Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Naughty Victorian Lady travels to Italy as “Bionda Samurai”

by Lady Carlton née Katie O’Roarke, heroine of “The Blonde Samurai”

I take up my pen today not to write my romance, but to impart to you news, important news that has reached me in my place of solitude where I deign to call myself a novelist.

Morning sunlight, wiggling through the petit-point pattern on the lacy curtain, hovers over my shoulder to see what I’m writing. A red-breasted robin fluttering about on the window sill holds its breath, pen scratchings fill my ears.

I am beside myself with excitement, spilling blue ink on my gown and smudging the fine rice paper upon which I write with dirty fingerprints, but I know you shall forgive me for word has reached me that my memoir, The Blonde Samurai, has found its way to faraway shores.

To Italy.

A place where–

The romance of carnival and exquisite masks enchants the eye.

The sacred mount of the holy saints restores one’s faith.

The musical language of the arts and literature delights the ear and enriches the soul.

I must recount to you how pleased I am that the story of this Irish-American lass and her samurai has made its way to such a grand place.

Here then is the visual and audio presentation in Italian of the publisher’s synopsis of “Bionda Samurai (available May 13th). Grazie!


Postscript: I have also included the English translation for you:

“During the latter part of the nineteenth century, a beautiful and fascinating American woman named Katie is about to release her memoir with more than a hint to scandal, a scandal that will unleash an uproar in Society.

“She is determined to recount her adventures in every detail, from the electrifying moments to the salacious, her life ruled by her insatiable appetite for all things sensual. Her story takes us from London to Japan, where the journey takes you through a maze of raw and vivid eroticism.

“Tantalizing and provocative scenes of sensuality await you in Japan. This is the return of class because Jina Bacarr (author of “The Blonde Geisha” and Cleopatra’s Perfume“) puts forward with her usual skill a story that is unique and has earned her millions of readers around the world, her themes more endearing and bold with provocative situations raw and sexy but always romantic.

The Blonde Samurai
“She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”


Dalton Diaz said...

Fabulous reviews, and rightfully so! I tried to play the trailer, tho, and it wouldn't go.

Wynter Daniels said...

Congrats on the reviews! Well deserved, I'm sure. I couldn't play the trailer either.

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz, Dalton and Wynter!! I'm not sure what happened re: trailer. I deleted what I had and uploaded the video again.

We'll see what happens...

Dalton Diaz said...

Works now, and it's beautiful. How does that come about? Did U get a say? Forgive my ignorance...

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz for checking the video, Dalton. I'm so glad you like it!

Are you asking how the video came about?

I created the video--yes, that's me in the video with the long hair wearing the red kimono (not on the cover!) and holding the fan; I shot pix and video of my various kimonos, parasol, fans, etc. and blended them together to fit the royalty free music I bought.

The Italian script is from Harlequin Italy--I translated it into English and recorded my voiceover speaking the Italian version.

This is the same video I used for the English script (written by Harlequin US); I just adapted it for the Italian audience. My Italian editor loved it and has it linked to their website.

Thankz for asking!

Savannah Stuart said...

Cool video! It might be weird to say but you have a very nice voice :) Do you speak Italian fluently? Either way I couldn't tell!

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz, Savannah, re: voice.

I was in the radio biz at one time--did voiceovers, commercials, DJ.

I lived in Italy for awhile--I don't speak Italian now as well I did then, but I keep trying!

Naima Simone said...

Awesome trailer! Just so beautiful, Jina! Congratulations on the reviews too! You are so multi-faceted!!

Wynter Daniels said...

very nice - and you sound like a native (not that I would know, but it sounds good to me;-)