Friday, May 23, 2014

RT14 Memories

RT in New Orleans was a blast. My mom went with me since she is an avid fan of romances. That was really special to share that time with her. Here are a couple more memories!Photo: #RT14 Fun with fellow Seymour Agency author, Best selling Julie Ann Walker
Fellow Seymour Agency author, Best Seller Julie Ann Walker, who might shoot me for posting a pic with her eyes closed, but she's so cool I had to share.
Photo: Seymour Agency Gala was great fun. Loved meeting fellow contemporary author Laura Simcox
Finally got to meet in person some fellow Seymour Agency gals. Laura Simcox writes steamy Southern like me!
Photo: Harlequin Presents author Carol Mortimer
Who hasn't read a Harlequin by Carol Mortimer?
Photo: Kat Martin!!!
Kat Martin! She's so nice!
Got to hang with old pals Jason & Dennis Pozzesserre (Heather Graham's hubby). It was really cool sitting beside Dennis at Heather's big party.
Photo: Just won 40 books Grand Prize at the @entangledpub  Spoons and Candy RT party!
I won the Grand Prize at Entangled Spoons & Candy Party! 40 books! Woo hoo!

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