Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Writer's Guilty Pleasures: Do you really get your ideas in a bubble bath?

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How do writers get their ideas?

Of course writers have fabulous lives to draw from. We chase spies before breakfast, do lunch with sexy FBI Special Agents, and let's not forget cocktails with that handsome billionaire we met last weekend in Monte Carlo...


It's more like we chase the kids around the house before breakfast to get them to school. Do lunch sitting in front of the computer staring at an empty page, and have cocktails with--

Make that a glass of wine all by our lonesome while hubby gets the kids to bed.

By then we're too tired for anything but a rose-scented bubble bath to get our brains working. And that's where the magic happens for so many writers.

In the bath, the pool, the shower.

There's something magical and mystical about the hot, running water soothing our aching muscles that gets the brain in gear. Many writers swear they get their best ideas in the bath or shower.

I believe that quiet "me" time we get with our brains is important to everything we do, including writing. As I wrote in my nonfiction book, "The Japanese Art of Sex: How to Tease, Seduce, and Pleasure the Samurai in Your Bedroom:"

 A luxuriating hot bath is not pampering, but a valued and essential part of your sexual life.  Do as the Japanese do: Relax and take your time.  It is considered bad taste to hurry while bathing.

Next time, we'll visit more Writer's Guilty Pleasures!!


The Japanese Art of Sex: How to Tease, Seduce, and Pleasure the Samurai in Your Bedroom" is available both as an e-book and trade paperback.

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