Friday, December 20, 2013

A Christmas Shopping Tale

My good friend Jillian Chantal has a fabulous blog I subscribe to. Her recent post was too funny not to share so she graciously allowed me to have it here at Naughty Author Chicks. Thanks Jillian and Merry Christmas y'all! ~ Casey Crow

Traumatic Experience for the Spouse

by Jillian Chantal
Since I'm still sick and have zero energy to fight Christmas shopping crowds, when the spouse said last night that he was going to the mall to get a few things, I asked him to pop into a certain store to grab something for the daughter-in-law. I'd been meaning to get her some yoga pants from Victoria's Secret since she likes them. When I mentioned that to the spouse, he gasped and said, "You want me to go in THAT store?"
After I stopped laughing and explained to him that there was nothing there that would harm him, he asked what I wanted him to get. I said, "Extra small yoga pants."
"Yoga as in yoga?" was his response.
Laughing again, I spelled it just in case he didn't know what I meant.
Response: "What if they come in colors?"
"Get black but if the waistband is a color. Just pick one you like."
Two hours later:
Me: "You're home. Did they hurt you in THAT store?"
Him: "Everybody working there was a guy."
Me: "See? No danger there."
Him: "Well, he DID ask of I wanted regular, boot cut, low rise..."
Me, cutting him off as I could see he was twitching: "What did you get?"
Him: "Leggings."
Me: "Good job."
Him: "I had them wrap them but got a box too. Wrap #2 son something in it. Freak him out."
Another day in the life at the Chantal house.
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Jillian said...

thanks for the share of my crazy husband's story.

Casey Crow said...

You're welcome! I love it!