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As promised, below is the third installment to my serial BDSM menage futuristic short story, SLAVE TO THE CIRCUS. Here's the link to my last blog with the second part of the tale if you care to catch up:
Otherwise, here it goes. And remember that this is an unedited draft.
SLAVE TO THE CIRCUS Part Three by Michelle Polaris:
The cued music warning a transition in the show leaked from the speakers. Vivi leaned over and covered Duncan's lips with a fierce press. He opened to her. Thrust back his tongue to mark her as much as she did him. He wanted her to feel his claim, along with his irritation at this asshole. But no matter what, the kiss was a wet promise as her fingers tightened in the hair she'd stroked, pulled at the strands, a pledge for later. She tore away her mouth, dragged it over to his earlobe and bit down. The pain reassured him.
Drugged him.
"I want to fuck you, Mistress. It's all for you. Every pledge of love and my protection."
She murmured, "Love you, pet. Just let me finish here and I promise my full attention."
His skin itched with her presence. He reached out and brushed a calloused palm down her hip, light to avoid smearing the body paint. He was dying to suckle her breasts, take those pointed tips and elongate them farther with suction and tongue. If she'd let him. Her lips tilted in a smile. Almost like she knew his thoughts. He loved that smile.
"Pietre," she called to her brother. His head popped up and at her nod he stepped onto the target platform, flattening his back against the wood backdrop and sliding his wrists and ankles into the free hanging cuffs. They were more reminders for the target to remain still than devices to achieve it. Their loops hung too loose to really restrain. And Vivi knew enough about restraints to use them when she needed. The platform still sat dark in the shadows waiting for its turn in the spotlight.
Andreil's big top voice called to the alien crowd. Alerting them to the next performance. Vivi moved out into the ring near her gear to the display of gleaming, sharp metal set on a rack. Although the edges of her weapons were dull enough for her to switch grips with no threat of harming herself, the tips were lethal. The blades were each made of one long piece of metal, the handle not separate as in other knives. Made for better balance and durability. And Vivi used her knives a lot, so they needed to last.
"Honored guests, next for your consideration I present to you our beautiful and dangerous Mistress of Knives."
The spotlights shot over from Andreil to Vivi where she turned to the audience with a flourish. No overdone showmanship for her, but gestures that said to everyone she was real and potent and powerful. That she belonged where she stood and no one should forget it.
The crowd responded. It always did. She was gorgeous, her body was gorgeous, her allure was addicting, and any normal male of any species wanted to fuck her, even those who didn't like the company of women as a rule.
Movement at the corner of his eye distracted his attention away from her. As it must have distracted Vivi herself. He pivoted, still on his knees, in time to see Raven, who'd slipped away without notice, hand Pietre off the platform with a whisper and a clap of hand to his shoulder. In time to watch Raven step onto the platform and snake his own wrists and ankles through the loops, grasp the hand grips and rest his soles on the footrests, leaving his body spread.
His smirk at Vivi was a dare. It was too late to make him move without disrupting the show or causing commotion. What the fuck did he think he was doing? Duncan rose, clenched his muscles to keep from charging over to the harlequin.
Vivi frowned, but never lost her composure or a beat as her hands reached unerringly over to the first half-dozen knives she'd use in the act. The music built anticipation in the crowd as she tipped her head almost infinitesimally toward Raven. Acknowledging his challenge.
Duncan blinked and the knives went singing. Through the air with such quick succession all six were thrown before he even registered her intent.
Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk into the woodwork. Raven hadn't flinched once, the neat outline of his limbs and torso framed by the sharp metal. Whisper close.
Vivi smiled. Reached for more knives and the leather blindfold mask she used. Over her eyes it went. Before she turned back assuredly toward her target. Lifted her arm.
The audience sucked in breath almost as one, in anticipation of the next second.
