Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cabal Hijack! Surprise Submissive & Wild Fantasy Hero by Cassandra Carr

The characters from the spoof anthology, Fondled and Gobbled, have become quite close after spending so much time with the different authors. We talked Lucius and Steele into chatting for us today. Lucius, well, poor guy… he’d be considered the heroine in his book… but he’s a guy. Don’t tell you I called him that, though. He’s sort of… sensitive about the status. Anyway, these two are from Surprise Submissive and Wild Fantasy Hero. Both are in the first volume, Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It.

In a coffee house, somewhere. Lucius and Steele sit, sipping lattes…

Lucius: So, seriously Steele. What’s up with the limo outside? What did you do with your Bug?

Steele: Oh, that stupid little thing. Grey got rid of it. He didn’t like me driving something so old and unsafe. He wants me to be protected and watched over all the time. The limo driver is my bodyguard too. Silly Grey. He thinks I’m in danger just because my boss is a little psychotic.  He’s so cute. That’s why I just had to sleep with him that first night we met. *sighs* He’s just perfect. He has no faults. Any woman would want him, so I had to make sure he fell in love with me and only me.

Lucius: Are you telling me you gave up your virginity to this dude? You were waiting for your wedding night!

Steele: Don’t get defensive. Like I said, I had to make sure he didn’t look at any other women, and if I had held out he would’ve. Besides, it’s not like I’ve let him fuck me in the ass. Yet. Though he does love coming in my mouth…

*Lucius chokes on his coffee*

Lucius: Listen, your family is worried. They hardly ever see you, and when they do there are these weird guys with binoculars watching all the time. And what’s with you getting calls and taking off from family gatherings at the drop of a hat?

Steele: When Grey needs me, he needs me. He’s my first priority now. I would think my family would understand that. I guess Grey is the only one who understands me.

Lucius: *leaning in close to whisper* Steele, I have to ask…does he hurt you? Do you want me to take him out? I could have him set up…

Steele: *gasps* Oh no, Lucius! Don’t do that! Grey is my life! Besides, I’m pretty sure that bodyguard could take you out.

*Lucius’ phone rings*

Lucius: Oh, would you look at that. I gotta go. *glances nervously at the bodyguard* Let me know if you need anything.

Steele: Bye! And I won’t need anything. Grey takes care of every little detail.

Lucius: *mumbling* I bet.

Well *clears throat* that was… interesting. If you’d like to read more from Lucius and Steele, or to check out the book, Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It, you can find it here:


Ellora’s Cave


Cassandra is a busy girl! In February, besides Fondled and Gobbled, Cassandra will release her first male/male story, See the Light.

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Cassandra Carr said...

Thanks for having Lucius and Steele here today!

Dalton Diaz said...

Love it! These books are awesome, and aptly named. Someone had to do it!!

Victoria Adams said...

fun post.

Sherry said...

Totally hysterical conversation..It sounds hysterical. Especially the "do you want me to take him out " line!!!

Thanks for the post...

Cassandra Carr said...

Thanks ladies! Cristal Ryder can be credited with the Fondled and Gobbled name. Kelli Collins (EC EiC) dared her to title a book that. Apparently she wasn't counting on the group of us being this crazy.

The second part of the book's name (Someone Had to Do It, Going Back for Seconds) were suggested by and then voted on by all of us.

Mai said...

Loving these characters and book even more, lol. Great post!

Maggie Nash said...

"I could have him set up" funny! Great post...and the book sounds hilarious! Congrats on your first M/M release Cassandra!

June M. said...

These stories sound so funny! I will have to add the book to my TBR list :)