Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Christmas in June

My erotic Christmas fantasy, Yuletide Enchantment, is free for one more week from Ellora's Cave. Get your copy here, before it's gone!

Why is a Christmas story free in June? Because it's book one of a series (Holiday Hearts) and EC is doing a first-in-series promo. If you like Yuletide, they're hoping you'll buy the others.

Here's the premise of the series: The Holiday family, which owns a greeting card business, is descended from the Celtic gods who oversaw different points on the calendar. To this day, each of the children is born on a holiday--either modern or Celtic, and it's that holiday magic that will ultimately lead them to their love--if they're smart enough to go for it when it happens. Each of the five Holiday siblings have their own challenges and their own brand of magic, so none of them knows what to expect when it happens to them. Here's the order:

#1 Yuletide Enchantment: The company Christmas party goes awry in an erotic way when quiet accountant Shelby Carter is magically whisked into a miniature Victorian village with the boss’s gorgeous son, Noel Holiday. Noel has always honored the policy against fraternization, but when he’s trapped for several days with sweet, sexy Shelby, he decides it’s time to start breaking the rules.

#2 Like Bunnies: Star Holiday never paid much attention to her father’s claims that their family was descended from the Celtic spirits of the seasons—and she certainly never expected to turn into a rabbit every time she stepped foot outside her family’s cabin on the weekend of the spring equinox. Now all she can do is stay holed up with her sexy-as-sin ex-boyfriend, Theo Morgan, until the magic goes away.

#3 Valentine's Heart: Valentine Holiday loves being single. As the youngest member of the Holiday family, he’s in no hurry for the family magic to catch up with him and find him the love of his life. Right before Valentine’s Day, he begins getting emails from a dating site he never signed up for. He’s sure it’s just a hoax—until he meets Corazon Lopez.

#4 Midsummer Dreams: Matt Warren has always been the man of Summer’s dreams. He was her childhood imaginary playmate, her teen crush, and the wildly sexy fantasy lover of her adulthood. She’s always known he wasn’t real, but after experiencing his imaginative, passionate touch, no real man has ever measured up. However, alone on a beach shortly before her birthday, Summer discovers that the Holiday family magic hasn’t left her behind. Matt is real, standing on her beach, and he’s there to make Summer his in every way possible.
#5 All Hallow's Evie:  When Sam Holiday moves into his Victorian home the week before his thirty-fifth birthday, the last thing he expects is to find a ghost in residence. Especially a horny one. Evie Bonnell has been hanging around since her death in 1916 because she has unfinished business. She died before experiencing sex. She’s learned a lot over the years and has decided single, handsome Sam is the right man to do the job.

 Happy holidays, all year long! 

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