Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jina's Venice Videos: Bookstores and Gelati Shops

I love bookstores.

There’s something magical about finding that intriguing tome that transports you to another time, another place and you’re there. With him. That special man…

And what is more magical than Venice?

I have no doubt everyone in Venice reads. I saw a different bookstore on every corner filled with romances, mysteries and travel books.

I’m pleased to say Venetians are also reading my Harlequin Spice novels, including The Blonde Samurai (Bionda Samurai) which have all been translated into Italian, including Passioni di una geisha (I did a booksigning after my speech at La Biennale).

I was amazed at the number of independent bookstores in Venice. When bookstores are closing in the U.S., this was a welcome sight!

I found books of every description in the stores. I was also delighted to discover that my Passion books (romanzo erotico–erotic novel) are also sold in the grocery markets.

My short story, TOKYO RENDEZVOUS (about a Love Hotel in Japan) releases this week in Italy in this anthology called PICCOLE VOGLIE!

I shot some video of the bookstores that I found and a wonderful store that showcases rare 19th century books.

As any Venetian lady will tell you, when you find that special man, I mean, book, you want to get between the sheets and enjoy every moment.

And if it’s a hot summer day, you’ll need a creamy scoop of gelato or Italian ice cream to cool you (and him) off.

I swear Venice has as many gelati shops as it has bookstores. In this Venice video, we’ll explore the bookstores (you’ll see a first edition of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)

and the gelati shops…including my favorite ice cream shop, il Tovaro.

Next Week: Wednesday: July 14th: A Special Spy blog: July is the month of “Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs”
Coming up in TWO WEEKS on my next Venice Video: Venice street scenes and performers

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Michelle Polaris said...

I am sweltering this morning, and although I usually lust after such gorgeous looking books as you featured, I admit my eyes were all for the gelato thinking of the cool factor. What a wonderful trip you had.

Wynter Daniels said...

It's great to know Italians are reading - probably more than Americans. That gelato looks mighty refreshing. Glad your story Tokyo Rendezvous is in an anthology. I enjoyed that story!

Savannah Stuart said...

Pictures of book stores put a big smile on my face :) Thanks for sharing pics of your trip! I haven't had gelato in a while and you just made my mouth water!

Jina Bacarr said...

Michelle, hope the cool gelato pix help turn down the heatwave in your area! It's very cool here in SoCal--we're having June gloom in July...

Jina Bacarr said...

Wynter, thank you for the cool comment about Tokyo Rendezvous! Glad you enjoyed it. Love Hotels in Japan have been around since the mid-60s but didn't become really big until the 1970s. They even have one with a room with a Hello Kitty BDSM theme!

Jina Bacarr said...

Savannah, definitely any time is a good time for gelato! What amazed me about Venice is that I found so many bookstores in such a small area. We've lost so many bookstores where I am. There is only one large bookstore within five miles of where I live where there used to be three.