Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Kiss is Just a Kiss...But it's Sexy as #@$%!!

While preparing to write my blog for this week my new Free Read from Ellora’s Cave, Desire in the Dark, came to mind…nah. I’m lying. I just wanted to put that out there. You know it came out today and I didn’t have a smooth lead in to shamelessly self-pub myself, so there it is. Blah-daw!

Okay, now that my Ode to Self is out of the way…While working on my new manuscript this weekend I wracked my brain about eroticism. Not necessarily sex—I mean, yeah that too—but more along the lines of how to make a scene erotic. And what is it? A love scene isn’t automatically erotic. It’s the words, scents, touches, sounds that make it sensual. Hot. A conversation can be erotic. I’ve read some books where the dialogue during sex made it sizzling, not the act itself. Or even a kiss. *sigh* Some of the sexiest scenes involve a kiss and nothing else. So I started thinking—a dangerous thing that—what do I find erotic? Oooh. Scent. I love when a room has the aroma of fresh sex. And I have to admit. I love tasteful dirty talk. Is that an oxymoron? And long hair on a man that trails over a woman’s skin, the ends damp from the sweat glistening on his shoulders…Why yes. I have given this some thought.

So I’ve come up with some examples of erotic scenes that I will fast forward through a movie to get to. Or skim forward in a book to read. Plot. Nah. Black moment. Forget it. Hot scene. Bingo!

1. The Top Gun kiss scene. Oh. My. I loved that. In total silhouette, Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis’ features weren’t even clear but that kiss...the way he teased her mouth with his and used his tongue. I fell in love with him in that movie…and fell right out after Minority Report. But that’s another story…

2. Linda Howard’s Son of the Morning when Black Niall chased Grace down after she discovered the religious relics in the secret chamber of his Scottish castle. He pinned her to the floor, their breathing harsh. By all rights he should have killed her. Instead he lifted Grace to her knees and gave her the best, most generous sex she’d ever experienced. *shiver* Hold up. I have a little skimming to do. Be right back…

3. Okay, I’m here again! Butch and Marissa in J.R. Ward’s Lover Revealed. The scene in the hospital. Actual love making didn’t occur but could you tell? Really? Butch had Marissa pinned under him on the hospital bed, gown open in the back and revealing his back, gorgeous butt and thighs as he ground his hips against hers. Ooh. And did I mention Vishous watching from the observatory?

4. The love scene between Neo and Trinity in The Matrix: Reloaded. It was everything about this scene. Their bodies twisted together with the yellow background. It seemed as if they were making love in a furnace! And not to mention the almost animalistic dancing and tribal beat going on above them. Raw. Hot. Erotic.

5. The first time Baby and Johnny made love in Dirty Dancing. The eroticism started as soon as he opened the door with nothing on but those tight black pants. His chest. Her virginal white. And the dancing as the clothes came off. The entire scene was a visual orgasm!

So these are my choices. What’s yours? What scene from a movie or book just screams erotic to you? Do you agree or disagree with me?

P.S. – My husband proposed Monster’s Ball. He said Halle Berry’s character’s enthusiasm and the rawness of the scene was a turn on for him. I didn’t get it…is he being a man or do you agree with him? Before answering, remember who’s the Naughty Author Chick here…hee-hee!


Cara McKenna said...

Happy release day, Naima! Now on to the dirty…

It's more filthy than tender, but I love the sex scene between Geena Davis and Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise—and not just because of Brad's ab muscles, really. Then again, I saw that movie when I was about fifteen, and it was one of the first good sex scenes of my life, so it's been exalted to legendary status. But it is hot, all rushed and manful and clothes-still-on frantictasticalness. I must have rewound that tape like sixty times. Even now I can still remember the music playing, and I haven't watched that in ten years.

Michelle Polaris said...

I think the reason a kiss is so erotic is that it is the promise and the tease. The mechanics are symbolic of the later act and I think expectation and build up are key ingredients in good sex, so a great kiss delivers a powerful punch of these. I can't think of one particular hot scene now, but I promise I'll make it my new mission to skim my favorite movies and books. What dedication I have.

