme with music and pictures.

© Konradbak |

I bought photos from www.Dreamstime.comfound the perfect music from Kevin MacLeod and then put it all together with my voiceover:

Happy Valentine's Day!


UPDATE: Video for Virgin Kiss: 

Virgin Kiss from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

PS -- Click here for FREE copy of Virgin Kiss today, February 12th and through Sunday, February 16th:

VIRGIN KISS, A Very Short Story

Riley Murphy is a kissing virgin, waiting for the right guy to come along. Until she joins the Drama Club at Holywell High and has to kiss the class dweeb on stage in front of the whole school on Valentine’s Day. 

Virgin Kiss is a very short story...funny and shows how a young woman becomes empowered to stand up for herself.




Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't Forget That It's A Romance!

I’ve been asked to speak on a panel of romance writers at a library, am the only erotic author on the panel, and hey, there are only two other authors speaking. I can only imagine what kind of questions I’ll be asked. I know the basic ones:

“Do you do all of that in real life?”

Sure! Just like Stephen King chases his family around mazes with an ax and JR Ward bites people on the neck. And the DD’s are fake because I really am a bisexual male.

All joking aside, and pushing aside the fact that I asked the very same questions in the beginning (whistling while eyes dart around the room in innocence), I know this question will come up. Same with asking about using certain words or formulas. For certain words, the answer will be yes, you have to get over yourself. If you want to write an erotic story, you have to use those “naughty” words. Velvet sheath and throbbing tumescence isn’t going to cut it. As for formulas, there’s only one: don’t forget that it’s a romance.

To me, the most important aspect of writing any book in any genre is to stay in character, and that goes for sex scenes, too. Everyone knows Tab A goes into Slot B (um, ok, or C or D). It’s about what that feels like for those particular characters, physically and mentally, that sets the sex apart from simply being porn. It’s bringing their personalities into it, their idiosyncrasies. Do they have hopes? Fears? Past mental or physical issues with themselves and/or former lovers? These are the things that make those characters unique, and make them memorable to the reader.

In other words, it’s no different than any other scene in the book, or from any other scene in any other genre. Sex scene or not, same rules apply.

So that's what I'm basically going to say. Heck, maybe even verbatim. I'll also include the sample below:

Example from Winters’ Thaw:

This is their first kiss scene, which basically says:

He leaned in, stroked her upper arm with his hand and hesitated, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. It was exciting for them both.

This is the actual scene of the first kiss, which has the same movements, but tells so much more about the characters:

He wanted to kiss her. Holy cow! She realized she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed with any passion. The thought of doing it now, with this man, was both exciting and intimidating.

“Wanna find out?” Kevin leaned closer, looming over her by nearly half a foot.

His entire hand now stroked the skin on her upper arm and she felt surrounded by him, yet completely safe. God, he even smelled good! All earthy male with just a hint of sporty deodorant.

He waited there, hovering not six inches from her face, those green eyes staring straight into hers as he waited for some form of permission.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes.

She expected him to move quickly, to take her mouth a bit roughly as set by the tone of the moment. He did neither. She was about to open her eyes to see what he was waiting for when she felt the first gentle brush of his mouth on hers. Then another. His lips were soft, sweet, hinting at the underlying taste of Kevin Springer.

Elizabeth wanted more.

She leaned forward at the next contact and sure enough he lingered, deepening the kiss, giving her more of what she craved but not nearly enough.

Why wasn’t he giving it his all?

Edie’s voice carried across the internet. C’mon girl, what do you need? A billboard invitation?

No but apparently he did. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him closer and slanted her mouth over his, swiping her tongue across his closed lips.

His body jolted and he finally kissed her as she craved, accepting her tongue to duel with his. When she retreated he followed with a groan, pressing her back against the wall.

So, pretty big difference there, right? What would you ask an erotic author on a romance panel? Inquiring Minds want to know.

Winters' Thaw
Ellora's Cave
Print Version: Tempt the Cougar