Saturday, August 10, 2013

A whole new distraction!

A Very, Very Pleasurable Audiobook App

UD - Vibease


official website

Curling up with a good book.

It’s one of life’s little great pleasures.

In fact, here’s proof...

Enter a judgment-free zone for Vibease, a new mobile app that syncs up erotic audiobooks with hands-free vibrators for the most distracting reading experience ever, available online now.

So, audiobooks. You know how those work. And vibrators. You may have heard a thing or two about how those work. Well, imagine an audiobook app that sends wireless signals to a sex toy that makes it vibrate every time you get to a “good part” in the story. That’s this. That’s totally this.

Anyway, in case you have an acquaintance who’s curious, all they need to do is: download the app; select one of the compatible prosaic accomplishments like Fifty Shades of Rose or Dark Prince, Eternal Love; and just before pressing play, place the accompanying Bluetooth-enabled piece of waterproof silicone... wherever they’d normally place a Bluetooth-enabled piece of waterproof silicone.

Of course, if they’ve already read Fifty Shades of Rose and Dark Prince, Eternal Love, you can always just skip that whole interactive audiobook thing and use the app as a vibrator remote control.

It’s good to have options.


Virginia E said...

Since I don't read with an Android or Apple device, so much for options.

April said...

I don't know whether to laugh at this or try it!!!

Claudia said...

Very interesting concept. Too bad audio books put me to sleep. LOL

Dalton Diaz said...

Oh geez. I really don't want to see people on the commuter rail using this!!

Ashlyn Chase said...

LOL! It's tempting to do both, isn't it, April?

I'll bet this audio book would wake you up, Claudia!

And, and me both!

Kayelle Allen said...

Okay, I can't be the only one thinking this. How can I get one of these apps tied to one of my books? :)

Ashlyn Chase said...

LOL. Great idea, Kayelle! I don't know the answer, but I'll bet you can do a little digging and find out.

I only have one short story in audio so far. :(

Lena Loneson said...

Kayelle & Ashlyn, YES, I would love to have one of these for my books...hilarious and genius.