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Grand Finale! Slave to the Circus

So the end is finally here. I'm posting below the last installment of my serial short, Slave to the Circus, the futuristic BDSM menage set at, you guessed it, a circus. If you want to catch up on my last segment of the story click here to read part V.

Before I jump in, I'll throw up some shameless self-promo and mention that Magician's Chains, my last release from Ellora's Cave, received a five lips review at TwoLips Reviews. Tina, the reviewer, called it one of the hottest BDSM stories she'd read in a long time. You can't see me, but I'm blushing with the compliment. Take a peek at her entire review by clicking here.

Now, on to the grand finale. Guess I'll have to think about something else to say next time I blog.

Part Six, final segment of SLAVE TO THE CIRCUS by Michelle Polaris:

The haze still followed him, Raven and Vivi's words and temptations floating into his ears like ghosts of sound. The mirrors stretched.

He'd turn a bend, stumble as the images of them in the mirror would twirl. Vivi would stop, land a teasing, deep kiss on Raven, and skip on. In turn Raven would reach out, pinch her buttocks and rumble his appreciation. But they kept on the move. Delivering a tease of a show but staying out of Duncan's reach.

Duncan moved too. Almost running. Trying to find them. Stumbling and slamming his hand against a passing mirror with the frustration. Fucking desperation. It boiled through his system. His need was a tidal wave and he only wanted to reach the damn shore with it so he could break apart.

"Catch us, pet," Vivi's voice floated from ahead.

He stumbled again. And when he looked up at the mirrors the two of them were gone. What the fuck? Had they hit a blind spot?

Another ghost of sound came from his right.

He spun.

And two bodies jumped out at him from either side.


Pressed between them. Hot, smooth skin, the smell of arousal. Theirs. His.

He struggled long moments, not able to help it, but he let it go when he could.

"Love you, pet," Vivi purred, running hands over his chest, up to stroke his neck and shoulder blades, digging in nails from moment to moment before moving on.

"Ours tonight, cat man," Raven promised low and deep and primal. His fist had grabbed Duncan's cock, squeezed hard.

They used teeth and licks of tongue to kiss and fondle him. Both at once. Vivi bit his nipple hard and he jerked with the pain. But Raven kept him still, his iron grip moving to capture Duncan's pecs and hold him. A small corner of him understood he was flying in sub space, a kind of spiritual bliss, so deep into this. Amazing. Everything. Their dance of power had brought him there.

Vivi moved to his back, pressing full breasts and erect nipples along his spine. At the same time Raven changed places, moved to Duncan's front. His Mistress grabbed his wrists, holding them tight and pulling back on his arms to the point of discomfort. Raven growled his own possession and tightened a grip on Duncan's balls.

"I'm going to give you a reward now," Raven said. "One of many for the night. So beg me when you can't hold back anymore, cat man. Although I expect you to hold on. Please us, Duncan. Make it last until you want to pass out from it."

The harlequin's fingers encased his cock, the clown's other hand reaching farther between Duncan's legs to rub over his perineum, inch back to tease at the opening of his anus. The nerve endings there, so sensitive even on the outside tissue, had him jumping while the hard pressure over his penis kept on relentlessly.

Lightning ricocheted down his spine, through his balls, which pulled tighter still. His hips moved back and forth, unable to stop the torture that was so fucking out of control and arousing. He needed to trust. To come. Lose it. He was there anyway.

Raven continued as Vivi licked the skin of his back, grabbed on with teeth and bit in to keep the tension high with the edge of pain. Her nails dug into his wrists where she held him. And she pressed her pussy against his back and ass, over Raven's playing fingers at his hole, pushing against him.

On and on it went. Denial.

Hell and torment and nirvana. Universe help him. Lost.

"Coming," he moaned. "Please. Permission?"

Didn't care who he begged. But got no answer. Long moments passed. Holding on.

Finally, "Come, pet," Vivi commanded. "Spurt over your stomach for us. We want to see your cum covering your belly, reminding us how much you pleased us. My pussy is dripping with how much you've done so."

Almost at her first word his ejaculate boiled through his testicles, burning up and out of his cock. Spurting hard and long, endlessly, as he shook and remained standing only through their hold on him. Pleasure beyond imagining.

