Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Am an Outlander Addict

I have a new pleasure that I don't feel a bit guilty about. Every week, two girlfriends and I get together and watch Outlander on Starz. One of those friends even comes after work and spends the night because I live at the halfway point. The loud clock in the living room is stopped (kinda feels like reaching under a kilt to stop the swinging... well, you get the idea), the MIL has been called earlier in the day, and anyone else in the house has been told to get lost and only interrupt in the case of an emergency involving copious amounts of blood.

I ordered one of those Starz three month deals for the occasion, and then found out the second round of Outlander doesn't show until the beginning of 2015. Oh, and that it has already been renewed for a second season. I'll be paying the going rate when my three months are up. Still not feeling guilty.

If you have to ask why all of this is happening, then you haven't seen the show. It's freakin' phenomenal. Yes, there are a few liberties taken and given that weren't in the books by Diana Gabaldon, but for the most part, it stays true.

I wasn't sure about the actress who plays Claire at first, Caitriona Balfe, for the simple fact that she's too skinny.

But for me, Jamie, played by Sam Heughan, was perfect from the start.

Then I saw them together in the first episode, and the chemistry is off the charts. Well done on both castings!

For the first episode, my two friends and I watched it all the way through without a word. When it was over, we immediately watched it again while giving each other our opinion. None of us wanted it to end. When we got together for the next round, we admitted we'd each watched that first episode as often as possible throughout the week! That was only possible for one of my friends because that first episode was offered for free on the internet. We made a pact then and there that none of us would watch a new episode until we were all together. Half of the fun is discussing it after!

Skip to this week. I've been traveling, doing some scouting work with Samantha Cayto for the Wild Wicked Weekend. We started at Dallas LaBare, then Houston LaBare, then got to spend the rest of the week hanging out at Desiree Holt's house and visiting with Brenna Zinn and Cerise DeLand. Don't hate me.

It's been an amazing trip that I wouldn't trade for anything, and when I get home, my friends and I will be getting together for an Outlander double-header. Don't call, don't text, don't expect an answer to an email. I'll be watching Jamie - er, Outlander.


Ashlyn Chase said...

LOVE Outlander! It was the book that got me hooked on romance. So smartly written! I love the cast too, but I could do without some of the thick Scottish accents.

Dalton Diaz said...

The accents just mean I have to go back again and again to figure it out. Well, ok, the first few times are visual, but then I really do listen.