Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Princess Geek and the Magic RWA App

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Princess Geek here again...

Two weeks ago I talked about the RWA App called "Novel Engagement™  that's set to launch late this week. (I'll update this page when that happens!) Imagine--all your favorite romance authors on your smartphone.

I'm listing my books as I write this... amazing how so much info fits into one little app.

What can the "Novel Engagement™ app do?

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It can make your heart flutter with romantic moments no matter where you are.

Just download the FREE Novel Engagement™ app for your smartphone and you can find romance everywhere...

Whether you're in line at the bank, Starbucks, everywhere!!

(Except when you're driving!)

Improve your sex life...with naughty, erotic reads....

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And best of all...

The "Novel Engagement™ app can make your summer romance the best ever...
just you and your favorite romance heroes on the beach under a shady umbrella.

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Download the FREE "Novel Engagementapp and let me know what you think!

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