Friday, March 29, 2013

The Romance Saga Part IV: Handling Competition

By: Casey Crow

It has been a while since our last installment of 9's Romance Saga, so to update you, she now has some competition. Apparently, another little girl likes The Crush too, so how is 9 handling the situation?

 Get rid of her.
Yeah...that's not really possible and most likely illegal so I asked for more scenarios.

1. Watch how The Crush and New Girl interact to see if he's showing interest.
New Girl is being "mean" (flirting) and Crush is being "mean" back.

To counteract this potential catastrophe, 9 needs a plan of action. I suggested 9 actually TALK to The Crush instead of just smiling at him, but Mama got the eye roll. 9's playdate has come up with several options:

 1. Get your hair done.
2. Get your fingers and toes done.
3. Always move your hips when you walk, but just a little.
4. See if he has a Facebook page and if he does, "talk" to him. That's easier than actually talking to him face to face.
5.Throw a party and invite him.
6. Get some high heels, but practice walking steady in them first.
7. Get a dog like a great dane. A lot of boys love dogs.
8. Sigh and brush your hand over your forehead.
9. Try to listen to hip hop music. Boys kinda like that.

Now, I may be out of touch with today's way of thinking, but I'm sticking by my suggestion to TALK to The Crush. Not be "mean," simply say "hi, how's it going."

So how have you handled your crush? Did you get all  dressed up and flaunt it? TALK to him? Stalk him at the gym until he had no choice but to share eye contact?


Dalton Diaz said...

I grew boobs.

Afton Locke said...

Talking to him is good. But also read the book He's Just Not That Into You. It can save a lot of heartache.