Friday, February 15, 2013

The Romance Saga Part II - 9's Guide to Boys

By: Casey Crow
Being a romance writer, I probably should harp on all the mushy, gushy stuff the Valentine's Day has to offer.

Sorry. Not going to happen. Frankly, this particular day has never been kind to me. Instead, I shall allow a much younger and less cynical version of myself to spread the mushy joy. Um... that would be my nine-year-old daughter. In case you missed it, I posted The Romance Saga Part 1 a while back in which "9" experiences her first real "crush" and oddly enough, I've found "feelings" don't really change that much even as we age. And now, the saga continues...

9's findings of the week:
1. Nice boys are gentlemen.
The crush gave up his seat to her at lunch so she could sit by a girlfriend. sweet.

 2. Get a friend to get the scoop.
More on this later, as the testing period is still underway, but I'm sure it involves "so what do you think of..." As if you've never uttered those words. Yep, I'm guilty, too.

3. Liking a boy makes you feel kinda weird. You get butterflies in your tummy like you're about to throw up and when you see him, you freeze.
 In demonstration, 9 poses like a statue here for effect. The freezing is the equivalent of when your breathing hitches, which I'm sure has happened to you, especially when his appearance was unexpected and you are hopefully looking your best.

 4. You have weird dreams about him.
I figured it wise for my mental health not to delve too deeply here as 9 is quiet imaginative and her stories go on and on and on and on. But, the kid makes a good point because who among us hasn't awaken a little hot and a little bit sweaty?

Got any romantic or funny stories you'd like to share about a crush? Here's my funny - when I was in the 9th grade, my crush was bagging my mom's groceries at the supermarket. Of course, mom has to embarass me with "Look! Isn't that him?" That was so not cool there, Mama.

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