Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello summer!

Winter. I hate it! I can't stand it! I live in a state that borders frickin' Canada, and they have a tendency to leave the back door open. Brrr...

Well, I'm not one to suffer and whine. I try to DO something about my little problems. So, several years ago, I bought a timeshare in Florida. Yup. A week right on the beach after the holidays and during my birthday week. (Some people have a day. I stretch it to a week.) I love to spend my special day kayaking on the St. John's River.

Okay, so the river I use is a whole lot calmer than this. To me any water sport is an adventure. Just ask my daughter why she'll never canoe again. (It has to do with getting lost in a swampy area with long tendrils of hair-like vegetation hanging from trees, making the impending darkness seem even darker.) Like I adventure! Don't worry. We found our way out before nightfall. Visions of gators and snakes were totally unfounded.

As I type this, I'm still at home. A storm is about to hit and our plane is scheduled to leave just as it really gets going. I don't need to tell you what awful words will exit my mouth if we're grounded...

But here's my point. (Oh, yeah, I did have one...) It has to do with the title. I've heard enough about the law of attraction to know I need to think positive. I positively will be enjoying warm weather and sunshine right. f*cking. now! Hee hee. I think I need it. Can you tell?

How do you feel about winter?  



VenusBookluvr said...

As a Canadian I should be used to the winter but every year it sneaks up and dumps on me. I know hate is a strong word but I hate winter, if I could I'd hibernate until spring, or maybe even summer!

Virginia E said...

Down in Southern California, we have a rainy season (or what we hope is a "rainy" season) rather than anything a New Englander would consider a REAL winter. Temps do get below freezing but the last time we had measurable snowfall was over 60 years ago.
That being said, I still haven't forgiven my alma mater for marching us out of the graduation straight out into -4F with no shelter or place to stash a warm coat. Needless to say, I have no pictures from that event because I was too cold to stand around taking pictures.

Victoria said...

I love winter. I'm one of those strange people that likes the cold and snow. I can do without the ice :). Having grown up in western NY winter has never bothered me. All the seasons are a blessing and I enjoy them all.

Hope you're having a fantastic time :).