Friday, March 16, 2012

Favorite Literary Characters

By: Casey Crow

Guess where I am today? At the beach! Yep, I'm attending the Gulf Coast Chapter of Romance Writers of America Silken Sands Writer's Conference on Pensacola Beach! The white sand is gorgeous and the water crystal clear. Jealous?

Well, that's not the best part. Okay, maybe it is, but Silken Sands definitely has a few other things going for it, too. For starters, I'm presenting a PITCH PERFECT workshop. LOL Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with those details. It's more fun to talk about the party they are throwing! We get to dress as our favorite literary character! How cool is that?

I'm wearing my "hooker" outfit which is basically a skimpy black strapless mini dress similiar to the one Anna Ryan wore in my debut CAN'T FAKE THIS. We can actually dress as any character from any book, not just our own, but I'm cheap and since I already have the dress, I'm wearing it. Plus, I really do like Anna. She's a fiesty little thing.

I was thinking though, what other characters I'd might like to dress up as. Scarlett O'Hara? Well, duh, that one goes without saying. I'm pretty partial to Stephanie Lauren's Regency England dutchess in her Devil Cynster novel. The list really does get pretty endless when you think about it!

What would be your choice of favorite literary characters? What is it about that character that sets them apart? For me, it's the strengh of a strong female I remember most.


Paige Tyler said...

Casey - Sounds fun! See you Sat!


Dalton Diaz said...

Wish I could be there. Hey, where's the pic of you in the the "hooker" outfit?

Casey Crow said...

The pic is on my facebook page!