Ashlyn Chase said...

I can't answer your last question, but I know which movie's love scene really got to me. Legends of the Fall. Brad Pitt and Julia Ormand. (?sp)

That was the most erotic sex...barely R still, but tasteful.

Dalton Diaz said...

OMG, Naima, we are once again on the same par. The very 1st thing that popped into my head when you said best kiss was Top Gun. The song playing, Take My Breath Away, still does it for me every time.
Also dug the love scene in All the Right Moves.
Legends of the Fall - yes, Ash! Looooove that one!
Let's not forget Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Molding clay took on a whole new meaning.

Lanna Kaye said...

Wow. Okay, I have TWO!! First, (and do we detect a Brad Pitt theme here??) the scene with him and whatever her name (sorry, but I really don't care! LOL) is in Meet Joe Black when they make love for the first time. O. M. G. I thought he did a slam-dunk job of portraying someone experiencing sex for the first time. His facial expressions were a mix of amazement, incredulity, lust and everything else having to do with the act. I loved that scene.

Second--gosh, but I just HAVE to go to my favorite hero of all time--Grimm in Karen Marie Moning's To Tame a Highland Warrior. 'Cause really. That's, like, the best book ever. Again, when they make love for the first time. In his passion, he breaks a thirty foot table for cryin' out loud!! Can't get much sexier than a raw, powerful man letting his lusts and emotions free in the heat of the moment. :) Then it gets even better when he sits in that big ol' chair and puts HER on top of HIM. Man!!! I know what I'm reading tonight. hahaha

Naima Simone said...


Thank you, Cara!! Okay filthy can be erotic--especially if Brad Pitt is involved...hee-hee!! But, yeah, that was an erotic scene!! Add to the list! Check!

Michelle, you are right on about a kiss. It mimics the actual act. Hot. Wet. Slow. Hard. Okay, I'm getting bothered...Whew! A kiss can change a scene from porno to erotic romance! Oh, and I'm glad I could give you a new mission. Your dedication awes me! LOL!

Okay, Ash! You know what? Legends of the Fall is so not one of my favorite movies and all because of the ending, but that love scene is hot!! Brad's golden skin and their passion all the more hot because it was illicit...*sigh* Yup. That goes on the list! Check!

Dalton, that's just scary! LOL! All the Right Moves! Oh yes Lawd!! That was definitely erotic. It was one of the first loves scenes I saw AND the first time I saw a man's groin hair! LOL!! Tom Cruise...he had it going on back in the day!! If you tell me you remember Oxford Blues I'm going to switch my twin sister in for you! LOL! All the Right Moves? Check! Oh and Ghost goes on the list just for ingenuity!

Lanna! Hi!! I've never seen Meet Joe Black but just from your description of his facial expression we shall put it on the list AND I'm going to go rent it! LOL! I wanna see!! Oh and hands down--or high five!--on To Tame a Highland Warrior! That is one of my absolute favorite books! The cracked table burned up the pages! Grimm was so sexy! Check and Check!!

Savannah Stuart said...

I love love love the first scene between Niema Burdock and John Medina in Linda Howard's All the Queens Men. It's fast, raw, and gritty b/c of the situation they're in. Then later when they're about to have sex again, I love how she places a hand on his chest and tells him she wants to introduce him to a concept called foreplay. He admits that he just wants to be inside her every time she allows him to even touch her b/c he's afraid she'll change her mind. Because of who they both are, when he admits that, there's a shift in the way she sees him.

Okay, I could go on and on, but that first seen on the couch where they get down and dirty gets me hot every time I read it.

Naima Simone said...

Oh, Savannah, you are so right. All the Queen's Men is one of my favorites...and not because the heroine and I share the same name phonetically. LOL! That scene on the couch is awesome! It's quick but so incredibly sexy. I loved how it was an act at first but then John couldn't help himself from not making love to her. *sigh* Fast, raw and gritty. You described it perfectly. Loved it!! First love scene with Niema and John in All the Queen's Men! Check!