Friday, September 16, 2011

Why We (okay, I) Love CASTLE

Hellooo, sweet readers. Three days left! That's right, the season premier of CASTLE happens this Monday night! Can you tell I'm excited? Here's proof. I've got this monumental event marked on my calendar - in permanent marker, all caps, and highlighted in neon yellow. I kid you not.

So why am I shivering in anticipation over a TV show when I rarely even watch television? First of all, in case you didn't know (seriously?) Castle is about a mystery writer. Therefore, I think it's sacrilegious as an author not to support a fellow writer, albeit a fake one.

Two, and this could perhaps be ranked as my number one reason, Richard Castle (okay, his real name is Nathan Fillion) is hot. Well, maybe not hot like that fella on the gigantic poster at the Abercrombie and Fitch store in the mall, but I've had a crush on Fillion when he played Joey Buchanan on ONE LIFE TO LIVE umpteenth years ago. Castle has a little boy charm and wit that's both adorable and annoyingly adorable at the same time. The beautiful, statuesque Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic) has the patience of a saint to put up with his antics, but the man gets under one's skin, you know?

Finally, the writers of the show do an extraordinary job of developing the sexual tension between Castle and Beckett while throwing in some quirky one-liners. The love-hate relationship moves with a steady pace and stretches character development. (Hints we writers might be well-advised to take into consideration.)

Now, just so Naughy Author Chicks isn't completely bombarded by CASTLE haters, I'll throw out ONE negative. The mystery storyline isn't always the most savvy. I mean when Casey Crow can figure out the who done it, we have a problem with predictabililty. Still, I shall tune in Monday night to see if Beckett survives the gun shot to her chest. Like that's a hard one to see coming, but Castle's reaction will no doubt present a more serious side to him. One that is long overdue.


Wynter Daniels said...

I have to admit I don't watch much TV and I haven't caught this show. But since you are so devoted to it, I'll check it out on Monday!

Miz Angell said...

I have been EAGERLY anticipating this return. I shall be glued to my set on Monday.

And yeah, Nate Fillion is totally adorable. For something completely goofy that he's done - I recommend Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, with Neil Patrick Harris.

Paige Tyler said...

So LOVE Castle! LOL! Maybe because I've had a thing for Nathan Fillion since I saw him on Firefly, and have patterned many a sci-fi hero after his character on that show!


Terry Odell said...

The 'romance' side of the show is great. But if you write crime fiction DON'T use the police stuff as research. It's almost all wrong. A retired cop, Lee Lofland, has a blog (The Graveyard Shift) where he gives all sorts of great information for writers about police work. But he also does a 'review' of each episode of Castle pointing out the problems with the police side of things. He's gotten hate mail from Castle lovers, although he does explain he's not reviewing the SHOW, just the cop stuff.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Casey Crow said...

Wynter ~ I'm with you. With so little time to watch TV, we have to be selective, but I think this one will be worth your hour.

Miz ~ I'm guessing you watched Doogie Hower MD. I had such a crush on Neil Patrick, too.

Paige ~ Didn't know you wrote Sci-Fi. How cool!

Terry ~ I agree, the mystery aspect doesn't always tax the intellect. I've never heard of Lofland's blog (probably since I don't write crime), but I'll definitely be sharing the info with some other author buddies. Thanks for the input!

Jina Bacarr said...

Casey, I, too, have the Castle premiere bookmarked on my calendar! I've found that is a fabulous place to catch up with the show, check out plot episodes, see the show schedule, etc.

I remember the episode last season when Castle and Lehane and Connelly had their poker game and they talked about how "no one sits in Cannell's chair..." A poignant moment for me since I did a video interview with Stephen Cannell a while back [Mr. Cannell passed away about a year ago.]

Can't wait for Monday's Castle episode...

Casey Crow said...

Oh wow, Jina. I remember that episode. How you ever read any of Castle books written by a ghost writer? They're top sellers, but I admit I haven't gotten around to reading any. The new one Heat Rises is out now.

Casey Crow said...

Forgot to send out a big thank you to my fellow chicks for selecting me as Chick of the Week. I was very honored to place in the Golden Clauddaugh book contest!

Michelle Polaris said...

I also don't watch much tv, but I'll take a gander Monday. You do a very good job promoting this show. Perhaps they should pay you?

Casey Crow said...

Ha! Thanks Michelle. If only they would!

Jina Bacarr said...

No, Casey, I haven't read the Castle books. Like many writers, I don't read much for pleasure when I'm in the middle of a story; I spend my reading time doing research.

The Castle books sound like fun and a way to reward ourselves when we're finished writing a book!