Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wild Wicked Weekend is Open for Registration!

It's time! The Wild Wicked Weekend 2016 is open for registration. 

So what is it all about? I can't think of anyone better to tell you than the women who bring it all to you, the Belle Femme Authors.
Desiree Holt

"The Wild Wicked Weekend is a highlight of my year. We began as six friends who wanted to organize a fun convention for readers and authors of erotic romance. Little did we realize how it would take off. Now each year I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new, and just letting it all hang out for three fun-fillled days. Hanging with my readers and other authors. Doing “Just for us girls” things. Oh, and I’m looking forward, also, to a dance with one of the sexy male hosts!"

Forward Pass (Book #1, Game On)

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Samantha Cayto

"What I’m looking forward to the most at the next WWW is the boys. I somehow wrangled the enviable job of picking hosts and riding herd on them throughout the conference. I give the boys simple marching orders – make each and every one of our attendees feel as special as she truly is. Our hosts are there for eye candy, sexy dancing and a whole lot of fun. I love how they get into the spirit of the event and really ham it up. They love their wicked weekend just as much as the rest of us."

Internal Affair (Boston's Brave Series, book 4)

Brenna Zinn
  "I look forward to the Wild Wicked Weekend much as I do Christmas.  And just like Christmas, the WWW seems to take forever to finally arrive and then it’s over much too quickly.  But having had a few WWWs under my belt, I know to come prepared to savor every minute of the time I have.  And savor I do!
   My memories of past WWWs become a blur of one outrageous moment after the other.  I love seeing friends, fellow authors, readers and future friends. Being with others who are as into writing and reading as much as I am is a complete boost of enthusiasm.  I’m always pumped up to put more words on paper after a WWW.
  One of my favorite annual duties as a WWW hostess is to MC the costume contests during the meals.  Let me tell you, our guests come to win.  How they find their outfits is beyond me, but they do and they rock them.  Although dressing isn’t a requirement, I think donning a costume helps make one feel more a part of what’s going on.  Plus, dang it, it’s fun.
  But if pressed on choosing one event above others as my favorite, I must confess I love the female impersonator show.  I’ve seen amazing talent by those who compete for our WWW “queen” title and tiara.  These ladies are beautiful and entertaining.  I simply adore them and I think many of our guests do as well."
Touched by Midas (SEALs Going Hot anthology)
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Regina Carlysle

"The Wild Wicked Weekend is truly a labor of love for all involved. I guess my favorite thing about our little con that's not really a con, is that it's a place to relax, have fun, and re-connect with friends. I've often said that writing is a lonely business but through our weekend we get to hang with friends, talk books, and just make some great memories."

Made For Mischief 

Cerise Deland

"What I like most is the intimacy and the fact that so many people return year after year, making it a house party!!!"

The Incomparables
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Dalton Diaz

"I love everything about the Wild Wicked Weekend! I love the details that go into the planning, and watching it all come to fruition - in a haunted hotel in wonderful San Antonio. Every year is new and exciting, though I have to say one of my favorite activities is Sex Position Gumby. I get to read the excerpts being acted out, and OMG, I've never had so much fun or laughed so hard. 

Winters' Thaw
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You can check out my previous posts/pics on the WWW here:
If this doesn't convince you that you need to be there, here's a pic from last year that might do it:
Head on over to our website,  There's a wealth of info there, including how to register and how to sign up for the Belle Femme newsletter. But hurry! At this posting, a mere 10 days after registration opened, there are fewer than 20 spots left.

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