Thursday, January 9, 2014

There's Still Time...

Dropped the last kid back at college today. The holidays are done, though the decorations are still up. Hey, it's freakin' 11 degrees outside and in the attic. That's more than a mere bit nipply, yannow.

As I was saying, 2013 is gone and the family circus has departed. Now is the time to reflect as I sit back with a mellow cup of coffee or twelve and relax for a couple of days, right?

Have you looked at a calendar?

OMG, the Wild Wicked Weekend is six weeks away! How did that happen? I still have to put a few things together, order stuff, and organize my sinful plans for the games with the Hosts, David Nieves, Cole Reilly, and Axl Reigns. Oh, and lose the 6 lbs I gained over the holidays, or I won't fit into anything but the mom jeans Sam Cayto threatened to burn if she saw me in again. I'm not so sure she'd let me take them off first, either.

So if you're like me and the date has snuck up on you, don't fear. There's still time to register and get-yer-ass to San Antonio for the party of the year.

See you there!


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