Duncan's chest tightened, a spasm almost like a seizure. His reaction the same every time he watched her throw despite knowledge of her skill.
She launched.
Lethal, accurate grace made real.
Thunk, the last of them ended underneath Raven's groin, a hairsbreadth from his balls and cock so prominently displayed. The son of a bitch was still erect from earlier. Masochist maybe despite all of his insistence of his Master status.
Duncan watched the man purse his lips and blow Vivi a kiss after she removed her blindfold. The crowd cheered, loving the teasing play between them.
His Mistress tilted her head, considering the black and white painted man.
She moved to her weapons stand and the small console embedded on its side. She flipped the switch. Duncan knew what came next and hoped it surprised the clown. But nothing seemed to bother him as his platform began to slowly spin, tipping him around on his head and back down. He hung on, Duncan watching him sink his ankles farther into the loops to keep his legs gripping the stand, fists squeezing harder around the handholds.
The music had quieted, purposefully allowing the sound of the motor rotating the stand to float into the crowd. Vivi kept it loud intentionally. It heightened the drama, a laboring noise that brought to mind a struggle.
Vivi bowed dramatically to her symbolic captive caught on her wheel of death. She took up more knives. Turned her back to the device.
Indrawn breaths turned to gasps of fear.
Cheeky asshole, Raven looked almost relaxed up there. Letting the drone of the machine and the smooth motion glide him into a seeming meditative calm.
Vivi corrected her stance, closed her eyes and started to listen the way Duncan knew she did to take her aim.
She drew in a deep inhalation and...
Elegantly tossed her arms up and behind, hands releasing her blades, over the shoulders one after the other.
Deep reverberation in the wood in fast succession.
Empty handed she spun to face Raven. Looked pleased as the motor died away, the stand slowed to stopping upright, and the harlequin blew her another kiss.
She strolled over to the platform to the sound of the audience going crazy. Leisurely, with a jaunt in her gait that reminded him too much of his cats considering their next meal. Except lust was in her eyes as well as her predator, and Duncan's gut dropped into free fall. What was going on?
She grabbed the handles of her knives with a slow grip. Jerking each one clear of the wood as she stared into Raven's eyes. Standing close. Her crisp movements, his eerie stillness as he met her gaze, building an intensity Duncan couldn't look away from. The tension was an aphrodisiac as much as he wanted the other man out of the way. Raven better not hurt her.
She dropped one blade to Raven's chest, used the sharp tipped end to trace a light design over the cloth of his shirt, teasing movement, circling his nipples, with her tongue darting out as she did it to lick her lips. It hardened Duncan's own nipples with the sight.
The clown leaned closer, ignoring the threat of the blade, and whispered something after which she pulled away the knife and threw her head back with another laugh.
When the last blade was out she retreated to give him room to get off the stand. He unwound his wrists and ankles from the straps and gracefully dismounted.
Raven looked beyond Vivi to where Duncan waited. The harlequin raised his voice just loud enough to be heard. "I think it's time to teach your sub how to play, Mistress." His gaze chained Duncan's. A still moment expanded out, filling the air, pausing even the breakneck thud in Duncan's chest. And Raven sent him a slow wink.
Then, time sped up again to beyond normal. Duncan watched the harlequin step into Vivi, mumble more deep, lilting words, and suddenly dip his body.
Bending down to her middle, he swept her up, threw her over his shoulder in a carry, spared one last look at Duncan, and ran with her out of the tent. Kidnapping his Mistress.
Vivi laughing with glee all the way.
(excerpt end)
Stay tuned for Part Four two weeks from today.


Naima Simone said...

Oh, Michelle! Awesome! I felt like I was at the circus watching this show! The tension is great and the chemistry and byplay between Raven and Vivi is hot ..and they didn't even touch! Knives as foreplay! Hee-hee! Why didn't I think of it? LOL! I had to go back and read the installment I missed. Can't wait for Four!!

Michelle Polaris said...

Thanks Naima. Part four is ready to go.

Dalton Diaz said...

The chemistry is jumping off the page. Wow!