Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wild Wicked Weekend 2015!

Happy New Year!
Yes, I know it's over a week into the new year, but I just dropkicked the second kid back to his college curb yesterday. Don't get me wrong; I was glad to have three of my four boys home for the holidays/school break, but it's also nice to be sitting in a blessedly quiet house.

Shoot, did I say that out loud? That's just asking for trouble. Moving on...

I have a lot of wonderful things planned for 2015, but first up and foremost is the Wild Wicked Weekend!

If you haven't heard about it, check it out. If you've been considering going but haven't pulled the trigger yet, time and space is limited. San Antonio is a great city, and the Menger Hotel is the bomb! Did I mention that the male hosts are Taylor Cole, Cole Reilly, Nick Soto, and Kelii Naliielua? Yeah, stop drooling and click on that link!

I'd love to start my year partying with you in person. And no, that wasn't directed at the male hosts above. Ok, maybe some of it was. I mean, have you seen these guys? 

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