Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Boston Strong"...and New Kids on the Block


Throughout my lifetime—which has been admittedly short because I’m only, like, 25-ish—I’ve had obsessions. Some have waned over the years, but others have persevered. Twinkies. Michael Jackson. Corey Feldman. Coffee. Ireland. Vin Diesel.

While Twinkies, Mike and Corey have all fallen by the proverbial wayside—like in a deep, dark ditch never to be resurrected again!—my love affairs with coffee, Ireland and Vin (sigh) have survived the tests of time. Let’s face it. Coffee is God’s way of saying, “I love you!” every morning…and afternoon…and evening. Ireland is “God’s Country”, and Vin…Well, Vin is God’s Gift to womankind. Voice, muscles, bald head. *Squiggy knuckle bite*

But there’s been another obsession that started waaay back in the day. Hold up. Wait. How old am I again? Oh that’s right 24. So, y’know, it started a few years ago.

My love for the city of Boston.

Are you from Boston, you ask. Have you ever lived there, you wonder. Do you have family there, you inquire. No, unh-unh, and not even a play cousin. So how did my passion for this great city begin? Umm...cue hemming and hawing...
New Kids on the Block.
Fine! New Kids on the Block! There! I said it! I'll Be Loving You Forever. Please Don't Go Girl. Donnie Wahlburg--whom I still love, and if he showed up on my doorstep today, I'd tie him to my bed and show him I have The Right Stuff! Get it? Get it? The song The Right Stuff? *roll eyes* Yeah, you don't want to admit you get it, but you do! Anyhoo, I was a total NKOTB fanatic! I had the big buttons, t-shirts, bought the Teen Beat and Big Bop magazines to collect their pictures, dolls... Ayiight! Yes! I had a doll! Sheesh. I thank you not to judge.
But as I was saying, since I was in lu-uv with Donnie, I also fell in complete adulation with his hometown. I mean, it was where we'd move when we married. I'd spend hours writing love stories about us meeting (he was him and I was the lead guitarist in a rock band) and how he took one looong, hooded, sensual (yes, even at 12 I knew how a man in lust gazed at a woman!) look at me and couldn't do without me in his life. And of course my mad guitar skills just wowed the hell outta him! We'd date, fight, make-up, marry and move to Boston. So along with doctoring phoney birth certificates for our three children, I also researched the city of Boston, it's diverse neighborhoods and proud people. And though my obsession with the New Kids waned--a little--my love for Boston grew and lasted through the years.
Many of us first learned about Boston in grade school with the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War. It's one of the oldest cities in the United States, and is so rich with history. From Beacon Hill to South End, to Dorchester to Jamaica Plain, the people are as diverse as the neighborhoods. I can imagine travelling from one end of the massive city to the other would be like sampling a smorgasbord of cultures. Italy, Ireland, Vietnam, Asia, India, South America... The city is saturated with colleges and universities, theatres, museums, and let's not forget sports. Although I would like to forget. I mean Troy Polamalu doesn't play for any of their sports teams... But as someone who is unwillingly entangled in the Auburn-Alabama feud just because of geography, I can appreciate the fierce pride Bostonians have in their sports teams. Don't understand it, but appreciate it... But like I said, Troy doesn't play, sooo.... 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Boston_Montage.jpgWhen the bombing at the Boston Marathon occurred on April 15, 2013, I was home, watching television and caught the first of the news footage only two hours after it happened. I was shocked and so saddened. First, because of the evil and complete disregard for human life that would allow someone to commit such a heinous act of terrorism. Second, because of the devastation, grief and loss that so many families would face in the aftermath. But as we all saw in the hours and days afterward, the people of this city rallied and demonstrated why they are "Boston Strong". The courage, tirelessness and strength displayed by Boston's people from law enforcement to every day citizens was not just phenomenal, but inspiring. My new release, Secrets and Sins: Gabriel, from Entangled Publishing's Entangled Suspense line is set in Boston. And while I love the city, after this horrifying event followed up by the power of the human spirit, I'm so proud of the setting for Gabriel, as well as the three other books in the series. There isn't a better, more beautiful, stronger city for a story of good triumphing over evil, hope, healing and love.  

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Twenty years ago, Leah Bannon’s beloved Uncle Richard vanished without a trace. Leah, now a private investigator, begins to suspect it was murder. When she reopens the cold case, Gabriel Devlin—-the man she loves but can never have—-inexplicably stands in her way.

Only four people know the truth about Richard’s mysterious disappearance—-Gabriel and three childhood friends...who have all sworn to take that secret to the grave. But a hidden enemy wants those shocking secrets brought to light...even if he has to kill to make it happen.

After experiencing an unimaginable loss two years ago, Gabriel refuses to put himself through the pain of loving someone who could be gone in an instant. But as he thwarts Leah’s investigation at every turn—-both to keep his friends’ pact, and to keep her safe from danger—-the sexy PI makes it impossible for him to protect his secrets. Or his heart...
I'd love to hear your comments on Boston, New Kids on the Block, or how much you are soooo looking forward to Gabriel!

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Miz Angell said...

Long time NKOTB fan and lover here and not ashamed to admit it!

I did the EXACT same thing, only with Jon. Suffice to say when he came out, I was devastated.

But I'm still loving them forever. And I too, have a crazy love affair with Boston. I think it's all those lovely Irish boys.

Gabriel sounds wonderful and I'm looking forward to spending time with him.

And if you haven't had a chance to catch The Package tour (NKOTB, Boyz 2 Men and 98 Degrees) sell a kidney for a ticket. It is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it.