Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Princess Geek and the RWA Romance App

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Some writers do...

Some writers don't...

Love technology, that is.

I fit the former. I've been a princess geek (a geek who believes in fairytales is how I call it) since I first learned to write code when I worked for a computer magazine. I interviewed everyone from game designers to hackers and learned along the way. I cut my teeth writing a computer game for a video company and socialized with other writers on bulletin boards back in the day.

Now comes the latest techno trend and it's all about romance.

The Romance App from RWA (Romance Writers of America). Here's the blurb from the website:

"Novel Engagement™ is a book discovery app that is focused exclusively on romance authors and romance novels. The app has been developed to work on iOS and Android devices (smartphones/tablets) and is on track to launch mid-May 2014."

And here's the best part. It's free! "...give romance readers a free one-stop resource for finding the books they want to read."

I can hardly wait to see how it works on my smartphone. Cooler yet, I signed up to put my books on the app. I'm in the process of adding each book, the blurb, video, excerpt. I feel like a kid with a new toy.

So if you're a Princess Geek like me, check it out! Sign up and then subscribe to the authors you love. If you like erotic romance and adventure and historical romance, I hope you'll check out my books on "Novel Engagement™. I'll have more info next time after the app launches.

Now if only this RWA app could find us a prince...


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