Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Author: Tessie Bradford

I'm deep in the writing cave this week, crunching away at the next Gaslight book, so I thought I'd treat you to a smoking-hot excerpt from my good friend, Tessie Bradford, and her new Science Fiction Menage Romance! Please show Tessie lots of love. Everyone have a great week!

Tessie: I’m excited to share a peek into my new release, Megan’s Men. It is available at
Resplendence Publishing and All Romance e-Books, and coming soon to Amazon and other retailers.

At times it’s difficult for two partners to make a relationship work. Can one Earth woman and three Slaterine men find love and everlasting happiness together? You bet they can!!  

Megan’s Men
Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2013


Megan Lynch has had a very bad year. Her husband took off with most of their assets and a twenty year old bimbo. She lost her job and has nowhere to live. Accepting a management position at a research facility on a distant planet was supposed to be the first step to a new start. But now her transport has been cancelled indefinitely. She’s stranded, exhausted, defeated, and utterly pissed off.

Garfor, Rork and Loban came to Earth for a one day trading mission. Finding their woman alone and upset in the travel port is both a blessing and extremely upsetting. She is unfamiliar with their ways, and Garfor is forced to use deceit to get her onto their ship and off the planet. With only a few days to convince her she is destined to be theirs forever, all three men are more than willingly to rise to the challenge.

Excerpt (ADULT) :

Loban let out a low whistle. “This is spectacular.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she said with a giant grin. “How about you pour the wine?”

“Spirits before midday, I like the way you think.” He patted her ass as he walked by toward the table.

“You take such good care of us. I have no idea how we got along without you.” Garfor kissed the tip of her nose.

“Well, you’re stuck with me for good, now. Go make yourself comfy.”

Megan went to Rork, who still stood in the doorway. Tension radiated from him. “I’m sorry I took so long to say the words.” She rested her hand on his arm. “I was worried. The last three weeks have been amazing, but what if you guys realized I wasn’t the woman you thought I was? Maybe we’d find out we couldn’t compromise, or I’d piss you off so badly you’d decide I wasn’t worth the effort, or—”

He grasped the back of her head with one hand while wrapping his other arm around her waist. His mouth came crashing onto hers and his tongue swept past her lips. Rork’s kiss was powerful, demanding and hot as hell. Megan whimpered and raked her fingernails down his back.

When he ended the kiss, Rork gave a tug on the handful of hair he was holding, tipping her head so she looked up into his eyes. “No more, Megan. No more doubts. You’re perfect.”

“Hardly,” she said with a chuckle.

“You’re perfect for us,” he clarified.

“Make love to me,” she whispered.


Megan was taken aback by his instant refusal. She could feel his erect cock against her abdomen.

“You’ve had a harrowing experience. Aren’t you hungry?”

“Not for food.” She grabbed his ass cheeks.

“What if we feed you?” he suggested seductively.

“Hmm.” She pretended to consider his proposal. “Sounds like a reasonable compromise.”

They joined Garfor and Loban on the floor by the table. Each of her men took turns giving her bites and stared at her mouth as she accepted their offerings. Megan licked and sucked their fingers more than technically necessary. Feminine power surged through her as their irises darkened and their cocks sprang to attention.

“I could have a sip of wine now,” she suggested.

Loban lifted the glass to her lips. A small amount trickled down her chin. He leaned forward and tasted it off of her skin. She cupped the sides of his face, bringing his mouth to hers. As they kissed, he brushed his fingers across her hardened nipples. Monumental desire flowed through her. She was so in love and so excited for their future together her heart pounded wildly.

“This meal is officially over,” she announced, scooting back from the table.

After arranging herself on a pile of pillows, with extra ones beneath her head, Megan let her knees fall outward, boldly displaying her pussy to her men. She played with her breasts, lifting and squeezing them then pinching her nipples. When they didn’t come to her, she moved her right hand to her cunt and began rubbing along her lips and clit. They watched her in silence until she thought she’d go out of her mind with need. She slowly slid a finger in and out of her channel.

“I find it ironic that there are three men in this room and I’m reduced to fucking myself,” she commented, flexing her hips.

“But you’re doing such a fine job of things, we weren’t sure you wanted our participation,” Garfor said with a suggestive smirk.

“If my mates don’t get over here right now and take care of my needs, I’m going to get very surly.”

Loban laughed. “Gods, we can’t have that. You’re downright scary when you’re mad.”

In an instant, Rork was on her left, Loban her right, and Garfor between her legs. She reached out and began stroking Loban’s penis. He covered her hand with his so they could do it together. She turned her face toward Rork and opened her mouth in a wanton invitation he accepted immediately. Garfor let out a lusty grunt and drove his cock into her pussy.

Megan was in horny heaven. Making love with them individually was incredible, but when they were all together, connected, sharing their bodies and their love, the experience was awe-inspiring. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on all of the different sensations.

An All Romance Best Seller

Creating the planet Mesta and the Slaterine culture was both challenging and exhilarating, and there’s so much more I want to explore. Books #2 and #3 are coming in 2014!!
Thanks so much for having me here today!



Tessie Bradford said...

Good Morning! Thanks so much for having me here today, Cindy.

Megan's Men is now on Amazon and currently ranked #3 in the Kindle store for Romance/Science fiction and #14 in Books Romance/ Futuristic-Fantasy!!

Naima Simone said...

Wow, Tessie! That's a smokin' hot excerpt! The blurb is awesome and I think I just found the next book destined to be added to my TBR list! Congratulations on your bestselling Megan's Men! A

Tessie Bradford said...

Hi, Naima, thanks so much!!