Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sex and the Younger Man

I was going to blog about a different topic today, but following last night's "Cougar Town," and the popularity of the "cougar" concept, I decided to blog about a new release, an Ellora's Cave trade paperback anthology called Better with Age. The book features my novella, Until Jake, which recently won Best Book of 2008 for it's category from Romance Reviews Today. As the antho title suggests, Until Jake is an older woman/younger man story...with some very unexpected twists!

To be honest, I've always preferred older men. They have experience, and ambition and wisdom and maturity. They don't need to be "molded." (I mean, who has the time for that? LOL) But as I wrote the story, I had fun with it because the hero--though only 25--is incredibly mature, alpha and deliciously hot! My heroine, though she thinks she's the one in charge of the seduction, has honest insecurities about sex with a younger man and the role he might play in her life.

I'm including a little bit about Until Jake below, along with an excerpt. And, since this is my debut blog at NAC, I'm giving away a copy of Until Jake in ebook format to a random commentor. Leave a quick note or vote in my poll: "Older with Wisdom" or "Younger with Stamina"?

See you next week! Calista

Until Jake by Calista Fox, featured in the Better with Age anthology--available at bookstores and online.

Just about every woman has been propositioned by a construction worker. Kate Hampton is about to turn the tables on a hot, hunky one named Jake…

Kate's dry spell, following a humiliating breakup, is about to end when she sets her sights on a hottie who's suddenly in her line of vision every morning. The hunky, much younger man is exactly what she needs to boost her damaged ego and she's certain the age difference and his occupation will keep her from losing her heart to the gorgeous stud. But Kate quickly discovers there's more to Jake Mosley than meets the eye and his steamy brand of loving has her rethinking all of her convictions.

If Kate can find the courage to let go of past pains and let a younger man work his magic on her, she just might end up with all she's ever dreamed of…


“Well, hell-o there,” Kate Hampton all but purred as the very tall, very sexy construction worker she’d been eyeing all week came into view.

“For the love of God,” Maggi Silver whispered as she also stared out the office window, looking over Kate’s shoulder. “Would you look at that?”

“I’ve barely taken my eyes off him in five days.” During which time Kate’s irritation over losing her ocean view from within San Diego’s newly developed Liberty Station commercial and residential area had diminished considerably. All because of the blond Adonis she’d recently discovered.

“Now that’s what I call a primo vista,” Maggi cooed.

“You said it, sister.”

The new building being constructed was little more than a stone’s throw away, with a small courtyard separating it from the building that housed Kate’s office.

Which gave Kate a very up-close-and-personal view of Mr. Hardbody.

“So this is why you’ve started eating lunch at your desk.”

“Blame me?”

“I don’t know, Kate,” her boss said in a tentative voice. “This is so…un-PC. I mean, really. Ogling a construction worker all day? And one who looks to be a good ten years younger than you. He’s a baby, for Christ’s sake.”

Kate tore her gaze from the object of her immediate desire and said, “When have you ever known me to be PC? And what does age have to do it? I don’t want to marry the guy. I want to fuck him.”

Maggi’s jaw fell slack. Kate laughed. “Oh come on! What’s wrong with being honest about it? I haven’t had sex in nearly three years.” Not during—sadly—her engagement to Ken or after—sadder yet—their breakup.

It’d been a huge blow to her ego—not to mention her libido—when she’d discovered her extremely successful fiancĂ© was only interested in her as leverage. An asset to his on-fire career, particularly when they attended high-profile social events. She’d basically been an escort. Arm candy. And nothing more.

Because, as it turned out, Ken Stoddard already had a lover.

An equally successful, equally male lover, to be exact.

Following that debacle, Kate had decided to rule out marriage altogether. Who needed the bullshit? The heartache? The drama?

She was thirty-six years old with a great career. She owned her house and BMW, had a handyman on speed dial, girlfriends to have dinner with and could buy her owned damned Tiffany jewelry, thank you very much. There really was no need for a man in her life.

Except for that wee little problem that had cropped up lately.

Kate desperately needed to get laid. And no, the battery-operated device in her nightstand didn’t count. Unfortunately for her, those little bunny ears were no longer getting the job done. Kate needed hard male muscle and hot flesh pressed against her naked body. She needed the weight of a man on her, settled between her legs. Or stretched out beneath her. It really didn’t matter as long as he knew how to use the equipment God had given him...


Helen Hardt said...

Sounds like a great anthology -- I love cougar stories!

Natasha Moore said...

Wow, great excerpt. My DH is an older man, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the...assets of a younger guys :)

Jina Bacarr said...

I love your line "primo vista!" Spot on. Enjoyed your sexy excerpt--very cool how you build anticipation for what's to come! (pun definitely intended.)

Saskia Walker said...

Oh boy, I have to read this, Calista. Lovely excerpt. :) Gorgeous cover, too. My loverboy is 8 years my junior, and the most mature man I've ever met... We've been together 9 years now. I think it might be working ;-)

Savannah Stuart said...

Vera hot excerpt ;) As long as a man treats his woman right in and out of the bedroom, I don't care if he's older or younger, lol.

Mindy said...

Wow, Great excerpt Calista :)
As for the older/younger thing, women still live longer than men so I'd go cougar in a heartbeat as long as he treated me right ;)

Mindy :)

Sheila said...

Hi Calista,
Loved the excerpt.:) It's hard to find a younger male that is mature,but a lot of the older men need to grow

Calista Fox, Author said...

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!! I love hearing women's opinions on the cougar concept. I find that most women are NOT opposed to sharing a bed with a younger man! ;-) I've only been with one younger guy (just two years my junior) and that was in high school--he was sweet sixteen, so it really doesn't count! LOL

Saskia--You go, girlfriend! 8 years your junior and still going strong after 9 years! You've obviously got all the right moves!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

If the spark and respect is there I quickly forget character age and want to know what happens! Great excerpt!

Dara Edmondson said...

Love that excerpt! And congrats on the Best Book award. I've always gone for older men and I plan to keep the one I've got. But there's something awfully hot about a "mature" woman and a young hottie!



I love the concept and have seem it work and real life. If you love each other what difference does it make.

loretta canton

Armenia said...

Oh, Calista, very nice excerpt. Keep teasing.

I've never dated anyone younger than me, but as I get older I can certainly see some advantages. I love those rippling ab muscles. But alas, I have to admit I prefer older. There's something to be said about wisdom, maturity and a man knowing a way around a womon's body.

Rachelle Chase said...

Calista, I'm going to keep my opinion to myself (LOL) but wanted to stop by and say LOVE that excerpt and what a fun, sexy, story! And, congratulations on the award. Best Book?? You rock!!

ddurance said...

I've gotta admit that as I age, those younger guys sure are looking good. It's funny, because when we're young, we want an older man. lol


Brenda said...

This sounds like a HOT book. I would love to read it!

dancealert at aol dot com

Michelle Bethell said...

Steamy expert!!!