Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe" Episode 1

Berlin Sex Diary Episode 1: Eve Meets a Monocled Gentleman Wi...       

I was already working on my Berlin Sex Diary video series when my fellow Naughty Author Chick, Wynter Daniels, mentioned her live reading at an Erotic Bliss Party. How exciting, I thought, but I could see she was nervous.

It takes practice, I told her, to be "in the moment" when you're reading your story. You don't usually get it right on the first take. I go
over the scripts for my podcasts several times before I feel comfortable with them, then I record.

So without further ado, here is the backstory about my series, then click on the video above for Episode 1:

"The Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe" is an audio podcast series Prequel to my Spice novel, Cleopatra’s Perfume.


Before Lady Eve Marlowe married a member of the British peerage, she was a cabaret dancer in Berlin in the late 1920s during the wild days of the Weimar Republic. 

Episode 1: Eve meets a monocled gentleman with a secret fetish. 

Written, produced and hosted by Jina Bacarr.  Music: "Paris" Composer/ publisher: Dan Graham, PRS, Shockwave.  Visit  

P.S. I'm amazed at how many hits my Berlin Sex Diary Episode 1 received on the Metacafe site inserted in this post. More than 5,000 hits in ten days!



Wynter said...

Love the podcast - good job. I've been practicing my scene. Three more days until the event and I am feeling a bit more comfortable.

Jina Bacarr said...

Thankz, Wynter! I'm so looking forward to hearing all about your reading at the Erotic Bliss Party! Take some pix if you'll be fabulous!

Dalton Diaz said...

Wow, and what a fab cover. Think I could borrow the pearls for the 1920's Romanticon party? LOL! I wish I looked that hot!

Jina Bacarr said...

Thank you, Dalton. They used the same cover in all the foreign translations, too! Yes, she is hot!

The pearls play a very significant role in the story when Lady Eve meets the hero in Cairo in 1939 in a sexy nightclub and she performs her famous dance nude painted in gold paint...and a string of pearls.