Saturday, December 13, 2014

Random Acts of kindness and...

It's the Holidays. Surprise! Did they sneak up on you like they did me?
It's so tempting to want to do everything you can to make the season merry and bright, but sometimes the stress just kicks me in the head. This morning Mr. Amazing asked me to update the Christmas card database. I barked at him to do it himself. I'm not a mean's just that I was already up to my ears in Christmas preparations. Sigh.

Well, I was planning to write about the GOOD side of this season. And I'm going to. Right. Now.

Someone told me about the Boston Strong Ducks. Basically, they're adorable little rubber duckies with a note around their necks, explaining that in order to counteract the few acts of pure evil in the the Boston Marathon bombings, this new Boston revolution has begun. Do a random act of kindness, then hand the recipient the duckie which will explain that's what you're doing and asking only that it be paid forward.

So, cool! How fun and wonderful--at any time of year. In any city. So I went to the website and ordered 3 ducks. I'll put 2 in Christmas stockings, because why should I have all the fun? And they're only $5 with the proceeds going to the One Fund. Okay...I'm prepared, but what to do? It's supposed to be random, so I waited to see when inspiration would strike.

Yesterday I was at a large parking lot and couldn't find my car. I know. It happens, right? Well, I went up and down the same two lanes twice and a gentleman noticed me looking forlorn. He asked me to describe my car and said he'd help me look for it. My panic button didn't work, so I was sure it was stolen. A few minutes later, he found it! I was so relieved! I hugged this total stranger as if he'd just given me a new car. LOL

Well, that was a random act of kindness. Now it was my turn.
I had to stop at the liquor store to pick up a gift, and as I was walking in I thought about the random act. I bought an extra bottle of wine and knew just who to give it to. Gail--The wonderful woman at the post office in my little town always has a bright smile and pleasant attitude. This time of year must try her patience, but she never loses her cool.

On my way home, I swung my car into the post office parking lot, (without so much as a card to mail.) I waited in line, then plunked down my books, the bottle of wine, and the rubber duckie, saying, "This is a random act of kindness...Ducky will explain everything." And out the door I went.
I heard her exclaim in delighted surprise, then pick up the duck and say, "How cute!"

Boy that felt good!

I did another thing this season that felt especially good. I donated blood. I used to be one of the blood drive nurses, so I know how important those donations are this time of year! My pint of blood could save up to 3 lives...and it should be on shelves and ready by New Year's Eve.

So, think about the random acts of kindness you might want to do. Even though thinking about them makes them a little less random, all the kindness we can put back into the world should help make it a little bit better for someone else.

Oh, I suppose I should add a bit of promo here. One of my readers does random acts of kindness for me all year. She takes little snippets out of my books and tweets them. Today I found this one: Bliss hesitated…Sometimes honesty wasn’t the best policy @GoddessAsh's #pnr How to Date a #Dragon #shifters #humor

If you love an author's books and want to do a random act of kindness, try something like this! Thanks, Jennifer H!


Victoria Adams said...

I love doing random acts of kindness. It's the look of joy and surprise on the people's face or sometimes just knowing I did it. I got out of school earlier than one of my peers- who was always held up by parents or whatever - if it snowed that day - I always cleaned her car off. She never knew who did it until I retired first and the next winter no one cleaned her car.
Fabulous post.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Thanks, Victoria! A friend of mine says, "Do something nice, and don't get caught." LOL

Dalton Diaz said...

What a beautiful - & timely! - post! Thank you.