Friday, September 28, 2012

The Romance Saga Part I ~ Romance at an Early Age

It all started two weeks into fourth grade. My nine year-old-daughter whispered in my ear that she likes a boy. I did not panic because in the summer between 4K and 5K, she and her "boyfriend" actually mailed love letters back and forth. I kept the proof so when in high school I have grounds for blackmail if she doesn't behave. LOL

I had a few years of reprieve with the whole "ewe, boys are yucky" mentality, but we are back in full crush mode. Therefore, I did what any over protective mama would do. I went to lunch to check out this little dude. Okay, let me just stop right here and say my daughter has excellent taste.

My kid would probably be horrified knowing I'm discussing her personal business to the world, but she makes good points, which got me thinking.

There really isn't much difference between love at age 9 verus um...let's just say over 35.

According to 9 (kid's name henceforth):
1. You do not simply announce you like a boy. You let him know with eye contact that lingers a little too long.
Hmmm...dido for me..
2. You know a boy likes you when he stares back. (9 has confirmed success here!)
3. A boy also likes you if he is mean to you.
Following an extensive Q&A, I learned at "mean" means he teases you, which is the equivalent of flirting for adults. As a side note, I took great pains to clarify that boys should never be "mean mean" to girls.
4. Boys like it when girls are "mean" back.
True, flirting isn't fun if it's not reciprocated.
5. Boys like girls in bikinis.
I'm not kidding, my child spoke those words and however true they may be I'm a  lot worried now!

The saga shall continue as information becomes available, but get this - 9 tells me, "I thought I knew a lot about romance, but I just don't get it."

Neither do I sweet girl, but that's the beauty of it.

You know, folks automatically assume romance novelist are experts in romance! Okay, you might be, and if so, well good for you. I hate you.

So what are some crazy questions you've been asked? Have you ever given advice because you thought that's what a romance author should say? If you're a reader, what would you like to ask an author on the subject?


Naima Simone said...

LOL!! That's awesome! You're right! It kind of is the same, now that you point it out. I, too, have my son's love letters to use as blackmail. Hee-hee! *high five* Great post!

Casey Crow said...

Thanks, Naima. I think I'll periodically update the Saga. :)