Saturday, September 13, 2014

Literacy Auction.2

Ashlyn Chase here...Yesterday's post and video was from Casey Crow, my agency sibling, (That's what the authors represented by The Seymour Agency call each other.) We're participating in an auction to benefit a literacy charity. ( To auction ) Casey told you about her favorite book from childhood.

Today it's my turn. My video tells of my love of being read to as a child. I won't repeat the story here. I'll just tell you about how this love of listening to my mother or father reading to me translated into my love of audiobooks as an adult.

In 2007, I found myself flat on my back for a solid month after a spinal fusion. I can't tell you how much fun it was to stare at the ceiling fan and wonder how long it had been since I'd dusted it. (Insert sarcastic eyeroll here.) I tried to hold a book over my head, but my arms got tired really fast and the heavy duty pain meds made it hard to concentrate.

Well, rather than letting me go slowly insane, my wonderful husband found out how to sign me up for audiobooks from my state library. These were MP3 files, so he didn't even need to go to the local or state library. He was able to download them onto my laptop from the privacy of our own home. That meant I could browse and choose my own titles too.

I listened to a number of wonderful audiobooks that way. I found I liked the narrators with British accents the best, and later on I found a British publisher who made erotic romances into audiobooks. Oh, happy day! I only share that here on Naughty Author Chicks, because I know readers with similar taste will understand. ;)

I have another link for you. Here's my auction and guess what I'm giving away?

Why, it's an MP3 CD of my audiobook Flirting Under a Full Moon! You get the disc so you can download it again and again. Heck, you can become your own lending library! And you won't have to wait for the person to finish listening to it in order to return it to you. The book can be downloaded onto a laptop, PC, phone, iPad, iPod, or any other gizmo that will read to you.

I hope you'll check out the auction, or the literacy foundation nearest you. Let's create a more informed, entertained, and intelligent world!  



Victoria Adams said...

lol - lying on back and looking up at ceiling fan wondering when you dusted it last - you made me look up at mine - and cringe :-(

Great little video. Hope the auction is a smash - it's just a wonderful idea.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Thanks, Victoria! I hope so too.