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NAC Welcomes Afton Locke!

Rose, Exposed - Sex in Secret Places

Thank you for hosting me today. I’m excited to discuss sex in secret places and my recent release, Rose, Exposed, a multicultural historical erotic romance set in the 1930s.

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Sex in Secret Places

I’m sure most of us can remember a time when a private place to fool around was an unattainable luxury. Maybe we lived with parents or roommates or were subject to rules. Yet we had that special someone who sent our temperature into the stratosphere from a mere look or touch. What to do?

My latest release, Rose, Exposed, is filled with forbidden love. Rose, the biracial heroine, is interested in dark-skinned Leroy, not in marrying a white man as her father demands. Her father is so strict she’s pretty much under house arrest. Add to this the fact that Leroy has no car and is trying to hold down the best job of his life.

A few measly restrictions didn’t stop them. Rose uses the family waterfront, luckily a secluded place, to paint. Leroy meets her there in secret. Throughout the book, they find a variety of creative places to explore their bodies -- a tree, a car, a shed, and even an alley.

FORBIDDEN starts with the letter F. So do the words FRUSTRATING and FUN. It all depends on how you look at this two-edged sword. On the downside, sex in secret (meaning less than completely private) places is risky.

-It could involve breaking the law, getting expelled from school, or incurring the wrath of loved ones.
-If done outdoors, there are a host of environmental factors to consider such as temperature extremes, sunburn in tender places, poison ivy, snakes, and wild animals. Oh, my!
-Because these trysts tend to be more spur of the moment, birth control may be an afterthought.
-The availability of secret spots can be unreliable, especially if they’re on someone else’s property. Today’s perfect pleasure pit could be tomorrow’s landmine.
-Because cars are mobile, they’re often the first choice of secret lovers. Today’s fuel-efficient small models, however, can be a bit cramped. If someone sees the car rocking, it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing. Tinted glass is a must.
-Speaking of discomfort, a boulder is a far cry from a soft mattress.
-Last but not least, the opportunity to clean up afterward could be difficult or non-existent. It’s very romantic to have a man spill his seed all over you, but walking home in wet, sticky clothes? Not so much.

On the upside, it’s fun!
-Sex in secret places tends to be more spontaneous as couples take advantage of any opportunity that comes along.
-Couples will tend to use a variety of scenes and times of day instead of the same boring bedroom routine.
-The danger of getting caught just makes it more exciting! All that adrenaline fuels the libido.
-Making love outdoors is a great way to commune with nature and get back to our primal roots.

For long-term couples that have lost the spark, I recommend a little sex in secret places to rekindle the fire!

 Rose, Exposed


Ellora's Cave Publishing
Release Date:  27 March 2013
eBook ISBN #:  978-14199-45205
Buy eBook:
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(I love creating trailers for all my books!)

When Leroy Johnson gets promoted at the new oyster plant on Pearl Point, all he cares about is working hard. When he meets the flirtatious artist Rose Wainwright, however, nothing matters except getting her to the altar and into bed. Healing from a recent loss, he’s not about to let her go too.

Because Rose’s strict, social-climbing father doesn’t approve of dark-skinned Leroy, they court in secret anyplace they can find. Although Leroy’s raw passion can convince her to do almost anything, why can’t he understand she needs freedom, not marriage?
Her father wants her to be white, but Leroy wants her to be black. Playing both sides of the fence leaves this young biracial beauty exposed in more ways than one.

Excerpt (explicit)
Rose, Exposed - Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2013 - All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You’re so…dark,” she exclaimed. Instead of the disdain he expected, he heard fascination.

Come on, lady. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a colored man before.

“Yes, I’m dark,” he agreed as he politely removed her hand, “which is why it’s not a good idea for us to sit alone together in this car. Someone might come along and jump to the wrong conclusion.”

A conclusion that could get him beat up or worse with the Klan close by on Oyster Island.

But before he could stop her, she clasped both sides of his face and pressed her sweet mouth to his. Aw, hell. A man only had so much self-control, and she’d just shattered his. Unable to stop himself, he plundered her delicate mouth. Her lips reminded him of rose petals, and he sucked the sweetness out of them as if he were a bee. The more he tasted, the more he wanted.

She opened, giving him access to her even sweeter tongue. His penis strained, hard and now wet, against his undershorts. Hell, even his balls must be twice their normal size. Taking a big breath, he pulled away from her.

“We can’t do this. You’re white.”

She looked down at her upturned palms. “Then I really do look white?”

Leroy frowned. “Aren’t you?”

For the first time, her smile disappeared, making him shiver in his wet clothes. “The truth is, I don’t know what I am. I suppose that’s why I took this foolish drive.”

She must be biracial then, he realized, and not forbidden after all. The thought made him want to dance on the hood of the car. She still looked white, though. If he didn’t have the time to court a girl his own color, he sure didn’t have any for a complicated one like this.

“Kiss me again,” she demanded.

Without waiting for him to answer, she locked her hot, damp mouth on his again and tugged hard on his shoulders. Before he knew it, he was on top of her on the front seat. He wished her dress weren’t so thin when two round breasts pushed against his chest and long, slender legs shifted restlessly under his. Dizzy with the scent of rain and her, he froze.

At that moment, nothing mattered except finding out if her cunt was as sweet and yielding as her mouth. He didn’t care if the entire Klan showed up, knocked on the window and caught him thrusting between her legs on this slippery leather seat. It had been too damn long since he’d had a woman. He needed to stop this while he still could.

“Do you know what you’re asking for?” Lust had turned his voice into a husky croak.

She laughed and touched his face again. “I don’t know. What am I asking for?”

This girl was crazier than he’d first thought. What if someone less honorable than himself had stopped instead? She could’ve been raped.

“A whole lot of trouble.” He sat up. “Look, this is not the time or the place. Now let’s get you home.”

The sooner he could be rid of her—before she derailed him from his job, family, and everything else that mattered—the better.

WIPs Coming Soon

Rose, Exposed is the sequel to Plucking the Pearl, an interracial historical erotic romance.
I have two more books planned for the Oyster Harbor series. Next up for romance are Sadie and Henry.

In addition to interracial/multicultural historicals, I also plan to keep writing erotic contemporaries.
Can an older woman find love with a hot male stripper? My current WIP, Two Hours to Entice, will answer that question.

Where readers can find me

I will be attending EC’s RomantiCon Oct 10-13, 2013 in Canton, Ohio -
Don’t miss the book signing on Oct 13th.
I’m also hosting a Fabulous Fusion workshop with Koko Brown and Eve Vaughn to celebrate interracial erotic romance for EC’s Fusion line.

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