Thursday, July 23, 2015

What's in a Name?

Dalton Diaz is a pen name. There are a few reasons for that, one of them being that it's extremely rare for anyone to get my real name right. That reason is also why I gave each of my four sons strong, yet simple "manly" names. That's how my eldest son ended up with 3 penis euphemisms. This was discovered during his middle school years. Oh, and again in his military years. My bad.

Look at that! One paragraph, and I'm off course already.

This blog is supposed to be about when it's perhaps advisable to choose an alias for business reasons. You know, like the old Far Side comic with Sam and Ella's egg stand?

Sometimes, names can be funny and harmless. Like becoming a dentist if your last name is Chew or Gumm. Keeping your last name if it happens to be Payne (in any form)? Not advisable. Not advisable for anything in the medical/dental field, really. Though I did once see an add for a veterinary clinic where the two vets were Dr. Poacher and Dr. Hawk. That's freakin' funny.

I used to drive by a real estate office where the guy's last name was Van Wart. The office closed. Now I drive by this sign every once in awhile. It's not too bad, but you do have to wonder why he wouldn't use his full name.

Are there any fun-named businesses you've heard of, or that you frequent? Do tell!

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