Friday, March 12, 2010

10 Reasons I Love Being a Writer

I thought once I got an agent, getting rejections would be easier. Turns out, I was wrong. Like really really wrong. Rejections still suck. Got one yesterday that while it was actually nice, still stung. It’s cool though, I plan on drowning myself in a bottle of wine tonight and tomorrow, I plan to shop til I drop. Not literally of course but I’m splurging on a couple new summer dresses and new shoes…probably more than I need. I know it’s not summer yet, but I live in FL so we sort of gloss over spring and bam, it’s summer loooonnnnggg before I wish it was and then I’m sweating buckets and cursing the humidity.

So, I need a reminder why I love being a writer. There are many but I narrowed it down to ten.

1. I get to read for research. Considering reading is one of my favorite things to do, it doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Fan mail. I love it when people who are NOT related to me take the time out of their busy schedule to email me and let me know that they liked something of mine. On days like today, when I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself, fan mail makes me feel a thousand times better.

3. I love seeing the expression on people’s faces when they find out I write erotic romance. Priceless.

4. The voices in my head have an outlet. For real. If I wasn’t a writer, I’d probably be locked up in a loony bin.

5. My work clothes consist of yoga pants and t-shirts. And if I’m feeling really saucy, I forgo the pants.

6. I already mentioned reading, but I love the research aspect of it. I’m always learning something new. Like some states don’t have District Attorneys, but State Attorneys instead. It just depends on where you live. Also, not all guns have actual safety restraints. Though, I already knew that before becoming a writer, but there’s another tidbit anyway.

7. If I want to take a break in the middle of my work day and lay out by the pool for an hour, I can.

8. Since becoming a writer, I’ve met other writers. And they’re awesome. Writers are the nicest, most giving people on the planet.

9. No matter how crappy I’m feeling, once I start typing and immerse myself in a new world, my feelings of rejection and gloom disappear.

10. I can write anywhere.

Are you wondering about that cover? I just got it and I love it! I haven’t even gone through edits yet or gotten a release date for Power Unleashed but the cover gods were apparently shining down on me. Maybe I should add something about covers to my list… ;) Have a good weekend everyone!!


Michelle Polaris said...

I love this optimism Savannah. Sorry about the rejection, but yes the cover gods are alive and well. Yay!

Cara McKenna said...

Commiserations on the rejection, Savannah. At least it was a nice one! My very first real, paper rejection (as opposed to an e-mail or six+ months of cricket-chirping impatience) was a strangely wonderful experience. It came from one of the Blaze editors, and she took the time to compliment the writing and let me know why they were passing—premise wasn't the right fit for Blaze. I hadn't honestly been expecting to sell, so when I opened up the letter and found there was actual, personal advice and encouragement in there, I was thrilled. And you better believe I sent that editor a thank-you note.

Wynter Daniels said...

So sorry about the rejection:-( but that's another thing about being a writer, right? We forge ahead. And what an awesome cover!! I absolutely love it and it fits the book so well.

Savannah Stuart said...

Thanks Michelle. Without some optimism I'd probably drown myself *g*

Sorry abour yours Cara, but like you said, at least it was a nice one. In a way, it does alleviate the sting.

Exactly Wynter! Forge ahead :) Though I'm not adding rejections as reasons I like being a writer, lol ;)

Terry Odell said...

Finally "settled" enough to get back to blog crawls. I agree that getting an agent doesn't eliminate rejections, but they seem to come back faster and are usually 'nicer.' And you can share the misery, because now the agent has to deal with it as well.

I'm now without an agent AND submitting in a new genre, so I'm having to thicken the skin again (and remember your 10 very good points about why I do this, although now that I'm in Colorado, the attire has changed)

Stephanie Adkins said...

Ditto to ALL of that. :) I'm sorry about the rejection letter. *BIG HUGS* They really suck big time, but I love your optimistic attitude. Have a glass of wine for me tonight too!

Kaylea Cross said...

Savannah, another awesome cover! For real, the cover Gods love you.

Rejections suck. Period. Whether you get them on your own or through an agent. Hang tough, baby!

My favorite of your rules was #2. It never means the same unless it's someone outside your family or circle of friends! :)

Savannah Stuart said...

Glad you're settled, Terry!! Sorry I missed seeing you at the last meeting before you left. And you're right, they do come back faster and w/ more detail which is actually cool.

Thanks Stephanie and Kaylea :) Don't worry, I'll definitely have some wine for everyone!

Jina Bacarr said...

We can all understand your feelings re: rejections. You did a great job showing that in spite of that you love being a writer. And that's what really counts.

Naima Simone said... drink the wine I have the Krispy Kreme donuts for the rejection. They suck!! I'm sending hugs and sugar-coated fist-taps your way...

Second...WHOA!!! What a cover!! That is gorgeous! It caught my eye right away! I want one...

Third...Go look at your comments for "Worth the Risk"...whoever sent the rejection doesn't realize the writer they're passing up on...but your readers do...

Fourth...WHOA!!! What a cover!! LOL!

Savannah Stuart said...

You're right Jina. I think that's what bonds a lot of writers in the first place. Not many others can understand the sometimes constant rejections.

Dang Naima, now you've got me contemplating picking up some Krispy Kremes and I'm supposed to be on a diet! lol! Thanks for pointing that out, I always forget to check the main site ;)

Dalton Diaz said...

I love this post, and yes, great cover! We've all been there, and Cara, my first rejection was also from an editor at Blaze who gave me detail! It went beyond just the premise (I was pretty new), but encouraging just the same. And hurt just the same.