Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wild Wicked Weekend 2015 in Pictures

I do believe a Wild and Wicked time was had by all! I had a new phone with a much better camera, but my angle from the DJ cave wasn't always the best. If people didn't come my way, there was always an obstruction. 

Fear not, I did get some good pics! Not naming names to protect the not so innocent. Feel free to tag yourself in the comments. 

Sam Cayto and I started our journey on Tues. by staying the night in a Boston hotel for our early flight. We ended up going out right between two snowstorms, so phew! This was our view from our hotel room window. 

And goodbye snowy Massachusetts!

Hello sunny Austin, TX! Not even put out that it wasn't warm. Know why? Nom, nom, nom. Get into my belly! Brenna Zinn picked us up from the airport and took us straight to In N Out Burger, where I ate all of my Double Double and the rest of Sam's, too. Hey, give me a break. It was a 3 year drought. We did the girly-girl thing and got mani-pedi's, and then went to dinner. Steak, Texas style. Yee-haw!

After a fab night with the hostess with the mostest, we loaded Brenna's car top to bottom and headed into San Antonio. Rodeo time! Dinner and rodeo set up by the fabulous Margie Mendel Hager! Sometimes the cowboy won, sometimes the sheep won.

Thursday was the start of the con. These pics speak for themselves, no?

Our Fabulous Wild and Wicked Sponsors!

And the raffle baskets to the left and the right that ran all around the room! We had many very happy basket winners, and raised quite a bit of money for the local animal shelter, local women's shelter, and Wounded Warriors. Big hand of applause for those who donated baskets, and everyone who bought tickets to support these worthy causes.

 Thursday night, 30 lucky people got to go to the dungeon, and the rest of us stayed and played at the Boys Dance Review.

I believe these shots are before and during the Massage Tutorial (with a twist, because we are all so wonderfully twisted!)  Note Kelii's underwear.

Military lunch costume winner! Let's hear it for authenticity. One son in the Marines, and one son went Navy, so she wore bits of each.

Random great shot.

Hair band dinner!

Sex Position Gumby!

 What, you thought I was going to show pics of that???

This is Kelii, playing an awesome joke!

Pirate Lunch! And a couple of our very lucky basket winners.


Pajama Slumber Party!

Dangit, not a great shot, but this is one of the beautiful chocolate roses donated by Sheila that everyone is talking about on FB.

And last, but not least, the Goodbye Dance Party!

Noooooooo! It can't be over!

So there you have it. Well, what I'm willing to divulge, anyway. Oh, wait, on the trip back, this was at the entrance to the plane. When I sat down, the lady next to me was reading a Susan Mallery book! Romance, romance, everywhere!

And then we landed in right back in snowy Massachusetts. Sigh.

I can't wait until next year!


Carlene Love said...

Awww, such sweet memories! Loved your wrap up!!!
Here's to the rest of 2015 being fabulous, kind, inspiring and maybe just a little bit wicked to you. ;-)

Ashlyn Chase said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. And Donna! It looks like she had fun as well.

I love the Nooo it can't be over! Picture. LOL

Margie said...

WWW 2015 was the bestest con ever! After being stranded Valentine's Day night in Atlanta airport I got to San Antonio Sunday morning for a full week of sight-seeing, rodeo and WWW. You, Dalton, and the rest of the hostesses did a fantastic job! I loved it all, hostesses, hosts, hosts delivering raffle baskets to winners, authors, readers, rodeo, dungeon trip, Gumby, Drag Queen Show, etc. And the best was seeing old friends and making new ones. Can't wait for WWW 2016!

Donna said...


I had a fantastic time. It was my first time at WWW and I plan to go back again. The guys were of course the ultimate of hosts and the Belle Femme authors put on one kick ass event. I'll have to find a pic of my 80"s costume to post on my page.

Elle Boon said...

I had soo much fun. This was my first time being an official author signing and I have to say it was fabulous. Thank you ladies for having me. I'm already looking forward to next year. <3

Slick said...

Such an amazing time as always! Love this conference so much!

Slick said...

Such an amazing time as always! Love this conference so much!