Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Movies

Hello. My name is Casey and I'm a Hallmark Movie Channel addict. 

My favorite thing about Halloween is it kicks off Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas. I'm pretty I've seen EVERYONE of Hallmark's Christmas movies. Twice. 

But as heart-warming as Hallmark makes them, my favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. Actually it's my favorite of any movie. I LOVE Vera Ellen's dancing scenes since I'm also a dancer. I started watching it again last week for about the twentieth time. It never gets old!

What's your favorite holiday movie? Does your family have a tradition of watching a certain movie like Rudolph or It's a Wonderful Life

Since this is my last post until 2015 I want to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful readers a very Merry Christmas!

Southern Smiles,

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