Friday, June 27, 2014

Guest Author - Mary Wehr!

Mary Wehr has a brand spankin' new release!  Check it out!

To Have and To Scold by Mary Wehr


Annie’s sweet on her neighbor, Matthew Caine, but the stern rancher treats her like a bratty child instead of a woman. Each encounter always ends with a trip over his knee.
Matthew’s fed up with Annie’s childish behavior. Her latest prank ruined a brand new pair of boots! While he sets her britches on fire, he refers to her as a nuisance and warns her to leave him alone. For once in her life, Annie obeys.

‘Bratty’ Annie has grown into a beautiful woman and Matthew realizes that he’s fallen in love with her, but she’s unsure of his feelings. When he learns about her stepmother’s evil plan to marry her off to a man Annie despises in order to settle a debt, he steps in and takes her to wife.

Annie’s happy to be married to the man of her dreams and learns that no matter what her age, her disobedience and sass will be dealt with an old-fashioned spanking.
Tags: Historical Western, Spanking, Blushing Books


Matt slipped his arms around Annie's waist and she jumped in surprise, nearly dropping the plate she held in her hands. "Matthew Caine, how many times have I told you not to sneak up on me like that? I can barely hear you without your boots on."

He nipped her earlobe. "Okay, I'll wear them inside from now on and wash up in the sink instead of outside." He swatted her on the behind and she stomped her foot.

"Go ahead and see how fast you get hit on the head with the broom. I'll not have you dragging dirt into my clean house." She set down the dish and skedaddled to the other side of the table and giggled. "Of course, I could always fill your boots with horse shit again. Your bellow sure shook the house that day."

Matt narrowed his eyes. "And someone sure got their fanny paddled, didn't they, bratty

"You know how much I hate it when you call me Bratty Annie," she accused him hotly.

"Yep, I do." Damn, it was hard to keep a straight face when she got her bloomers in a twist. He loved her temper, well, most of the time. Matt moved nonchalantly to the spot she had vacated and she zipped to the other side of the table. He upped his pace and the race was on.

They circled the table, each eyeing the other warily, then came to a stop.

Annie pouted. "You called me that on purpose, didn't you?"


"Is that all you have to say is 'yep'?"

Matt opened his mouth to say 'yep' again, but her scowl warned him not to push it. She was spitting mad and his cock swelled in his pants. It had been too long since he had given his beautiful wife's curvy backside a paddling while she was in a stew and it was about time he remedied that situation. Tired of the game, he feigned to the right and she bolted straight for the stairs, exactly where he wanted her to go. He caught her easily around the waist and plopped himself down on the bottom step. He flipped her skirts over her head and reached under her belly to loosen the ribbon on her bloomers.

"You're nothing but a bully, Matthew Caine," she spat, her voice muffled from beneath her skirts. She arched her back in an effort to throw herself from his lap, exposing her most intimate parts to his heated gaze.

Matt's mouth grew dry. She was all pink and glistening wet. Anxious to get his mouth on her, he gave her a few half hearted whacks and carried her upstairs for a little afternoon delight.

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