Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Re-imagined

Labor Day has arrived, one last chance for some summer fun before we all get on with the business of fall. Yet this holiday is ironically about paying tribute to serious business, the contributions of American workers to the success of America. It's origins were in labor unrest, with the workers' rights movement beginning efforts to unionize as the holiday was founded in 1882.

Not only has this history been forgotten in Labor Day's more popular designation as the unofficial end to the summer, but at a time with so many in our country unemployed, the holiday may bring up conflicted emotions. Perhaps we should not stir up difficult feelings for those with employment problems.

I ran across a cute parody article about the need to redefine this holiday -- Labor Day Renamed Sex Day -- in the Weekly World News. Hypothesizing that we need to refocus more positively on this holiday weekend as the struggling unemployed are less enthusiastic about work.

So what other votes do you have for re envisioning Labor Day? How about National Read an Erotic Romance Day? That sounds more enjoyable and relaxing. And with so many economical and fun choices out there (including freebies), this activity is accessible to everyone. Not to mention more accessible to those of us without partners than Sex Day.

Whatever new holiday you decide to celebrate, I hope there is joy in it. I don't mind a little serious focus. I love me some angst at appropriate times. But whatever the holiday theme is, make it meaningful to you.

I think I'll go read an erotic romance now....


Naima Simone said...

LOL!! Michelle, I think I celebrated National Read an Erotic Romance Day because that's exactly what I did yesterday!! A perfect way of relaxing before the end of the year holiday blitz!

Dalton Diaz said...

Labor Day has a different meaning for me already.

I had my first child on Labor Day, and this year it fell on his actual birthday. (g)