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Cabal Hijack! Elnora and Liz by A.M. Griffin

Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back For Seconds is going to be available in two days, but you can catch a glimpse of the hilarity from two of the heroines now. Elnora, from Mate’s Desire, agreed to sit down with Liz, from Wild Wolf at Midnight, even though she’s now living on a planet far, far, far, far away!

BTW, it is available for pre-order just in case you want it on your Kindle at 12:01a.m. February 22nd!

Liz: So, Elnora …you gave up life on Earth to go with an alien. That’s really gutsy. How has life changed for you?
Elnora: Oh! I don’t think leaving Earth was gutsy at all! I didn’t have anything going for me back on Earth. I’m an orphan, so no parents to worry about. No friends to speak of. The eviction notice was hanging on my apartment door and I had just gotten fired from my job the morning Man’Darin came to claim me! I think the stars were lining up and preparing me to leave Earth *giggles*.  Now, I don’t have to work, well besides helping Man’Darin with his Haznot herd that is. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to live anymore. I live in a palace *giggles* with his parents and fourteen older brothers…and their children…all fifty-two of them…

Liz: Is your alien life mate Man’Darin *which sounds like a Chinese food restaurant, but who am I to judge?* a king of his species?
Elnora: He’s not a king – yet. But he’s the next best thing – a prince! I hooked up with a real-life prince! Can you believe it? *giggles out of control* If his father dies, and his fourteen older brothers and all of his brothers male children die…then he will be king and I’ll be queen! I can't wait!

Liz:  *Really hopes Elnora doesn’t plan on murdering her new family to be Queen.* What exactly is a Haznot Herder?
Elnora: Oh, we sit on the mountain top all day and make sure the haznots don’t wander too far away. They’re ugly sheep-like looking things. If you ever imagined what the offspring of a sheep and buffalo would look like, well it’s a haznot! *giggles and snorts* His dad gave him this job when he was younger. If you ask me those haznots don’t seem to want to leave the mountain at all. I think they’d stay in place even without us watching them. *whispers* I think his dad gave him this job to keep him out of trouble and you know, make Man’Darin feel real important.

Liz: Is the sex good?
Elnora: Umm… *shifts uncomfortable* It’s okay. He’s real talented with his tongue and fingers though. I’m teaching him a lot about Earth women’s bodies and he’s picking up real fast. But I’m really hoping that I’ll stumble across some kind of alien technology that’ll grow his, you know, *whispers* penis.

*A small penis. Well, at least he’s a prince!*

Liz: What do you miss most about Earth?
Elnora: Actually not much… Well, maybe there are some things. Although I’m happy on De’Lorian with Man’Darin, I would have really liked to go back to my apartment and get my *whispers* sex toys. I really do miss them. Oh! And my dogs! I forgot about my dogs! I hope someone let them out of their cages…

Liz: *Well, her dogs will be uber depressed* I’ll go check on your dogs. *Dog psychiatrist to the rescue* What is the best thing about living on your life mate’s planet?
Elnora: The best thing? *sighs* There’s so many. But if I had to name one thing it would be that I don’t have to ever worry about being evicted or fired from a job again. Man’Darin takes real good care of me. And his parents? *sighs* They adore me. They nick named me halluoi con-I ti-lan, which means ‘my addled-brain child’s addled-brain mate’ in his language, but I’m pretty sure their language and Earth language have different meanings for their words, cause we’re smart and together we’re unstoppable.

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