Thursday, November 27, 2014


I don't expect a lot of people to visit us here at Naughty Author Chicks today, with it being Thanksgiving and all. There are potatoes to mash, turkeys to roast, and most important of all, people to see.

The idea of having seasoned bread shoved up his butt doesn't seem to bother this guy in my driveway. Definitely not as much as it bothered Stud to have a wild turkey sitting on his car.

It is a small gathering of fourteen at my house today. For the first time ever, three of my kids aren't home for Thanksgiving. I have to admit, that feels strange. It didn't really sink in until last weekend, when I was figuring out how much turkey and potatoes I'd need, and whether to go with prime rib or lamb as an extra. The latter tradition started with one of my older boys who didn't like turkey. He's one of the kids who couldn't come home this year, but the idea of breaking with tradition made it feel more permanent. We're having lamb. :)

That's not to say I'm against adding new things, even if I leave the old traditions in place. I've made turducken twice, and come to the conclusion that it is not worth the effort. This year, I'm making a couple of Paleo sides for me, and anyone else who wants it. I know myself; if I don't make things like a Paleo stuffing, I'll dip my fork into that forbidden delight. Repeatedly.

In the name of tradition, if you are reading this, I hope you have, are having, or have had a wonderful meal with family and/or friends. Gluttony on all fronts is absolutely allowed!

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Ashlyn Chase said...

Sitting here stuffed like the turkey we ate. LOL
Hope yours was awesome.