Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cleopatra's Perfume goes on sale today in Poland as "Perfumy Kleopatry"

by Jina Bacarr

My Harlequin Spice Novel, Cleopatra's Perfume, goes on sale today in Poland as "Perfumy Kleopatry." (Harlequin MIRA Stars)

The story takes place in 1939 in exotic places--Cairo, London, Berlin--when the world was teetering on the brink of war. It's the story of Lady Eve Marlowe "who has everything she needs to lead the most decadent of lives: money, nobility, nerve…and an insatiable appetite for sexual adventure…

"She also has a singular treasure: a fragrance of ancient origin said to have been prepared for the Queen of Kings herself. Seductive, irresistible, even mystical—it is the scent of pure sensuality."

Poland figures into the story, as evidenced by this short excerpt from Cleopatra's Perfume:

I had been in Cairo for weeks, doing my best to avoid the realization the world was on the verge of total war. I had not believed everything would explode on a late August night in 1939, but I knew a change was coming…an unexpected change. What had begun as a wild adventure of scent, pleasure and submission was about to turn into something more salacious, more deadly and I couldn't stop it, as I couldn't stop Hitler from racing toward his mad scheme of world domination.

His target was Poland. Mine was Ramzi.

The Fuehrer was only hours away from raping and pillaging the defenseless country. I was minutes away from executing a night of scandal, whispered renditions of which would be told over and over again on the back streets of Cairo, in the bazaar, hotel bars, anywhere people leaned forward with curiosity to hear about the night Cleopatra danced nude.

Here is the gorgeous graphic on the Harlequin MIRA Stars page with a translation of the Polish text:

War, sex, espionage, honor…

This novel has everything you need

A fast read

Exotic places, exceptional heroes

And a large dose of erotic humor

What is your favorite perfume?

What sensual memories does it evoke in you when you smell it?

Feb 2010
The Blonde Samurai: "She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”

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Dara Edmondson said...

Sounds like a great read! I used to wear Opium before I became allergic to it. It always reminds me of the first few dates with my husband, who thankfully doesn't evoke an allergic reaction!

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

Can't remember the name now, but the body shop made it. It was light and clean and made me think of cool fresh breeze. then they stopped making it and I've searched for a new perfume ever since, haven't found one.

Jina Bacarr said...
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Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz, Dara and Chudney, for your perfume thoughts. It's amazing how scent never leaves our psyche.

Something cool in Poland with my book: according to the blurb on the cover, there's "small sachet of mysterious perfume in each book stays with you forever."

I'd love to know what scent it is...

ddurance said...

Not a bad title, eh? Congratulations on the Polish release. I would assume it is like a holy grail for authors to be published in other countries. How proud are you? lol

Scents......Amazingly enough, I like Curious by Britney Spears, unlike her, it smells of innocence to me with just a hint of sexiness. It makes me feel good when I wear it.


Jina Bacarr said...

Deidre: I like the idea of a perfume that smells of innocence with a hint of sexiness--like showing a little cleavage but not too much.

You're right about foreign editions being something special! It's always interesting to see if the title changes; e.g., Cleopatra's Perfume is "Il Profumo del peccato" in Italian: Sinful Perfume.