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Cabal Hijack! Steele and Liz by Amy Ruttan

Please welcome the heroines from Wild Fantasy Hero and Wild Wolf at Midnight. Both can be found in the Fondled and Gobbled erotic spoof series. Today, Steele (Wild Fantasy Hero) gets to sit and  interview Liz (Wild Wolf at Midnight). Sit back and relax, grab a drink and enjoy:

Steele: Hi Liz! So they call you the "Dog Psychiatrist". Did you have to go to, like, regular human medical school for that is there a special "dog psychiatrist" school for that?

Liz: *OMG. Am I back in the bar with that bartender?* No, I didn't go to a Dog Psychiatrist school. I attended Guelph University and got my doctorate in Veterinary medicine. I just seem to have a magic touch dealing with dog behaviors, I was given the name "Dog Psychiatrist" and frankly, I don't mind. I have a nice, lucrative career through my books and television.

Steele: *A career through talking to dogs? Wow, she must understand their language or something.* I love that we were both virgins at the beginning of our stories. I wasn't in any pain either! How was your first sexual experience? My Grey came a dozen times in one night even though he's forty-eight!

Liz: *Seriously?! TMI. We can be sistahs. Not. Smile pleasantly. This is press.*  Wow. What a personal question and thank you for sharing. Yeah, I guess you can say my first sexual experience was mind blowing *Daydreams about Wulfe's naked body as nipples involuntarily tighten. Clears throat* It was great.

Steele: Isn't sex great? I'd say I should've done it so much sooner but I'm so glad I saved myself for Grey.

Liz: I wasn't exactly saving myself, but I'm REALLY glad Wulfe was the first one. *Hells yeah*

Steele: I've seen your show, and one thing I don't understand is, why are so many dogs depressed? Aren't dogs supposed to be happy all the time? Isn't that kind of the point of them?

Liz: *Smiles graciously* Well thank you for viewing. I appreciate all my fans. Dogs, like humans have feelings too and we as pet owners have to learn to understand their behaviors since dogs can't speak for themselves. *Just like Wulfe. God, I wonder where he is now. I wonder if I can telepathically call him to my bed tonight.*

Steele: *looking confused* Understand their behaviors if they can't talk? Seriously, how do you that? Never mind, that sounds like a really complicated explanation.

Liz: *Is relieved not to have to explain it to Bouncy Castle's sister*

Steele: So what did you think of Wulfe when he first undressed? And did you have the same reaction I did, where there were juices running down my thighs like the Nile?

Liz: *Juices running down my thighs like the Nile? Seriously who is this woman?* Wow, that's very descriptive. Wulfe was certainly attractive. *And fucking hot*

Steele: Grey is the hottest man on the planet. Speaking of that, I'm thinking he needs me. It's been, well, at least an hour or two. That man is a machine.

Liz: *Wow. Really TMI, but she has no clue. Wulfe is all man and probably could outlast any man. He's freaking immortal.* Thanks for the chat, Steele. Ummm, enjoy yourself? *Pulls out phone and quickly texts Wulfe to come ASAP*

Liz’s story, Wild Wolf at Midnight, is in Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds. If you think you can handle reading more from this hilarious anothology, check it out here:

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 About Amy Ruttan:
Amy Ruttan is an erotic romance and romance author whose first book released from Ellora’s Cave in September 2007. She writes under many subgenres. Under the name A.C. Ruttan she writes Urban Fantasy for Samhain Publishing.

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