Saturday, March 17, 2012

My New Obsession

Okay, I have something totally off topic to share...or is it?

My new obsession...
Yes, I'm obsessed with Listia.

During our lives (especially if we're Americans) we accumulate a lot of "stuff," never use it, and promptly forget about it. I don't like clutter. Neither does my husband Mr. Amaziing, but he's better about getting rid of things he doesn't want. He sells a lot of yesterday's electronics on Amazon, etc.

Well, a lot of my 'stuff' isn't worth the money I'd be embarrassed to ask for it, especially if I ask the winner to pay for shipping.

So, what does this have to do with Listia you ask? It's a place where you give away stuff you don't need anymore--for points. Then you bid on stuff you DO want with your lovely points...which are fairly easy to earn. In other words, you don't make any just make someone else happy, and eventually, someone else will make you happy when you win a bid. It's just too much fun!

Plus I'm thinning down my closet and jewerly box.

Now, how could this work with our topic of authorship? Think about those free books you get to give away as promos and contest prizes. Now think about how the same people win them over and over. Here's a way to reach a whole new audience, and hopefully convert some folks to the joy of reading...especially the joy of reading hot, sexy romances.

Just one caveat. Be very specific in your description using words like 'graphic' but do not ever refer to your books as 'porn' or the listing will probably be yanked. (Read their'll see also that you cannot give away ebooks there.) I doubt most of you would ever call your erotic romances porn anyway, but I just thought I'd warn ya.

I won't have another free paperback to give away until 2013, so why am I doing this now? Don't know. It's just too much fun. Have you ever heard of it? Feel like trying it out? Send me your email addy and ask to be invited. We'll both get extra points as a result of my invitation!


Dalton Diaz said...

I don't dare look! I'm already obsessed with Ideali, and had to remove spider solitaire from my laptop!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Yes, I'm beginning to see how the shiny objects get in the way of writing and promo time!

Sam Cheever said...

What a great concept. Thanks for sharing, Ash. I'm gonna go check it out. We've always got stuff to get rid of. #:0)

Ashlyn Chase said...

Thanks for your comment, Sam.
If you want an invite, you know where to find me. (wink)