Friday, October 24, 2014


No, I'm not talking about Gay Pride. I'm referring to Pride in yourself. This week I attended a conference with the day job where the motivational speaker was Roger Shultz. He play football for my alma mater, the University of Alabama. ROLL TIDE! But he's better known as a runner on The Biggest Loser.

Basically, the gist of his speech was having PRIDE. P stands for Persistence or as my daddy says, "Keep on keepin' on." R is Respect - in yourself and earned from others. I means Impact. You never know who's looking up to you and what kind of influence you have. D is Determination. Hard work pays off. E stands for Effort. Show up on time, do what's asked and have a good attitude. Pretty simple, right?   

Roger Shultz
Roger Sultz
Many of you may know Roger Shultz from the popular reality show "The Biggest Loser" where he finished second losing more weight than any contestant ever lost while on the BL campus. However, he is much more than a guy who lost 164 pound in just five months. Roger has always been the same down to earth person, despite all his many accomplishments beginning in high school.
Roger was All-State in Football, Wrestling, and in Track. He was offered scholarships in all the sports and chose from one of the almost 100 schools that offered him a scholarship in football. He attended the University of Alabama where he played for Ray Perkins, Bill Curry, and Gene Stallings. He started at center for 48 games. He was All-SEC twice, was a freshman All-American, and was an honorable mention All-American his junior and senior year.
After his playing days at UA, Roger moved on to graduate school at Alabama where he completed a Master's in Marketing. This was on top of his Bachelors in Commerce and Business Administration earned earlier. While completing his graduate degree, Roger found time to be a graduate assistant on the 1992 U. of Alabama National Championship football team. Roger has since been named to the Alabama All Decade Team for the 90s and the 50-Year Iron Bowl Team.

Hope you're feeling the PRIDE!
             Southern Smiles,
                          Casey Crow

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