Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who Has a New Release? It's Me...and Ashlyn Chase!

I know, it's been awhile, eh? Well, I'd like to think this one was worth the wait. It also happens to be my first self-pub, and wow, there's a lot to learn and still be learned. For now, let's go back to the beginning. Here's how it started:

Ash: "I have an idea for an anthology. You want in?"
Me: "Yes, please. You know I love you, right?"
(And that was before we scored the bonus story from USA Today Bestseller, Terry Spear!)

So here it is, Gods Gone Wild. I had a lot of fun writing these characters, and working with Ash and Terry.  Oh, and working with Heather of HeatherLynn Portraits for the cover. Holy cow, I would have loved to have been on that photo shoot! I would have been happy to spray him down for her. 
Two Gods are in big trouble with Zeus. Gods will be gods and when these two taunt Pele for their own entertainment, she erupts, literally, creating a whole new Hawaiian island. But Zeus is not amused and must teach them a lesson they won't forget. Who knew their punishment would lead to finding the loves of their lives?
Great Zeus! (Dalton Diaz)

Epimetheus knows he screwed up. Well, he knows it since Zeus pointed it out with a lightning bolt or two. He’s willing to take his punishment like a Titan, but all bets are off when his beloved dead wife Pandora shows up. Pandy has no memory of him. Epimetheus has no powers, and no forethought. What could possibly go wrong? 

Oh My God (Ashlyn Chase)
Rewritten and expanded version of 2009 Eppie nominee, same title

The Greek God of wine, women, and party, falls off a balcony during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Now he has amnesia. All he knows is that they call him 'Big D', and he drinks too much and ought to give up alcohol for Lent.

Mandy and Brenda flashed Dionysus right before he fell. They're nice enough to take him to an AA meeting, and then back to their homes until he recovers his memory. Fortunately, they're not too nice to be naughty. They all agree that replacing a bad habit with a healthy one is the key to sobriety, and what could be healthier than sex? Will he come between friends before they know who he is? Will Zeus separate all of them, forever?
Bonus Story: Goddess in Training (Terry Spear)
Previously published Indie, same title

In a game of the gods, librarian Lisandra, who has never been loved, is chosen to be the goddess of fertility. The demi-god of pleasure, Assarian is ordered by Zeus to train her in the hallowed halls of Mount Olympus to prove to his wife, Hera, goddess of marriage, mortals and immortals alike only need be physically satisfied to find fulfillment, to which Hera disagrees—all creatures must have love to be whole.
Available now for only 2.99! 


Unknown said...

LOL! I love you too, Dalton!
And let's not forget, your story is original, hilariously funny, and added such a terrific new plot twist...I couldn't have done this without you!

VenusBookluvr said...

Congratulations! This is one fabulous book! And after I'm a Roman goddess so I know all about gods and godesses!

Dalton Diaz said...

LOL! See why I love both of you?