Finally, the last pulses left his balls empty, turned inside out after finishing. He leaned into her.

Then Vivi was lightly kissing his back, telling him how wonderful he was. "So deserving," she said. "So will you? Marry me? Promise me love, devotion, and to follow all my commands that honor that love? Because I promise the same. All except following commands that is."

"That was my thinking time?" he laughed with his exhaustion.

She waited him out.

But he knew. "I always wanted to get engaged in a Fun House. Yes. Of course. Yours forever, Vivi."

Her smile lit his world.

She turned to Raven. "And you promise to work him hard for me?"

"With great devotion, Mistress."

Duncan's cock lurched again despite its emptied state. Gods, Raven fired his body.

Yet even with the stirring interest in his organ, the tiredness caught up with Duncan. And Raven was catching him around the waist as he slumped after Vivi released his wrists. Then the harlequin somehow had a cloth, was wiping his stomach, chuckling with amusement.

"What's so fucking funny?" Duncan managed to rasp out, half-dead with the mind-blowing bliss of the orgasm and the emotional tumult.

"Just thinking of the symmetry."

"Symmetry? Of what?"

"Of the beginning and the end. Of this." And Raven dipped his shoulders, threw Duncan over them and started walking through the last of the Fun House mirrors to the exit. Vivi strolled behind them, a pleased, wicked grin on her lips.

"I'm not an invalid," Duncan complained. "I just ejaculated, not donated a kidney."

Raven slammed him on the ass. "Shut up, cat man. I'm enjoying the idea of carrying the animal trainer."

Duncan panicked once he realized the harlequin was bringing him outside among the crowds, visible to all and sundry, staff and visitors. His cheeks heated which he hated almost as much. "Put me the fuck down."

"I'll put you down where I want you, Duncan."

"I'd listen to the man," Vivi said to Duncan from behind. "He looks quite determined." She smiled wide.

They kept walking until they hit Vivi's private carney wagon residence. Raven keyed open the door with her code instructions, entered the rooms and marched over to Vivi's wide bed. He folded Duncan down onto the mattress, gentler than expected. Now that the outrage over the public exposure died down in Duncan, the post-coital lethargy returned, crawled over him and tried to pull him into slumber.

"What do you expect?" Duncan asked, eyes heavy but fighting to keep them open. To understand what had happened between them this evening.

Vivi and Raven were climbing onto the bed on either side. Bracketing him, pulling off his clothes, pulling off their own.

Vivi was in front of him, beautiful face leaning close. "We expect you to let us care for you, love. My pet. Rest for now. Then you let Raven help me keep you balanced. We all deserve it."

Raven's chuckle feathered over the back of his neck. "Yes, get all the rest you can, cat man. Because when you wake up, I promise you'll be serving well. And long. And hard." He pressed a firm length of cock against Duncan's ass, a promise that had him shuddering.

"Damn clowns," Duncan muttered. Although he wanted Raven there at his back. Liked the dangerous promise of him. Two blades both threatening and caring from either side. Enough to make him crazy. Perfect. He let his eyes drift closed as they pressed in farther to his body. He gave up the worry, gave up the edgy dissatisfaction, and relaxed.

He slept deep.

Until they woke him later.

And let the games begin....


So, I hoped you liked SLAVE TO THE CIRCUS. If you have any comments or questions about the story, feel free to leave them here. When I get my butt in gear I'll transfer the entire story to my website ( and maybe blogsite (

Stay well my naughty readers.



Cara McKenna said...

Yea, awesome! I saw that review last night when the latest EC review round-up e-mail arrived in my inbox—I gave a happy woop when I saw the five given to Magician's Chains. Well done, Michelle!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Cara. How can news like that ever be bad?

Naima Simone said...

Michelle, I can't believe that's the last installment! *sigh* Great ending to a hot, dynamic story. I'm going to miss it next week! I have to say thank you for writing this story for us to read on the blog. It's been a real treat!

And congratulations on the awesome review!!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Naima. I enjoyed posting the story. And the review was pretty hot too.

Dalton Diaz said...

BRB, I need a cigarette. And a clown.