Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Come fly with me...on RWA's app Novel Engagement

© Aleutie |

Come fly with me...on RWA's app Novel Engagement:

So where in the world do you want to fly?
Paris or Rome or Venice's Bridge of Sighs

How 'bout the mythical land of Oz
I imagine that will give you pause

No baggage to check, no boarding pass to print out
Just you and your imagination flying about

Reading can take you where you want to go
At your own lovely pace, fast or slow

I remember girlhood summers spent at the library
Browsing the romance novels in my sanctuary

Now I have my smartphone to take a look
At every wonderful author, every great book

Dust off your ruby slippers and get that new app, oh my!
That lets you choose where in the world you want to fly

And check out your seatmate
Or should I say romantic date

He'll sweep you off your feet
Without ever leaving your seat

So turn on your smartphone and get the app in the know
Download Novel Engagement and away you go!

© Daniel Sroga |


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