Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fall Rush

Fall is in the air. I'm juggling the usual: getting kids ready for school, planning an early September birthday party, scheduling our annual apple picking trek, preparing for some upcoming religious holidays, catching up on board meeting minutes long overdue, setting up fall extra curriculars for the kids, scheduling doctors appointments galore, and trying to put my house in order after the summer free-for-all.

But all this fall energy is increased by my preparations for attending Romanticon 2011, the Ellora's Cave readers and authors convention at the end of September. I finally purchased my costumes for The Stone Age and Futuristic parties held Friday and Saturday nights. I'll let you pant with anticipation to find out how I'll be dressed. (Photos after the event of course.) I plan to dance my booty off at both parties.

And my new promotional buttons have arrived to tote with me to this shindig. Below is the proof of the button I had made for the event. It's a sequel to last years, "got boots?" button promo. This year I went with, "got cuffs?" You might sense a theme.

On the Friday of the conference I am one of the presenters for a fascinating seminar entitled BDSM from Top to Bottom. I'm talking about the concept of the power exchange and the different ways people include BDSM in their lives. Now I just have to get the presentation ready. But I'm wearing my black boots no matter what I present. The authors of the 1-800-DOM-help series at Ellora's Cave are hosting this event which will end with a rousing game of BDSM Jeopardy. A gift basket full of naughty goodies will be given away as a prize.

And finally on Sunday there will be a book fair to purchase autographed copies of your favorite EC books. I'm thrilled to be signing my first EC print book, Magician's Chains, along with cover flaps for the rest of my e-book titles. If you are ever in the Akron, Ohio area during the end of September/beginning of October, Romanticon is one rockin' conference to attend. I hear there will even be a pole dancing seminar this year along with a Burlesque stripping class. Education is very important (wink).

Fall is shaping up nicely. I hope your plans are equally as stimulating. It's pretty much guaranteed we will all be busy. That's just how fall goes. Be well everyone.


Wynter said...

I love the buttons! Sounds like you'll have a blast at Romanticon! One of these days maybe I will get up there.
Busy time for me, too, but my youngest is now a senior, so the rest of the back-to-school times for us will be college. Yay!

Callie Croix said...

Wow, you are one busy lady! My little guys are going back to school tomorrow, including my baby, who will be in full-day Kindergarten. I'm so sad! I know I'm going to feel lost without him. He's always just...there.

I love your buttons :) Hope you have a great time when you go!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Wynter and Callie on the buttons. I almost went with "got rope?" and a few other versions. More choices for future years.

Back to school sure means different things depending on where you are on the kid age spectrum. I'm psyched they're going back, but not psyched to still do the racing around in the morning very early packing lunches and gettting out the door in time. It's amazing how much stress comes with that. That's why going off to conferences is so relaxing. No kid stuff to do.

Happy Labor Day!

Naima Simone said...

First, let me say, "whew"! Wow! I'm tired just reading your list of fall preparations!! LOL! You make me feel like a slovenly so-and-so! I can't wait to see your Romanticon costume!! LOL! Does it have boots? And a bone for your hair, all Pebble-esque?? Hints, man, hints!! LOL!

Michelle Polaris said...

Hints--I've opted out of the bone in the hair. But haven't decided if I go barefoot or not at the Stone Age shindig.

As for the futuristic party--I'll be wearing red, but I don't plan to be dead by the end of the party. Got that hint girl?

I'm planning to have fun no matter how the costumes go over.

Paige Tyler said...

Can't wait to see you - and your costumes - at RomantiCon! So excited!